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it is a sold software, it is not available freely. it has been sold in a preprogrammed protected pic chip. go to the author web site and buy it it is cheap.( I dont know if it's still available) by the way, dont loose time with an almost abandonned project, go and buy a pickit2 or 3 it's cheap also and will work with all pics (which is not the cas
You may choose a serial port programmer like a JDM programmer or usb based programmer like the gtp usb lite, plus, June bug or the Pickit 2lite. All will work fine for a 18F4550. Every programmer is discussed here in eda before. Just have a search. Cheers
hello dear friends i am raj i had made gtp-usb plus but i dont have firmware it not working with gtp-usb-lite firware so i request to all please send me firmware for above programmer firmware thanking you rajendra kumar
First of all, thanks for the project and its sharing. Frankly speaking, when there was a end of serial port based programmers, there was great need of a compact usb programmer, gtp was the first which was available on the net whose design including the schematics and PCB layouts were too available but without the firmware which should have bought
dear friend i made gtp-usb plus but i don't have firmware so if any body having firmware of gtp-usb plus so send me at and i tried old firmware of gtp-usb summer is not working. thanking
hi here is gtpusb plus firmware it is basically pickit2 firmware moded to work with gtp usb plus version hardware you have to program the chip with this firmware regards Fragrance
Anyone can suggest a AVR/89 programmer based on a PIC microcontroller. I don't like gtp usb plus because it is not a free.
I need the hex file of gtp usb plus...Please mail it to me Thanks
download it and find ur requerment
Verify your cable usb (gtp usb needs cable usb 2.0 with maximum of length 1.8M). Do you have gtp-usb plus? If your gtp usb goes LITE then you need the usb host.
Why not try the gtp-usb it supports pic programming and eeprom programming the plus version even supports atmel MCU.
vpp needs to be 12v5 to 13v5 or so.. if you build gtp usb plus and programmed it with the firmware that you can get on the net or emule, then it is gtp usb lite firmware, and wont work with gtp usb plus hardware ! you need to build gtp (...)
gtp-usb plus :