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Hi, I've tried to charge the laptop using 5V usb cable, not a smart movement, and now the usb ports do not work. It seem that the ports do not provide 5V to the devices any more. Any tip how to fix it or a schematic of the laptop? Thanks.
Hi i have one problem in Amplifier, i am using transformer 12-0-12V 3A, 12-0V 1A. 12-0-12V 3a for Amplifier which is ok, and 12-0V is connected to 7805 regulator. this 5V supply goes to micro controller (digital volume control section) & usb driver section. when i gives microcontroller its ok no problem but at a time when i connect to usb driver
Hello everyone, i have two smd atmega64-pu here, and i want to design a board for use it, like a development board. I have a idea on how to do it. I was thinking to copy a arduino schematic, but adapting the pins for the atmega64, and programming it using ICSP via a usb-serial cable, do you guys think that this can work? Or if you (...)
Does any one have a hex and schematic for usb rs232 converter using pic16f84 or 6208 or 12f628 not all the pins only the rs232 txd and rxd output
hi i need schematic for convertor usb to printer port please helpme thancks.
Hi I have made a pcb board of the attached schematic, but I it has a problem. When I program the FPGA (xc3s400) solely through jtag (Platform cable usb II) the FPGA is program and okay, also when I program the FLASH (xcf04s) solely it is programmed as well (as impact says), but the problem is this that after programming the FLAHS, the (...)
Hi there, my intention is to connect pc to PIC18F4550, i had already purchased usb cable type A to B, can someone give me the schematic to connect the usb socket to the microcontroller ? you may email to me at Best regards, Edmond
ISE 12.2 CPLD: xc2c64 Target Board: Custom XILINX Platform cable II usb Windows 7 / 64 I'm stuck, I appear to execute all steps correctly but I still have no outputs. Each step in Implement Design is Green and error/warning free. I've written a test bed and it simulates without error and performs as planned. The schematic in (...)
Here's the schematic for the Xilinx Parallel cable III: Beware that the Parallel cable III is much slower than the Parallel cable IV or the Platform cable usb. Your bitstream download will take many more seconds. I've never seen schematics for the two faster (...)
The "cheapest" way will be to buy it. In Europe the price for usb version is about 100 Euro. There are some trials to reverse engineer the protocol but there aren't any complete results.
Hello, I usually have the FPGA and associated circuitery power consumption arround 20mA. Since i applied 5V to the 3.3V power inputs (by mistake) i can not program the FPGA using usb JTAG cable, and the power supply tells me that current consumption is 0mA. Did i damage the FPGA applying 5V to the 3.3V power inputs? Cheers
To connect the Nokia 6610 to your PC, I think it comes with a usb cable when you bought one, its there in the box, and you will need Nokia PC suite for PC connectivity and for its modem driver
Anyone knows about Data cable schematic for Siemens M55 / C55? It isn't usb data cable but serial data cable(DB-9). The cable will be used for GPRS not for flashing. I have schematic for flashing, but I hear that for GPRS the schematic is different. Any (...)
Is a usb floppy drive suitable? Maximum usb cable length is 5m but you can use a hub for an extra 5m or an active extended for longer.
Embest AX4510 Evaluation Board Evaluation board for S3C4510B, with ucLinux Price US $139 Package List Embest AX4510 Evaluation Board a serial cable usb cable across network cable CD-ROM, include: - user manual - circuit schematic drawing - Boot software - samples code
i need usb cable schematics, for programming the XC9572XL, or can i find this JTAG cable cheaper than the original expensive one? Thank you. or
usb2.0 XDS510 Emulator had seen in other site. Replace 74act8990 by CPLD. I just made a hardware eltonjohn's shcematic have seen below post. but it doen't work. When I plug usb cable, windows recognize only FT2232 chip.(Dual RS232) what can I do from this situation? how can I get a CCS dirver of this hardware?
Anyone's try to build a Data transfer cable in usb port between 2 PC ? I saw many cables for sale , but i didn't see any schematic or info to build myself this . If anyone can help me with any info will be great thank you
Should have said : MultiLINX/usb , not Serial. Thanks. Git
i need ericsson DCU-10 usb cable schematic diagram please! best regards