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In my page I have described a regenerative receiver that can under some circumstances receive usb (not LSB). I need an audio circuit that can do audio spectrum inversion for 200Hz or so to 3KHz or so. This means, the higher audio frequencies must appear lower and the lower, higher. Is is similar to the
134567 Hi , this is audio usb recorder. A blue part was added between the usb and the mic. After placing this part (blue one ) , the hi noise are not recorded only the low ones. Can some one tell me what is this blue electronic part , and how it works ?? please.134567
Hi a question has come into mind related to these HF HAM commercial transceivers. How do these handle the SSB and LSB related to the oscillator frequency? I can think of two cases. It is better to present an example, to understand my question. For both cases LOSC=10MHz and transmitter baseband modulating audio signal=1KHz tone. Case 1: When switc
Hi, I need a PCB electrical schema for 3 female 5Ah usb connectors (phone charging) and 1 female Jack 3.5 connector (for audio line in). I have no previous experience with electrical design or PCB manufacturing, can anyone help me out with some resources and/or advice? Thanks!
I tried it on more than one laptops that dont have usb issues This needs clarification. Does usb signal go into your problem device? Or is it powered by usb? Analog audio goes out the headphone jack. Does analog go into your problem device? ------------------- If you want to explore other possibilities, there is a p
I presume you have reason to assume that a chip with this name exists? Sharing related information, e.g. manufacturer, functional description, etc. would be helpful. In case you are talking about an audio codec or audio dac with usb interface, it's unlikely able to talk to an AVR micro.
Dear All, I've a question. I'm still not quite understand when we should use SRC(synchronous) and when we need to use ASRC. For example, If I need to get the I2S audio stram form the HDMI receiver chip. Can I use SRC(synchronous)? It look like if you want to play the audio from the usb source you need to use ASRC. Thanks in (...)
Here is a 200W inverter with usb.
Hello! This is my first post on this forum. I've been getting started on a little fun project at home. I currently need your help to get started. What I want is to connect a joystick, buttons and a mouse-scroll together. After those are connected, I would like to read the digital signal via usb into my PC. Now connecting the stuff all togeth
I am using a VNC2 (in the 32-bit VDIP board and the full Vinculum tool chain) to develop a usb audio host for a design I'm working on. My 2 test audio devices are a Logitech headset (headphones that can be mono or stereo and 8KHz to 48KHz sampling; mono microphone with the same sampling range) and a usb Soundblaster device (...)
Hi, I am looking for a usb 2.0 audio controller/converter that can support audio Tx/Rx rates upto 192KHz over I2S and also provides I2C control interface for external CODEC. Has anyone had such a requirement and know/recommend any products in the market that would support it? Regards Amninder
Hello All: Question #1 I have a $100.00 Dynex headset with mic that I use for Skype. I noticed that the volume decreased to about half, and sometimes the volume jumps up and drops. Sometimes it sounds like speech underwater. So today, I bought a Logitech headset (h540) for $49.00 and it wor
Why not simply acquire a STM32F4-DISCOVERY development board, they are rather inexpensive, close to cost, as they are intended to promote the STM32F4 series of microcontrollers. The STM Discovery Kit series all provide an onboard usb programmer/debugger, so no additional development hardware is necessary. Mouser offers them for less the $15 U
Hi all, Please help to understand what does it mean when the block diagram mentioned that the processor connected to the audio processor via "usb2.0 xHCI"? Is that means the communication take place only on Link layer (Host controller) not on physical layer? Thanks.
Add usb? Forget it. You'll something to convert the usb data to audio, and then insert that audio signal into the boombox signal path. Why not use the audio output of your mp3 player into the boombox? Without a schematic, I wouldn't attempt this there a LINE input on your boombox?
Hi friends, Currently I am designing usb & SPDIF audio DAC. I have some doubt about power supply design. I have attached schematics of the supply. As you can see it is +/-12V symmetrical. It supplies analog and digital parts of the device. Both analog and digital part have their own LDO's and FE beads with PI filter for decoupling. I nee
Hi I have general questions on how to implement a delay and sum beamformer of a few microphone elements (4-6). Each microphone needs a delay on the scale of milliseconds. Is a DSP board required?, if so can anyone suggest something that has at least 4 audio inputs and a usb or 3.5mm output? Thanks
It does not appear to have wires and a plug and jack. You will need to attach these. Do you have the necessary equipment? You will need to power it with 5V. You can make your own supply, or devote a usb port to it. Ebay might have a ready-to-use amplifier at a low price. Because if your speakers are unamplified they will sound weak, if plugged i
Hi Everyone, I need to design a wireless Game console which is going to have: 1. Stereo audio output 2. 2x Analog Sticks + 12 to 16 Inputs for various Push Buttons 3. A Full Qwerty keypad 4. usb interface for firmware update (Optional) 5. Bluetooth Connectivity (Low energy preferred) Can someone please suggest single chip / Mo
Hi All, I want to implement SDR in my Laptop, I am using UTV-382 usb tv tuner. There are code samples (using Dshowlib and other libraries) for getting decoded video and audio signals but i require RF samples from tuner that would be IF samples. Does anybody know any windows library or API for getting those RF data from tuner?. Please Reply