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Hi, I have a signal recorded by usb dongle (Using SDR sharp). My signal is FSK signal. It is in I and Q format. Can you help me how to demodulate this signal to "0" and "1"? See the picture with my signal. Thanks for help :) Jan
Thing is my gigabyte usb reciever(dongle) that came whit keyboard stoped working, board from wireles gigabyte keyboard is working. How do you know that the keyboard part is working? Checked with a second receiver? Any indications that the keyboard controller is able to drive an usb or PS2 keyboard interface? Why should it at all?
Hi, Please draw a draft of the complete flow of data. Who sends data, in wich format? Who receives the data? What is inbetween? Serial communication (voltage levels, setup)? usb? Klaus
Hi all, i need to extract data from an old usb protection dongle based on ST72681 Fast Flash Controller. The problem is i cannot find any protuction tool . On st website no software tool for this controller is available . Moreover , when i try to connect the dongle to any PC , it is not recognised . I verified the connections (...)
Hi, Your post is confusing to me... You talk about bluetooth, but the picture shows no bluetooth but usb. ****** Even your description lacks of information.. ~~~~~~~~~ <--> A bluetooth dongle is a bridge between bluetooth and serial interface (or other interface) So it is somewhere
we are thinking of designing an embedded design which includes wireless technologies such as WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth. we are thinking to do new PCB board by integrating wireless modules in it. however, some ppl in the team believes that buying controller board (EBOX) and connect wireless modules in usb dongles and PIC Express cards will save cost an
You may use cheap 20$ receiver for different kind of modulations in band from below 100MHz to more than 2GHz. It is called RTL-SDR and consists of usb dongle for receiving DVB-T, free software and PC.
hello forum, i have a question about compatibility tv tuner via tablet. the tv tuners are A867(AF9015) and DVBT usb dongle(IT9135), the tablet is Maxxxer Q102(4.4.2 android, QuadCore A31) and kernel version 3.3.0 . Tv tuners play perfect on windows 7. I found some drivers(modules) for android version as ****.ko but are not for my kernel version. I
Hi I m looking for WiFi b/g/n (should suffice) + Bluetooth 4.0 dual mode combo solutions. Ideally with stacks embedded in solution and available in usb dongle form factor. However availability in usb form factor maybe rare, so any recommendation of solutions with stacks embedded will be great. Thanks
If you want to make a proprietary wireless connectivity between two device for example your own wireless mouse with your own usb dongle (with same or similar chip) then you can use this chip. It is not BLE device. No need of an external microcontroller because it is already having many peripherals, advanced 8051 core, DMA etc. But just a reminder,
Hello. I've bought a usb-Serial/RS-232 converter, not a cheap one of ebay but a real unit with: Asynchronous Serial Protocol: RS-232 TD, RD, DCD, DTR, GND, SDR, RTS, CTS, RI Data Rate: Up to 460.8 Kbps usb: 12Mbits And I wanted to use this to communicate with my micrcontrollers and I have a few MAX232 ICs, so I thought to solder one of th
I have a software with dongle usb device with it. I want to replicate this dongle to get the software running on second PC. Can any one guide if it is possible and how?? software provider ran out of business so no way going back.
Hi, I am new to PCB design. I am using KiCAD to build a PCB of my own following CC2531 usb dongle (v2.4) reference design (done using CADSTAR). I see VBUS and VCC_EXT in the reference design. The symbol looks similar to VCC. I don't see VBUS and VCC_EXT symbol in KiCAD. Are they same as VCC with
I wanted to revive my old familiar OrCAD PSD 14. I no longer have the dual boot PC with XP. Can it be made to work with W8? I have the Pport security dongle, but will need to buy a usb-Pport adaptor. I'd rather not spend money on OrCAD upgrade for the small hobby jobs.
I have designed one 2.4G wireless usb dongle. 101611 101612 101613 101614 I also recorded a demo video here: If anyone is interested in this project, please contact me at:
A Wi-Fi link over that distance should be quite easy, as long as there is nothing large obstructing the path you would not need special antennas. The equipment you need is called a "Wireless access point" plugged in at the network end (if there isn't one already) and a usb Wireless 'dongle' on your own computer. All you need is a password to conn
Hi, I am looking for the embedded usb WiFi stack (with Ralink drivers) Does anyone know where I can download this stack ?? me
Dear All As we all well aware, connecting GSM modem to MCU. we can communicate with GSM network from MCU using UART ( Normally serial port ) Please advice. Can we connect to the same network using " Internet dongle" with usb supportive MCU like PIC18f4550. Then can we send and receive the SMS Please advice Thanks i advance
Hi, I tried to contact the company where I bought a bluetooth 4.0 component and I asked them to provide me there bluetooth usb dongle schematic because I want to integrate into an arduino pro mini. I am still waiting and I think I won't get a reply from them for that. In the connection guide I found on their website, I found the schematic as a
Hi, It might sound simple to some of you but I would like to merge the schematic of a bluetooth usb dongle to a schematic of a usb to UART. The most important thing is I don't want the microusb plug on the usb to UART board, that's why I want to merge those 2 above and then create a PCB. Also, I will (...)