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Does anyone know where I can get something to unlock the ATA lock code on my external usb drive. Of the software I found online it is either simple virus or just doesnt do what it claims. Any genuine links or advice welcome. (This is a 2TB drive that simply locked itself) The data on it is confidential so I can't just send (...)
Hello everyone! I am trying to build a usb 2.0 switch to electronically switch 2 usb devices simultaneously between 2 different computers at the same time by the means of a key operated lock switch. The aim of this usb switch is the following: I have an electronic device which contains a pc motherboard and 2 other (...)
Here are some.. 1. Window7 has attractive GUI compared to Windows Xp. 2. Hardware lock, you can lock your computer with usb flash drive. 3. Windows 7 has made home networking a much more easy to use feature. 4. Media sharing is another aspect which any common user would find a very much enhanced and improved factor in Windows 7. [url=
Dear All, please help me I am getting error of "programmer can not be found". I am using usbasp for 89S52 with fuse & lock bits EF for low & c9 for hi. before some time i got error of "no chip enable". Voltage level of usb programmer is near about 5 V & 89S52`s 4 to 4.5V First of all answer these questions.
Hi, Was thinking of using a bootloader for a 18F4520 project that has a permanent serial /usb link with the PC. Have never used one on a Pic before and wondered if there are any pitfalls, don't want anything thats likely to cause the system to lock up etc; also wondered if there is any one bootloader better than others ? Have read the ne
yes you can use parallel port but nowadays parallel port very difficult to see i don't know usb port programming so i can help you using parallel port . you have to download Microsoft sdk5.1 for this purpose read this Using Speech Recognition and Text to
the name said, it is device that can be plugged to usb to irritate PC user. The principle is very simple: after plugged, you can see it in windows as a usb keyboard, and after some time (randomize periot) send “capslock” code. So once turning on caps lock, after turning off
Hi everyone. My name is kumar. need ur help.. I wana build usb Thumb Drive Based key door lock So, the thumb drive will contain a secret password(or d serial number). It will unlock the door if the password is correct. so, basic idea, connect thumbdrive to PIC16F877A which will communicate to VB(to check password, (...)
is a JTAG for processors with ARM core. Connect to computer via usb. This project based on project by Amontec name - JTAGkey. Tool works thanks to FTDI FT2232 chip set, with is double channel usb converter <=> UART/FIFO. At first channel chipset gives JTAG interface, at sec
Hi, Can anyone suggest a DPLL circuit that i can use in my design. I need it to lock incoming signals via usb. tnx in advance.
i am sorry, friend. This is not a hacking/cracking forum... you need reverse engineering tools. Why don't you google somewhere else.... regards.... Yes. The only think that I can tell U is that there is some tools that emulate the usb Key. Bye.
Please look up the NXP and SMSC web site for usb2 or OTG PHY devices and informations :F
usb 1.1 SIE have many block .. one block called DPLL .. it use 17 stage State machine lock usb data ( only x4 speed ) 12M FUll speed need a 48M clock .. but digital OSC , as I know someone use invert (use switch contrl P/Nmos size , you can look for some paper talk (...)