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We could use Z-turn board as an example. FPGA program of ZYNQ is conserved on RAM, you should redownload it when you electrify the board each time. We could utilize platform cable usb DLC9 to download it, vivado version is 2014.4. JTAG interface of Z-turn board could be used to download and debug program of arm and FPGA, arm and FPGA are (...)
Hi All, I am using jtag (olimex jtag tiny) [link: for on-chip debugging. This comes with a 20 pin output. My board has a 14 pin interface with '2mm pitch'. It is a Xilinx Virtex 5 base board. I searched on google, but I am not getting the right adap
1GHz and lower than 100$us??? and you don't like the raspberry pi? I think the new raspberry pi 2 with it's quad core arm SoC should be enough. + it's cheap, very cheap! 35$us + arm Cortex-A7 processor (32 bit) quad core at 900Mhz that you can overclock(careful there) has usb and ethernet (and SPi usart, and general io) you can buy (...)
You might check the OpenOCD Documentation: Debug Adapter Configuration, which is one of the most utilized Open Source JTAG driver/API. JTAG adapters which are compatible with OpenOCD typically incorporate the FTDI FT232 chipset for usb connectivity
Hi, where can I purchase arm cortex (any one m0/m0+/m3..) development in Mumbai(or India)? which could be directly connected to usb something like stm32 discovery boards? Do distributor like arrow or av-net give individual boards or components to a individual? actually i am in a hurry so cannot go on farnell etc
I am trying to connect JTAG to MIPS 24Kc SoC which has 8 pin out of the board. The pins are- TRST, TCK, GND, TMS, TDI, VCC, TDO, RST. My JTAG device is FTDI2332 based, 20 pin, arm-usb-OCD from Olimex. The router's onboard Vcc pin (jtag) is 3.3v when JTAG debugger's Vcc is 5v. Unlike the 20 pin JTAG configuration, there is no Vcc (ref) pin onboard.
It is called Manual trigger mode or One-shot trigger using arm and trigger setup But viewing fast waveforms can be difficult, but capturing the sweep may be all you need to know it triggered. In the past phospor storage CRT scopes were used with photo camera attachments or LOgic Analyzers with Analog channel. But for 50$ ( cheapo usb capture) or >
You would, at the very least, need a three-axis accelerometer, a small microprocessor, of course a power source, and usb or some other link (wireless?). If you swing your arm up, you'll get the same acceleration as if you jump up, and that's a pretty big difference in work performed. How will you deal with that?
Tiny arm based controllers with Analog I/O exist for $20 with lots of serial interfaces like SPI usb. But your software requirements are not defined for signal profile, processing, bandwidth, User interface. The +/-5V to full scale output requires a card with bipolar supplies or a negative -5V pump regulator.
Hello! Is it possible to make new (better) User Interface software for existing DSP amp? (or, at least, connect to amp?) The amp connects via usb, and is equipped with FreeSc*le Dsp 56364 and arm processor. I'm not a super programmer, but have worked quite a lot with Python and Delphi....
All variants of the NXP LPC21xx series of arm microcontroller share the same baseline features as they are all based on the arm7TDMI-S core, the major differences between these variants is an increase in Flash, RAM, GPIO and the addition of various peripheral hardware modules such as CAN, usb, ADC, Ethernet, etc. For example, the only (...)
Hello, Ask to anyone. Does some one knows where I can download free (or trial :) ) usb WiFi (embedded arm C driver) stack, something like smxWiFi , usb WiFi support?? regards me
You could do it with: Although as its xmas they are out of stock :) I was looking at one yesterday, seems like a good thing to experiment with. But maybe not good enough for smt components. So what do you want to "pick and place" ??
What is this 2.0??? Do you means usb 2.0, then the answer is no....
