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Guys, Can I use usb blaster for Xilinx Spartan ? Thanks
I always program fpga by jtag usb blaster, loading a .jic file. You mean you program the serial flash over JTAG which in turn configures the fpga. Now i want to program fpga using microcontroller, and i don't know where to start. Depends on if you want to program the EPS4 flash (non-volatile) or configure (...)
Hi, If you want to debug he board using Signal Tap you'll have to use Quartus and an usb-blaster. If you have access to the JTAG pins there is no difference using it or your JTAG hardware + UrJTAG. Franck.
Sure. I got this one: Its very cheap, and you can learn a lot. It comes with a download cable that can work with all others altera fpga. The seller is great. I live in Brazil and he was very