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Hopefully someone with some expert usb knowledge can help me. I have a 4 port usb 2.0 hub that is using an Alcor AU6254 microcontroller. The 4 port hub is comprised of two boards -a Main board and a daisy chained secondary board. Two ports on each board. Each board has the same microncontroller. When certain HID devices (...)
Hi I want to connect multiple cameras to a Raspberry Pi 3 board. I searched on the Internet. I found a few ways, but they weren't suitable for my work. I have six usb cameras. I've installed ubuntu and openCV on my board and I want to read images from cameras. What's the best way to do this? Thanks a lot.
For a basic idea, I suggest the page "usb is a bus" from usb made simple The full answer is in the usb Data Flow chapter of the usb spec.
I use multiple external hard drives with my current laptop (3TB (3.5" usb External), 2TB(3.5" eSATA External), 1TB (2.5" 9.5mm tall usb hub Cooling Pad), and 1TB (2.5" 12.5mm tall usb HDD Shell). the 1TB (was unpowered) in the shell fell out of my hand while shifting my laptop, cooling pad, external hdd, and power cord (...)
you can use the usb Self powered topology (Use D+, D- and Ground, don't use the usb ports +5V to your system)
When first plugged into usb, a device can only draw a certain amount of milliAmps (about 100 mA). Before it can draw more power it must negotiate with the host. The process is called enumeration. Does the host detect current flow? Does it detect a voltage drop? Does it detect digital communication? Not sure which. Here's one discussion from among
Reference designs are published by hub chip vendors. They usually rely on a 5V DC supply, so you need a small SMPS. Calculate 500 mA for each downstream port and about 300 mA for the hub, usually regulated down to 3.3V. I have used SMSC/Microchip usb2514 4-port hub some time ago.
The PIC32 will connect to the computer via usb CDC and Ethernet. The PIC32 can either act as an usb host or a device, either connect to the hub upstream port or to a PC usb port. In so far the intended topology isn't feasible. Embedded hosts may include hub support in it's list of targetted devices (...)
Unless you make a custom board based on the usb hub, you're not likely going to have much success making your hub "smart". The usb controller chip interface to the logic is where you want to check for what you are trying to do. Tapping into the usb connector signals will likely degrade the signaling on the (...)
Doesn't explain usb interface damage, but usb specification require a self-powered device to monitor the VBUS line and not to drive to bus lines before a voltage has been detected.
in my project i need usb hub controller with 2 port. I have seen TI's controller Tusb2036. but i m looking for alternative and controller also. so which usb hub controller is better than this.
Hello, as the title suggested, I am trying to add 2 ethernet interface and several usb port to my Rasp Pi, using LAN9512. Since this will be used in project and the client wanted me to make the device as small as possible, using already available usb hub and usb to ethernet is not possible. In fact, I did so for first (...)
Dear All I am looking for Free software that can use to check and monitor Enumeration process from the OS point of view ,when we connect usb device ( Ex: Pen drive ) to the usb hub under windows OS Thanks In advance
Hi, I need to interface lots of microcontrollers to a single Windows PC. How much - 100 pieces. All of them have UART, of course; but usb is not available. I was wondering if I can use 11 usb hubs, each with 10 output ports connected in daisy chain. PC | 1to10 usb hub | 10x 1to10usb (...)
There are unlikely any problems with short unshielded cables (e.g. 10 or 20 cm) for full speed usb. The problem is most likely about your hub design and hasn't to do with the cabling. You didn't report circuit details, so no further comments possible.
The question isn't very specific. "transmit its output to a software using wi-fi" sounds like the job of a basic wifi-to-usb hub which can be better purchased from the shelf.
Hi I'm new to the board and in need of some help. Im an amature astrophotographer and dealing with 12v and 120v power sources. I need to keep my equipment using 12v's an not rely on a 12v to `120v converters these was battery life which I need the most. The equipment I am questioning is fairly easy but my knowledge is none. I need to power my usb h
Trying to use PLX usb controller NE2282 PCI-3.0 Interface. This IC supports only one port. How do I design for connecting two downstream ports. Should I use a separate 2 port hub controller say from SMSC and connect it to NET2282?
usb hub usb2514 - implementation doubt I'm using usb2514 to design a BUS powered system which has 3 devices to be connected at present . My doubt is regarding the SUSP_IND/LOCAL_PWR/NON_REM0 pin . My system is bus powered so the pin has to be LOW . The device on my port 1 is non removable so the pin has to be HIGH . (...)
I have used the following: SMSC (now micro chip) usb2504A available at digikey etc. We had stressing video requirements and this device worked perfectly at turn on, on a new PCB design. I recommend it.