Do you have breadboarding supplies and benchtop power supply? There are many, many, many development kits of the AMR7TDMI based parts from several sources, including starter kits from IAR, Keil, Rowley Crossworks, and more. These kits are often more "turnkey" and come with what you need for hardware and pluf into a PC usb port with a cable, usua
Guys, What's the popular chip from Atmel wirh arm core and usb,SPI peripheral ? Thanks
Don't know about FPGA and 10 Mbps transfer. Anyway, there are microcontrollers (arm mostly) that are able to do 1 instruction / 1 cycle and have usb module with 1 MB/s transfer rate.
Does anyone know how to enable the target power of am try to connect S3C2440 arm Module with usb i run the arm module without external powe
Initially, when I tried to debug using Keil uVision arm MDK v4.70a, there was a prompt for Firmware update. I clicked on OK and then it said Firmware Download failed. Later, the Ulink2 Debugger is being recognized; but only as an usb input device. When I tried debugging again, the error displayed is 'No JTAG Devices found'. Can somebody help me out
Well, I have this code I'm working on, made with Keil's (arm) uVision. It was ported from STM's usb-FS library examples and Domen Puncer's SD/SDHC SPI fat implementation. So far I managed to make a 1GB SD card
Hi all, I am currently designing a Telemetry system for my Model Aircraft. So i need a board with GPS,GPRS and a Microcontroller Possibly an arm(LPC2148 or similar) And that board should also have RS232, usb Host and GPIO for analog input to monitor fuel level, temparature air pressure at current position. I may consider a digital Barometric
RFID module connect LPC by what? RS232 ,usb, etc Module's datasheet.
Hi I am using LPC1227 in a application and i have usb connection throw FTDI ( FT232) IC to UART of LPC1227. The application is writen with IAR compiler of arm. There is a application in Windows ( Visual Basic 6.0) to config and monitor the application. So i would like to upgrade the software of the LPC1227 throw usb. I heard (...)
I want to interface a usb web cam with cortex m3 controller I have already arranged a usb OTG circuit on my project board Is using plug and play camera a necessity so that I dont need camera specific drivers and will need only usb drivers ? Do I need to load an OS on my microcontroller for using usb drivers ? Where can I (...)
What is ethernet? If you speaking about IEEE 802.3i (RJ-45 connector) I do not problem, you use switch and any MCU with MAC Layer. For example arm32 STM32F107 Development board , for example
MICETEK, originated from MICROTEK, has been dedicated in designing and producing the embedded system development tools since 1998. We mainly provide the developers with In-circuit Emulator, development board and IDE for PowerPC/arm. We supply developer usb TAP In-circuit Emulator for PowerPC, JediView for PowerPC Integrated Development Environment
We are looking for someone who can program our new FPGA board with usb3.0. Required skills are: C/C++ and VHDL Good understanding of Eclipse and Visual C++ IDE and arm GCC Good understanding of Xilinx Spartan 6 FPGAs and Xilinx ISE Good understanding of usb Our board has the following components: 1x usb3.0 (...)
You can also build many JTAG adapters yourself. They usually connect to either usb or LPT. Can you provide a few links? The only one I found was a wiggler clone (Wiggler clone - MCU projects ) that didn't work
It is a minimum set for tests during learning how to program e.g. microcontrollers LPC1111/2/3/4. Board The board with LPC1114 microprocessor, quartz plus capacitors for the quartz and power supply. 2
I wish to write/read file to an sd card (already interfaced in my microcontroller board by MCI interface) serially coming through UART port of my microcontroller. I have the code for doing it through usb ie the file gets saved into the card coming from the usb port of the PC. Is there a stack available for this particularly for arm (...)
