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PID and VID are fundamental identifiers in usb that (amongst other things) let the host determine the correct drivers to use. They are documented in most manuals on usb. Susan
is a free open source editor (IDE) for C or C++ and uses the free GCC compiler. is a C++ library that lets developers create applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and other platforms with a single code base. This will have the plugins for buttons, graphs, etc wiki.codeblocks
Hi I used to drive the 3G usb modem from my application using AT commands over Virtual com port Modern 3G usb modems are not listed as virtual comm ports , How can I drive them? Can I use my old applications with them? Regards Hossam
Does anyone know of any useful reference designs or papers for usb Type-C battery charging applications? I've never worked with a battery system charged from usb before, and so I'm a little unclear about the EMC requirements and what kind of filtering and circuit protection might be required. Also not aware of what sort of charge controllers (...)
Hello, I am using pic32mx795f512l and i am trying to code for external eeprom (25LC256) to store the last value of LED. I want to use SPI communication for EEPROM. I need sample code to done this. Please help me with some sample code. Thanks in advance
Yes PIC has usb. But the FTDI is more easy to use and more quick. Just a UART.
UART from MCU using usb to RS232 converters are good enough to send data at real time to PC as MCU's are very slow in data sending compared to PC. I used it myself in some applications. But it is also fine to use AR90usb162 as the usb controller is built in. But u have to develop usb driver for both (...)
Hello, I am trying to develop the usb interface with a PIC18F4550 with the help of a EasyPIC6 Development Board. I am using MPLAB v8.56. After looking through the usb device example (HID Device Custom) on Microchip Libraries for applications (MLA), I could build the hex file successfully for my project. Then, I used mikroProg Suite to (...)
Hi Everyone! I want to communicate between pic18f4550 and pc through usb communication, i have written the code for pic and when i connect it to the pc, the pc should detect and install the drivers for this. but pc does not even detect it. i m posting the code here so please help me what might be the problem. void main() { // unsigned
Guys, What's the most popular usb host controller ? is it Vinculum ? How to interface it with uC ? AVR or PIC ? thanks
I use Debian and Ubuntu. I program in Python and made a program to log the output of a multimeter (usb) and a program to help me to operate an impedance bridge that has many modes and involves a lot of math. So now I just follow the program and feed it with the data and the it gives me all the right values like Z, R, jX, C, L, Y, G, jB, Rl, Rho etc
dont rely on usb for your applications. usb requires a working driver, and you will have to update your usb driver at almost each major os update build an ethernet interface, it's not much work, and it will still work in decades (and it would have worked 30 years back...)
Do you have breadboarding supplies and benchtop power supply? There are many, many, many development kits of the AMR7TDMI based parts from several sources, including starter kits from IAR, Keil, Rowley Crossworks, and more. These kits are often more "turnkey" and come with what you need for hardware and pluf into a PC usb port with a cable, usua
a simple alternative for usb communications is Microchip MCP2210. It is a translator from SPi to usb and Microchip provides a driver you can use applications easily. It is the simpliest alternative I have found, and the micro is inexpensive.
Hi, Try using one of these cables, they plug straight into the usb but provide a 5v or 3v output level. This means you can connect them to your MCU and use the UART module, there is code provided to use in your own applications. These are very easy to use!
hello! I am new to hfss v12 software. i am designing an usb dongle antenna for mimo applications as a project for my graduation.i am held up at the excitation stage.i have attached the reference paper for clarification. i have made the structure in hfss but struck at the excitation.i was unable to give lumped port because b
you would probably be looking at using Winusb high bandwidth? for applications such as this I would use Ethernet, e.g. TCP client on the MCU to a remote TCP server
hello! I am new to hfss v12 software. i am designing an usb dongle antenna for mimo applications as a project for my graduation.i am held up at the excitation stage.i have attached the reference paper for clarification. i have made the structure in hfss but struck at the excitation.i was unable to give lumped port because both the ground and con
Hello, today i want to introduse my usb HID Host driver for Windows. The AHID Library is a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) and can be used with many programming languages. It comes with several example applications for the Visual Studio 2010 (C++, C# and VB). You can download it from here: - usb HID drivers f
I use usb2.0 for CNC using a PIC18F4550 as the CNC controller and have not experienced any issues with it. The host PC transfers G-Code instructions to a buffer on the PIC, such that the PIC has a complete movement instruction on chip. The host is always waiting on the PIC (i.e. waiting on the CNC system) so no latency.
you need to develop a Windows application that communicates with the ATMEGA32 mcu either using serial RS 232, usb, wireless or bluetooth. You can develop windows applications using Visual environment, I think it is possible to download the express edition for free from Microsoft. Some open source RAD like Lazarus IDE (suing FreePascal) i
for such applications I would use a configuration program on a PC which connects to the PIC24 using usb (or if no usb on the PIC24 a COM port serial connection) the configuration can be saving in an EEPROM or program flash memory on the PIC AN1095 -
I wish to know how an isolated dc dc converter works? I usually see in the schematic that the input of the usb power is fed to the isolated dc dc converter before they are fed to the other ICs. However the grounding is same How does it really isolating power? Thanks in advance.
