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Here's the Circuit, as shown in fig1, There's Supply from adapter(9.5V DC), there's also a supply from the battery(8.4V Max). Diodes used(D1,D2) are shottky diodes, with a typical drop of (0.3V-0.5V). The problem i was facing was even though battery voltage at given point of time is less than Adapter Voltage(ADPT), At TP3, I was still getting batte
I am new on PCB Design. I want to learn, as I have no idea about how should I do my own designs, I am copying some existing ones .. So, I choose a Simple One, a Frequency Generator Module (XR-2206): 157392 The PCB Layout at the Top looks like this: 157393 and at the botton looks like th
Hello everyone, as a part of a course in analog circuits, I need to design a BJT amplifer with the following parameters: Voltage gain = 51 Rin = 55 Rout = 50 Band width: DC suppliers allowed: +/- 5V The purpose is to as less stages as possible. I thought about using two stages : of CB and CE or 2 stages of CB.
Hi everyone, As part of the course i took in analog circuit i required to design an amplifier with these values: Rin= 52kohm Rout = 53 ohm A=35 gain in db F-3dblow = 400hz F-3dbhigh = 400khz M1= 40db/dec M2 = -20 db/dec Dc supply voltage are : +5 v , -5v Transitors are ntype BJT My idea was using a simple CE amplifier with 2 resis
hai i have watched a video that display a circuit 1.5 to 220v ac inverter is it true plz must ans me if its
Hi all, I'm working on a design that draws power through usb but needs about 1.5A of current at 5V. Hence I'm exceeding the 500mA limit and need to "negotiate" a higher current from the source. I've read various pieces of usb documentation and I understand a small microcontroller would be the way to do this properly. I'm looking for a solution t
I have a VCVS instance in my schematic design. I can't find VCVS in layout after generate from schematic because there is no VCVS PDK in Layout. How can solve this problem? Thanks. Attached is VCVS symbol in schematic.
Hello i am using the two stages amplifier shown bellow into the transimpedance feedback system shown bellow. if the system shown bellow i have miiler capacitor and feedback ressistor how do i break them into the system shown in the end? Thanks. 157371 157372
Hi guys, I have a schematic of OTA amplifier: 157362 I want to know the W and L that were used to design this OTA. I don't have more information other than the ones provided in this picture. since all transistors are in saturation, I thought about using the saturation current equation to find (W/L) ratio. by assuming
Hi, Recently, I got this BLE v5 dongle , I plugged it to an ubuntu machine and started to check it using these commands $ sudo hciconfig -a No output $ sudo hcitool dev Devices: $ sudo hcitool lescan Could not open device: No such device But linux c
Hello everyone! I want to simulate the schematic in ADS, but the problem occurs when I change a new designkit. While, I can simulate succesfully by using another designkit. Does someone know te reason? Thanks a lot157347
Hi this is a 80m SSB transceiver based on the phasing method I consider the phasing audio section. In the transmit mode, 180 degrees AF phase signals are provided by the BJT terminals, then somehow shifted by these RC to prod
Hi I have found this filter/amp combination, being simple with nice features. I wonder can I use other opamps like the ne5534 or is the performance specific to the 741 and will differ if using other opamps? Also how about Jfet based ones like the tl071?
Hi I wrote simply program to send data from uC to PC. I use PIC UART and ft232. It works. Now, I would like to transfer my weather measuring system from my room to the garden. usb does not work at such distances (20m). That's why I decided to use RS485. I think, the easiest solution is to use RS485 in full duplex configuration. Unfortunately
we insert Mbist before scan insertion what effect ? Mbist insert after scan insert what effect Or problem occure ? Thanks
Hi all, I have a problem in defining RESETs in Spyglass DFT flow. Can any body point to me the correct way of defining the Resets in the flow. Thanks
I have a Xubuntu guest on a Windows 10 host and I need to establish a serial communication between my notebook and the microcontrolled external system via serial connection. The notebook side is an usb port and the system side is a true serial DB-9 connector. The whole system works in the following way: i) I download a bitstream file from the
As the usb interface draws little current and will already have it's own protection at it's usb side connections, just draw power for it from the 5V and AMS1117. That is what most WROOM based modules do already. Take a look at the schematics for the various ESP8266 and ESP32 modules (NodeMCU etc.) and see how they do it, then move the programming
Hello everyone. Currently, Im designing a processing element. This design is synthesis in Xilinx ISE Design Suite 14.7 using Virtex 6 XC6VLX75T-2FF484. I have problem on the timing analysis. The is no setup time and hold time reported as shown below. 157310 There is no slack for setup time and hold time. Durin
In a prototype board for Lithium battery charge control, I have a three input AND gate (74LS11N). The inputs to the AND gate are: 1A = 5/0 volts from a digital output pin on an Arduino nano 1B = drain of an N-channel MOSFET (HUF76423P3) acting as low side switch on a 5 volt supply 1C = drain of a P=channel MOSFET (STP10P6F6) acting as a