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hello I am working with an arduino usb shield , and It was working great with me, but suddenly it gave me wrong performance (it works but can not detect the flash usb stick). I bean to be sure that the problem is in the usb female connector of the shield. I doubt that some of the internal pins does not touch the internal (...)
Hello Everyone, I have a project that I?m working on which involves installing a usb power source in my 2003 vehicle. I searched ebay and found a nice looking socket from China which was advertised to provide 5VDC @ ~1.55 A for each port. I went ahead and purchased it and installed it. I required me routing out one of my (...)
I'm looking to build a usb current measurement circuit that doesn't add any series resistance. Even a 10mOhm shunt is going to create voltage drops that affect my testing more than I'd like. I'm trying to hit accuracy and precision to within about 5-10mA. I'm guessing I should be looking at loop based current sensors, but was looking (...)
1. Did you program the microcontroller with the Hex file for usbASP programmer? 2. Did you also installed the usb driver for usbasp (if you are testing this programmer on windows)? 3. Are you sure that the usb D+ and usb D- pins are not exchanged? without programming the (...)
I bought a usb webcam and I am trying to use it with linux. It seems to be a 10 megapixel camera (dont know if it is true ;-) ) Now it is not working with cheese software in linux. It is not detecting by cheese. But it is working with online webcam testing. Also I can capture video stream from it using vlc but the problem is it is of (...)
It is a DAC usb based on PCM2702 and built in headphones amplifier on TPA6120. Sound: To create described here devices, first step should be testing and building a converter powered from usb. Then, add a power supply a
I need a little help with implementing and testing a UART that I have designed. I know to run the UART core on FPGA I will need to use HyperTerminal and then connect the FPGA through usb-UART of my Nexys3 FPGA to usb of my PC. But what I dont understand is which usb port (...)
I am designing a simple static addressed register based VXI card usign a PIC32 that needs to have A16/32 bit capability and am testing the design with a VXI usb controller. I am using a modified Labview example program to communicate with the board. If I program the Address Space bits to A16 only, Resman finds the board and (...)
I have taken some equipment for EMC testing and was zapping the machine with 4kV with an ESD Gun and my usb communications failed. The problem was that when I insert the usb cable the Earth and GND are connected on the PC side. When I remove the cable it is ok. Unfortunalty I need the (...)
Hi - I have a device that I'm doing EMC testing on. I'm seeing narrow band noise around 200MHz at harmonics of 12MHz. Any suggestions as to how to get rid of it? I tried putting a large capacitor (0603 300pf) from the D+ line to GND and from the D- line to GND, and that fixed it, but puts me out of usb spec (...)
It is a 1-wire usb interface, that can be connected to a laptop to easy test different net configurations and software. It is plugged to a router with usb port. 1-wire ↔ serial DS2480B adapter is quite availabl
APC220 Radio Communication Module has user guide, manual, data sheet, and configuration software.... are you using usb or RS232 output???
How your hardware is connected? Normally, hardware can be conneted through Serial, usb as well as some other interface such as ethernet, PS/2
Hi, We have a project and it is a sms based microcontroller. I'm using Sony Ericsson T68i for the phone and I'm using PDU format. testing everything on hyperterminal seems alright. Now, going to simulation, programming on mikroC PRO and using a virtual serial port I was able to receive a response from the phone using only (...)
Our company is looking for a test lab that can take our simple PC based boards (PCI & usb) and do the minimum FCC and CE testing for PCB compliance marking. We need someone to turnkey this - we do not need lab time to do the tests ourselves - we do not have time. We would prefer an offshore facility if possible. The US (...)
I am planning to by car mp3 fm transmitter.I this device is a orignal stereo or a mono transmitter?(cheap chinies around Rs.190 to 250 ).wil l i get stereo seperation through my car
Hi everybody... I have circuit developed for usb camera...consists of Micron's MT9M001 CMOS digital image sensor with Cypress's usb microcontroller CY7C68013A. All is working fine ...but one thing concerns me, upon testing with my kit, it drops the frames randomly. Sometimes it works well without dropping any frames, (...)
I'm a absolute beginner in electronics and especially in writing code for uC. So that's why I ask you to give a code in C (even a schematic if it's ok, I have problems even with ground) for testing rf modules I was thinking at this: pc sends data on usb with a serial adapter (that means there aren't +-12V), a MAX232, for making TTL, then (...)
Hi all, I am beginer of using xilinx products so wanted to know from the users popint of view what are these tools and for what they are used in testing or development etc 1.)Chip Scope Pro 2.)Embedded Development Kit with usb cable 3.)Xtreme DSP development Kit for Virtex-4 System Generator tool included 4.) Xilinx develo
Hello, I have developed a usb Protocol Analyzer that i plan to market and sell on the Internet. Since this is a device that will be used in a laboratory/industrial setting I understand it is a "Class A" device in FCC parlance. Can anyone tell me what *minimal* testing i can get away with to sell it legally in the US? In (...)