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Hi i need your guiding to arm examples with c code. as example: lcd interfacing usb interfacing thanks in advance.
Hi, I'm seeking an alternative to the sharp LH79524 32bit arm SoC, with the following integrated main feature: ? 10/100 BaseT Ethernet MAC ? usb 2.0 or 1.0 ? Color lcd Controller min 800x600 ? Serial Interfaces like: - UARTs - IrDA Can someone help me? Regards Gnomix
I'm designing probably the first custumer design using the new ADCU7024 .Even existing silicon is full of problems . Anyways i have a nice design right now .With basically one arm chip i'm controlling a lcd display a Thermal printer and a embedded java virtual machine . Now i still manage to leave some free pins to control a keypad .. 50 keys or so