I need specially a board with Texas c64x processors series (LCD + Camera + usb included)
WELCOME usb3.0 TECHNOLOGY usb 3.0 enables more demanding applications compared to usb 2.0 by addressing its limitations: ? Bandwidth - 5.0 Gb/sec SuperSpeed (SS) vs. 480 Mb/sec (High Speed) rate ? Power Conservation - link power states (U0 - U3) and function power management ? Data Flow Control - poll once versus poll (...)
Hi would like to know if i will have any problem to charge a 12V lead acid battery using a boost converter (LT1618 as example) from usb 5V? Thank you!
What kind of usb communication? HID? Bulk? You first have to chose your specifications. For HID you must use CCS specific functions for set PIC and take a loook at this link: Jan Axelson's Lakeview Research and take a look at Host applications Section. Cya
FCC on 2002 approves the use of unlicensed UWB for commercial purposes. Although UWB technology is old, its application for communication is relatively new, thanks to FCC. Some mind-boggling applications including UWB Radar, Wireless usb, Wireless PAN, UWB Endoscope,.(keep going)....I am sure, in near future UWB would overcome Blue-tooth
Go to Microchip and download the applications library available here: You will find example usb programs that you should be able to modify to do what you want.
Yes, its feasible. There are usb-to-RS232 converter modules out there which you can use. Transmit the data via RF module and read it on the other side by RF receiver. Good luck
First off TI recommends using a CC2420 (not CC1000), so my question to you is if you have a requirement to use the CC100. As for usb, you can make a serial connection off of the microcontroller then add a serial to usb converter. now serial to usb converters don't always work in all applications, but its worth a shot. (...)
I had a lot of problems with the JTAG on my laptop with ISE 10.1 the olny way I could fix it was to have a clean windows installation and then installed ISE and a fez other programs as the only applications. The problem is the usb driver that is not working properly and I have no idea why is that.
Hi all, I had a question related to controlled impedence signals i.e Depending on what parameter is the signals impedance values are standardized like all the usb differential pairs are routed using 90 Ohms impedance, DDR signals with 50 Ohms and differential signals with 100 E.
Dear members, I want to generate facility of usb port at microcontroller AT89c51 using its UARts pins. Please guide me how to do. give some applications hints, any web address for any help, its hardware and software implementations. Warm Regards, Bharatkumar
This may help u. This is a good module from TI:
hi folks .. What is the current best fpga chip/kit for wireless applications .. like ZigBee .. Bluetooth .. wireless usb .. etc. ? I'm open to Xilinx & Lattice ..
Hi It depends on what application you are buliding. most of basic applications already have drivers in Windows and you can just use it. you need to check the usb device classes on and See if your application fall into any of this classes then search for a windows driver for this class and use it Salam Hossam Alzomor (...)
The following devices have usb interface for applications needing to communicate with usb host. AT90usb82: 8KB Flash AT90usb162: 16KB Flash AT90usb646: 64KB Flash AT90usb1286: 128KB Flash
goldeneye01, In most applications Firewire 400 is faster than usb 2.0. Firewuire 800 (the newest) is even faster. Firewire is the same as IEE 1394. For more info search using "usb", "Firewire", "speed" as keywords. You'll find lots of info Regards, Kral
I use Visual basic to write some small applications. If I have to use this application on a fresh PC, I need to install the application first and then run it. Is there any utility that can combine the EXE, DLL's, resources, framework etc files and make a one clean EXE that can run straight from the CD, usb disk or from any folder without first need
Flywire and usb are more complex buses than rs232 .They are multi slave devices ! So the specs are much diferent I will consider also Ethernet as a comunication posibility if the distance is a problem .There is a lot of cheap resources for it!
What's the main considerations when users select usb IP, speed? power? area? any others? Any ideas are welcome, please give me your consideration from user perspect. Thanks --Liya
There is a good example for Philips LPC2148 microcontroller usage as a media player through usb:
Your application has to communicate with the kernel usb driver in order to access usb port
Hello! I'm using Mandrake. I'm having problems related to Modem driver, sound driver etc. Plz tell me how to mount/access usb drive? How to untar (compressed files)? How to install from setup applications? What are the extentions for executables and setups? Plz provide me info related to these basics of Linux.
The easiest way is to use an 8051 and a usb-to-UART Bridge. I use Silicon Labs CP2102. Regards, svicent
hi, I need a good source code for usb driver at windows. regards
Hello, I can't figure out from where to take usb kernel. I have to make a project with usb in HOLTEK part and I don't want to rediscover the wheel. Thank you Luben
I want a circuit & program for usb interface. in this circuit must used a at89c51 microcontroller. pleas help me!
Can anyone suggest application of DC-DC converter, dedicated for usb (4.25-5.25) which can produce regulated voltage 2.0 - 5.0V (regulated via reference voltage).