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if you are looking for a simple way to connect a microcontroller to your breadboard have a look at the microstick Microstick for dsPIC33F and PIC24H Development Board it has an onboard usb programmer and a header to plug into a breadboard to connect
for PIC Microcontroller Advanced PIC Microcontroller Projects in C From usb to RTOS with the PIC 18F Series by: Dogan Ibrahim
Hi, i want to start learning usb pic18F programming, but i dont know where to start. Can you give me some advises, links, books names etc.
Here is an excellent resource for PIC microcontroller: Regarding kits, there are plenty of then out there you can either buy or make one on your own. Interface can be usb, Serial or Parallel port depends on programming kit you're using.
Hello I'd like to use the PIC24FJ128GA010 for a projet (implementingGraphic LCD, usb and EUSART!) I'm usually programming in Assembly. Does anybody knows links where I can find source code samples in Assembly for PIC24? I'd also like to learn C for PICs. Any suggestions (links, books) Thanks for your help
does anyone know valuable informations about class2 Master (PROFIBUS / usb Adapter)? and what is the difference between the class2 Master and class1 Master? Please if anyone knows a valuable books about the implementation of such standards send their links to me. thanks in advance
pci express specification & ebookz usb info:
Janet Louise Axelson is an author of technical books in English. Most of her books relate to interfacing of computers using the serial port, the parallel port, usb and ethernet. Janet uses the name Jan Axelson on the cover of her books. This has caused much confusion and endless debates over the years, regarding her (...)
your certainly will find this web very useful: there, you can find every thing about computer ports (usb, parallel, Serial) including books and codes His books was free as i remember, if you could not find it let me know to upload it here. I should emphesize that using usb is not as easy as parallel or serial port. you nee
see the link for different collection of books and tutorials related to usb:
I'm working on the design of usb 2.0 transceiver and I need to find reference materiel for High Speed Driver, Full Speed Driver etc. Are there any books that cater to the design issues encountered during design of high speed data transmission? Is usb hardware design a very promising field? What other areas in analog overlap with (...)
hi, Maybe this is a very simple question for you, but it's a crucial issue for me currently. I've searched a lot of books and websites including this one of course; however I still have very little knowledge about the selection of MCUs and memory space requirements based on the application. I'm now implementing a cardreader with usb+MCU+vari
To reference usb HID Class
Hi If small band width is suffitiont for you , you can read about HID I think you can make a full duplex communication between the two PC's using HID.dll provided within windows edaboard have some good books about usb and HID you can search within edaboard you can find very clear information in usb_design_by_examples book also (...)
Hi. Here is ebook for usb: Best Regards.
Not sure, what your academic level is. Are you just interested in this for hobby reasons, or for your degree programs. There are usb transceiver chips you can use for this from National and Philips. You can search for that. If you have to do this for your thesis/project, then it is only 480 MBps for usb2. Designers are usually working in the
Salam, 1- It's not the right forum check "Ebooks Upload-Downloads" or "Ebooks request" forums 2- Use search 3- Here it's usb By Example and many other books
This guy has compiled several PDF books with internet projects of ICE,debuggers ,usb and other projects JTAG wigglers .PROGRAMMERS etc ,all with nice photos and code .. Great to have at hand in book form ! GRAB it all !
go to : it low cost product for usb development board.
Hi, Can anyone tell me where to get usb cable circuit model for simulation with the analog interface of the usb transceiver. Websites, books,ideas,,,etc are all welcomed. thanx in advance, regards,