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PID and VID are fundamental identifiers in usb that (amongst other things) let the host determine the correct drivers to use. They are documented in most manuals on usb. Susan
I wanted to evaluate usb3 communication with the PC with Cypress FX3. The evaluation board CYusb3KIT-003 contains that usb3 chip. I wonder if anyone here has used this chip before with FPGAs. Will this evaluation board be enough? Thanks
Hello all, I am new to usb and am requesting your assistance. Got a communication problem I've been working on now for some time. I am building a RC Robot (a car) with temperature sensor (NTC at dc/dc motor) and the motor speed itself. The main idea is: send the data from the STM32F407 to my pc (status of temp and speed of motor). For th
Hi all, I have wrote a small program for usart module at mplabx ide v2.35. I am using Realterm for communication software. Between my development board and usb port of pc there is a usb-serial converter. My problem is: when i send 0x82, i receive 0x22 most of the time. Interesting thing is that; whenever I control my data from the output (...)
I have build an c# application which connects to an embedded mcu based hardware via uart communication . I have used mcp2200 i am connecting the system as follows : mcu tx-rx --->max232----->db9 female connector ----> dm9 m connector on module pcb---->max232 on module pcb ---->mcp2200 on module pcb-----> usb connector on module pcb ----->ca
I need high speed communication from the PC to a custom FPGA board. I already tried usb2 chips in usb-TO-FIFO mode. But I want a faster chip. So I thought of using usb3 protocol. Which chip can I use? I don't want to use FTDI chips now and I think Cypress is a good choice. Cypress provides FX3 chips which are compatible (...)
This is my Nixie Tube Clock. First I want to use usb to get power and communication. I used STM32F072 48pin series. It has internal RTC and yes, crystalless usb! I wrote PID algoritm for 5V to 170V converter and bingo, i did it with classical boost converter and around %98 duyt cycle! For more information please read my entry about (...)
If ZedBoard is used for usb UART communication, as there is no Serial Port in ZedBoard but usb board has to be configured as UART. We also need to connect the cable to usb port of computer instead of Serial Port (DB9). In this case can we also use Teraterm ? to receive and log UART data ? What about the selection of COM (...)
When you design project with line connected you have to be careful about isolation. Otherwise you can say goodbye to your usb ports or even your computer! If you use RS232 or RS485 communication you have to get one of isolated converter with usb input and yes they are not so cheap! So i designed open hardware platform for this purpose (...)
usb HID, VCP, CDC communication methods.
Hi, Please draw a draft of the complete flow of data. Who sends data, in wich format? Who receives the data? What is inbetween? Serial communication (voltage levels, setup)? usb? Klaus
Hi Friends, Using LPc2148 Development board, I've able to detect the my usb device as Mass storage device when connected to the PC. and I can copy and paste the files in the Mass storage device(496Kb) and also able to open, read and write. Now when usb is connected to system I should display the characters inside the file an displaying those
Hi, I?m trying to build a midterm system between a costly and highly custom VPX and a platform where each board interfaces with one another by cables. for example: imagine I have an off the shelf mini-itx motherboard, a switch, and 2 network video encoders my idea is to have a back plane that would supply power, serial communication (if requ
I think that this is probably a rotary problem not a usb problem. A mechanical rotary encoder will occasionally send out the wrong code due to switch bounce. The only way to stop this is to either use a optical encoder or redesign the software to cope with errors from the rotary encoder.
hi all i want to use pic18f182550 for usb communication. Actually i want to generate my own data stream. I have a joy pad which is usb. first i want to analyse the data, comes from joy pad by pressing several buttons on it then i want to generate same data stream by PIC18F2550. for analyzing, i have usb monitor. I want (...)
Hi Friends, I'm using the LPC2148(ARM7) controller. it has usb2.0 in-bulit support. Now usb act as a Interface b/w the controller and my PC .I wants to send data from PC and controller should able to read it and reply to PC from controller. Just like a chatting in 2-ways. How to do it?what are the software supported for this task? pres
hi, I'm doing a project for storing data to the usb sent from PIC controller(PIC30F6012A) using Vinculum(VNC2-32L1B) controller through UART communication. I am creating a file in the usb its created well and Read/write works properly.Now what is my problem is the file is created with the default date(1/1/2010 12:00 AM).I want to (...)
Hello, Trying to interface M590 with Arduino Uno. Example sketches did not work. Then I connected GSM to my laptop via usb to serial FTDI module. Using arduino serial monitor, communication with GSM Module seems alright as all AT commands responded by M590 module is correct. But M590 module does not recognize the SIM card. It says SIM FAILURE.
You have to make an usb Host which is totaly impossible with 8051. I see two ways: 1. Use more suitable mcu, like ARM with usb Host 2. Use SD card and store data by using file system