Hello, I am downloading the program on LPC1768 target board using CoiNel arm-usb-JTAG through Keil micro-vision 4.03. After programming, target board going to reset mode. The programmed code will work only after unplug the usb cable which is connected to the CoiNel arm-usb-JTAG. Is there any setting (...)
arm LPC2148 Microcontroller usb Development Board Specification Microcontroller Kits Projects Development Board Price : 49.99 USD. Shipping cost : 15 USD.( USA ) 13 USD.(Europe ) Payment : Paypal Contact : a
I have bought strain gauge but I do not know how is the connection ? I mean which one is output or.... here is the photo of strain gauge, I searched alot but I didn't get it . this link gives me the information but still confusing how much must be the value of resistors in the circuit ? is it possible to don't use any resistor and connect the stra
hi, how do I convert the parallel jtag mini2440 arm kit to usb port? It would only connect a converter usb2parallel!
how to write the firmware of arm7 so that i can use it as a usb device with linux on host side . i have to pass device descriptor to the host side ; I m using LPC2148(philips) reply soon i have to submit my project
How can I download data from website to the arm controller through the usb port? What are the primary requirements? Primary requirements: Good programming skills Understanding how usb works Either programming or buying a usb stack understanding that there are hardly any Cortex-M3 devices with the amount of S
Real-Time Library RL-arm. Its like RTOS for arm Features: RTX Real- Time Kernel - Royalty - free, deterministic RTOS with source code TCP/IP Networking Suite - Complete embedded networking suite Flash File System - Create and modify files in memory or storage devices CAN Interface - Drivers for common arm -based MCU devices (...)
Its not possible. Because.. 1. Bandwidth of your module too low. 2. usb is very complex in nature while comparing with UART or other standards. 3. There should be mc with usb host to receive images from camera.(Like arm,PIC32,AVR32,PIC24 etc)
I would suggest you to use Blueboard from ngx electronics which is arm based board and it has everything you want I mean More ram , usb, etc. Now regarding Obstacle detection you can use Proximity sensors or Distance measurement devices like SHARP GD2D12 which you can get from DISTANCE MEA
Micro4you Studio - arm JTAG, arm usb JTAG, arm JTAG usb, arm Debugger, arm DSO, DSO Nano - (Powered by CubeCart) is a good place with different varieties. -- Amr
There might be a misunderstanding. Flash Magic uses the serial interface of the PC and Hyperterminal or similar. It does not use a usb programmer. There is a website that provides information and support for this tool. hth, Bob
what is the cost of to board with usb and ethernet.. and can i get it in india
LPC2xxx are programmed through the UART using the bootloader they have, if you want to use a usb to UASRT adapter like the one you describe then it is fine too.
hello friends i am working at usb. i am working on LPC1768 arm controller. i am using usb as a host . but while configuring it as a host i am facing problem during enumeration process.... like.. void Host_Init (void) { LPC_usb->OTGStCtrl = 0x3; //OTGStctrl register /*P1 = usb_UP_LED, (...)
hi check with microchip PIC32 controllers ethernet,usbhot,can and manymore things ml
Please suggest me about coppying micro SD card thru microcontroller based stand alone hardware Hi, I have recently completed a succesfull project with LPC2148, philips arm. This microcontroller gives you a great platform to have a Mass Storage Micro SD over usb and also you can drive the uSD inside the microcontroller with F
I am working with an arm board , there is a usb serial section .I have used Ft232Rq . Due 32Qfn pack i somehow soldered with a DIY hot air pencil. I have run the VCP (virtual com port) driver setup in vista . While i plug in the board with usb cable , laptop says " usb device is not recognized ,either it has mal
Hi Atmel have published application note for the SAM3U micro, for acting as a usb data stick It use an ATMEL arm SAM3u micro controller and a lash memory IC All the best BObi The microcontroller specialist
Hi friends... How can I program arm controllers using my serial or usb port. I am new to arm, which arm is better(nxp,atmel or other). Thanks....
I am involved with a project, voice recognition, with FOUR microphones. I'm using the microphone UEM-88 which has a 5mW output level at earphone. I want to use a microcontroller with A/D convertes for data acquisition with usb interface. It should have a support for programming with C or MATLAB. I was checking ATmega328 and Siemens C505. B