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Hi, first thing first, are you able to find any usb detected in "device manager" with the vid=0x16c0 pid=0x5dc? Probably windows did not detect the usb for some reason. Second thing, why are the command location involves temp folder/files? Not sure if it is the way AVR Loader works, never used it before. On the other hand, (...)
Hello, You can do this using a computer with a usb RS232 converter, you can send ASCII data via any serial port terminal software. :-D Hope this helps
CHKDSK is one of the first things to try. Its log seems to report that your file allocation table (NTFS table) is in good shape. (I think 60 reparse records is not a disaster.) Yet you report you cannot read the files themselves. Did you use the IDE to usb adapter previously? Did it always work okay? Did you try the (...)
Dude first try to use GSM Modem Interfaced with PC via UART to usb Board, Use Hyperterminal or Tera Term to write/send AT Commands to GSM and check for first send SMS then receive and Call Like I am posting how to send SMS AT //Followed by CR & LF The response should come" OK " AT+CMGF = 1 //Followed by CR & LF (...)
There are unlikely any problems with short unshielded cables (e.g. 10 or 20 cm) for full speed usb. The problem is most likely about your hub design and hasn't to do with the cabling. You didn't report circuit details, so no further comments possible.
Currently using the PIC18F25k50 and I want to send data through it's usb port. I'm using the below coding to do usb transmitting: if(!HIDTxHandleBusy(usbInHandle)) { usbInHandle = HIDTxPacket(HID_EP,(BYTE*)&ToSendDataBuffer,64); } Is it that my data will straightaway transmit out (...)
in usb MODULE 4 line right 1 is voltage , 2 is D+ , 3 is D-, 4 is GND . right then if u connect usb cable to this module then 5 v also coming to the pc right so if 7805 is connected to micro controller and usb module so both 5v is mismatch or not ?
Hi Everyone! I want to communicate between pic18f4550 and pc through usb communication, i have written the code for pic and when i connect it to the pc, the pc should detect and install the drivers for this. but pc does not even detect it. i m posting the code here so please help me what might be the problem. void main() { // unsigned
Hello, I'm using FTD232R chip in my last project...but it don't work! At first usb connection chip is detected and driver correctly installed....led do some blink. But Windows XP hardware manager tell me "impossible device start - code 10". If I try do disconnect and reconnect some times XP don't detect FTD232R.....but led do some blink (...)
Hi all, i've very strange problem while writing to external eeprom 24lc512. its connected to 18f4550 with 4.7k pullups. eeprom data is sent through usb from PC i am writing eeprom in chunk of 28bytes, writing to first 28 location is ok but when i write to 29th location the 28th location byte gets corrupt. when i try to correct it by (...)
Hi, I am trying to use a usb to serial adapter in my lap for burning PIC. I used TINYBOOTLOADER and WINPIC earlier in my desktop for the same purpose. Now I downloaded the usb to RS232 driver software from this
look at mikroElektronika • View topic - MIKROC PRO AND 18F4550 usb WORKING CODE AND CONFIG NEEDED? usb - first try - PIC 18F4550 YouTube -
hi, if you have a portable computer, and if the "universal usb" is in fact a "usb to serial converter included in the package" then the portable computer almost always doesnt have any power for the device to work correctly. But I agree with pranam, ask the seller first !
first you simply try to decode the IR signal in PIC2550 then move on to usb.
Which operating system are you using? Go to device manages>>properties and see if you an find anything connected under usb port. try installing cable driver.
Hi at all! I build a icd2 clone 4550 at Pics rev B (the first),but I don't know how I can install it with mplab. When I connect the icd2 at the usb windows xp don't show the installing new hardware wizard. Mplab is the leatest version 8.4. I try to install manually the drivers into c:\programs\microchips\mp
I want to develop a system s.t lpc2148 will sense signal from its on-chip ADC. Data from ADC will be stored in memory of lpc2148 and will be transferred to PC through usb communication. I am trying to write code for it. I am referring code from keil library for memory device. But still i am stuck. I have written program for initialization of lpc2
Hi everyone. My name is kumar. need ur help.. I wana build usb Thumb Drive Based key door lock So, the thumb drive will contain a secret password(or d serial number). It will unlock the door if the password is correct. so, basic idea, connect thumbdrive to PIC16F877A which will communicate to VB(to check password, lock/unlock). How t
It would be better if you try to make a search on Google with the following keywords "interfacing ps/2 keyboard ". The first hits you will get are:
PIC 18F4550. After downloading the Brad Minch's LAB1 software for usb, and having read a lot, I have some questions: a) What is the software I should run in the PC (much like Hyperterminal when using old RS-232)? Is it anything like that included with Windows XP? b) LEDs blinking on the PIC side, and on the PC's screen I should see what?