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Hi folks. Recently I bought OLIMEX pic18f4550 (link: ). I am trying to interface it with pickit by microchip. When I am trying to setup my IPE tu=o just test blinking LED code under Tools I cannot find any option to select (Screenshot attached) 13652
Dear all, I am new in pic programming, I have to make a project on usb interface between pic18F4550 and PC. recently I tried to build my main file, then I have an error on the usb_device.c file. Error 208 operand '==' not same type, if some one could help me please! Thank you in advance. some parts of (...)
Hi, I have an old "ICD2 LE" based on a pic18F4550 for usb interface and a pic16F877A for pic programming. I know also about two others versions: ICD2 (P/N: 10-00319, seems not work with w7 64) ICD2 (P/N: 10-00397, should work with w7 64) Are schematics available for the three versions? (...)
Hi, I am using dspic30F5011 controller and I am doing one project and wrote the code in 'c' ,in that project different tests have been performed using controller adc and store the data into eeprom into particular address.But I want to store the data of tests,including user information as a record into computer through usbLC6-2SC6.So, what is
Hi, According to Dogan Ibrahim book (Advanced pic projects),i'm tryning to experiment the usb HID project. I used easypic7 to interface pic18F4550 TO PC using usb. The project run's ok in similation by using a GUI interface template EasyHid in VB6 and in VBexpress 2010, (...)
hi I want to interface any micro controller (pic or avr) with PC via usb. I want to make an app on any suitable software through which i will turn on or off relays, display ADC value (voltage from temp sensor or any source) on PC monitor. Please note that i work on both mcus in assembly language only. only any tool with which i will (...)
could you use a usb memory stick and switch it between processors using a switch such as the ISL54200 usb 2.0 High/Full Speed Multiplexer
Hello all, I am working on a project with microcontrollers, but i am not very experienced at that area. My task is to transfer data from an 8-bit parallel bus via usb port into microcontroller and process that data through microcontroller (pic18F47J53 plug-in-module). I use pic18 to program it and write my codes in C language. Currently i (...)
Hi, in our project, we are using 18f4620 controller.some information is saved in external eprom connected to this controller. i want to connect one pendrive (usb) to my board for collecting those data saved. (later, pendrive is connected to pc for display) for that i have to interface one usb female connector with my pic (...)
Hello, I intend to use the pic 18F67J50 in my project with the CDC class libraries to interface the native usb to a PC using PC usb port. I have an I2C EEPROM connected to the uC. Is it possible to update the contents of the EEPROM from the PC and avoid using a usb I2C bridge like MCP2221? Kindly (...)
have a look at this project using a pic18F2550 and a MCP6S91
the TI cc2540 module has a number oif interfaces including USARTs and usb possibly you could use these to connect to the pic32? I suggest doing a web search for development tools etc
ideas 1. heater with temperature sensor - students can do ON/CFF or PID control to a set temperature 2. DC motor - speed control using PWM 3. usb interface so one can have programs on a PC controling the kit
Hi, I have a pic microcontroller connected to Beaglebone Black (similar to Raspberry Pi). The micro as well Beaglebone Black both have its own power supply. Is it necessary to connect the Vcc pin of usb socket to +5V? If we leave it unconnected and just use these three pins- Rx, Tx and GND, it should work correctly, right?
Hello,Could someone here knows how to connect the 1206b and 1306b type of gsm modem has one has a DB9 pin while the other have a usb port.How to make a connection to pic UART in order for interface among them. Thank you.
Hello. I'm learning to use the UART/USART on a pic microcontroller, to interface with a computer for the first time. Every time I want to re-program the pic, this is what I do: Disconnect COM port from breadboard. Connect pickit 3 usb programmer to the pic. Program (...)
Microchip’s In-Circuit Debugger, MPLAB ICD 2, is a powerful, low-cost, run-time development tool, connecting to the host PC via an RS-232 or high-speed usb interface. This tool is based on the Flash pic MCUs and can be used to develop for these and other pic MCUs and dspic DSCs. The MPLAB ICD 2 (...)
hi, I need to know the basics about the usb communication between pc and micro controller. I was able to establish the usb communication. Micro controller used is pic18f4550. The device is connected to pc as hid device. I need to know the following topics, what happens when a usb device is connected (...)
Dear Friends I have to started this project LINK : It's working fine But I want to add gsm modem (Sim 300) for Remote monetoring and controlling purpose Is it possible or not I don't have a knowldge of Surce code changeing Please help me
Hi guys, Just want to know, when using usb-CDC, we need to install the usb driver in pc right? Then how bout in android device? Can the usb-CDC driver be install in android device? Currently trying to interface my pic with an android device through the usb port. At the beginning I'm (...)