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For a basic idea, I suggest the page "usb is a bus" from usb made simple The full answer is in the usb Data Flow chapter of the usb spec.
Hi, Is there anyone who can provide me a detailed circuit diagram on how to create my own SATA to usb cable/accessory? I was thinking it won't be that complicated since SATA only has 7 output ports and usb with 4. Power Supply won't be a problem since I already have a Regulated 12V Power Supply.
Hello everyone. This is my first post here so don't make fun of me haha. I have a Playstation 4 (gaming console) in a very tight space in my computer area. I've been using a usb fan that I made from an old Xbox 360 to help provide some ventilation but it needs a little bit more because it's still getting fairly hot. The Xbox fans I have on there no
Hello all!! i am trying to port fatfs to microchip project usb HOST-MASS STORAGE-simple DEMO for PIC32MX795F512L using MPLABX XC32 right now i am just including fatfs file in the already made project. I am having a problem that different header files are being attached to main.c and diskio.c 1. i have included the diskio.h file in (...)
I've made a simple circuit to deal with a problem in a computer lab. It's a simple usb switch that turns off the monitor when the computer is shut down, thus preventing the monitors to spend electricity with the standby current. Schematic: 86488 PCB: 86487 You can use it as you wish. Plea
How about using a usb interface instead of serial? I've recently made a keyboard interface to update an old mechanical keyboard. The usb side of it was very simple, just defining the usb interface on a PIC 18F4550 as a standard HID/keyboard. Then just send the right key codes. The PC knows that it's a (...)
It is a simple usb → 1 Wire adapter based on Atmega8 microcontroller. usb support was implemented using V-usb driver from Objective Development. Converter was made after reading documentation of DS2490 chip, that is why some
Good evenin'... There are some rather old posts here from people who started or wanted to start developing a usb device based on TI Tusb3210/Tusb3410... I just grabbed out my old board based on Tusb3210 I made some years ago to use as a simple usb interface for testing (...)
I make usb to serial "module", and now I want for beginning, turn LED on my circuit with PIC(I made this standalone, without PC)... Or just read some data from PIC via usb on PC... I use MPLAB and CSS for programming in c. Now I need "help" to programme in visual c or anything else to make driver for ft232? I use also "putty" for (...)
Hi, I wonder if anyone has any info about how to communicate with iPod via their expansion connector. I see that there are usb, FireWire and Serial ports on that connector, and I would like to know what is the best way of making a simple device to communicate with it when it is docked on a home-made docking station. I went over the (...)
Hi, I had a bad experience with that since I lost 2 FT232 (expensive) to buit my converter. A ready made usb to 232 converter make you save money and time.
Hi I have an spartan 3a board: xc3s700a-4fg484 I am using xilinx ise 10.1 webpack and i have implemented a simple counter program. I don't know how to put my program on the board. I have made the necessary pin assignments. But I don't know what to do next. The connection from the pc is via usb. So if someone has an userguide or (...)
Hi What to do with designing with usb with 4 button. please explain. For connecting a 4 by 4 key pad with MCU. u need to separate the rows and columns. connect the rows to one nibble and columns to the other nibble. write a scanning program to identify a row or column on key press. also use key debounce function in ur code. or if u cant write a
Hi, I have a usb camera that has been made for research purpose. I am going to connect this camera to the computer via Ethernet with minimum effort and cost. I am thinking of an ethernet to usb converter. (usb female to RJ45) I have found some kinda router or server(?) that makes it possible but I need a (...)
usbscope50 is very tiny usb scope,i also want to made a home scope,anyone can send me usbscope50 schematic. Added after 5 hours 14 minutes: very beautiful scope
Hi, A starting point would be : "A simple usb OSCILLOSCOPE FOR THE PC" I'd like to know more about your DSO too !!!
How I can made a program who interface a pic or avr with the usb port , so I can send data and sound (analog sound), do I need to create a driver , with which program a can control the usb , how I get access to the usb .
PSoC with usb: CY8C24x94
hi So finally i get it to work very simple design single sided PCB all file i also make it a usb version of it using FT232MB here is the link for all stuff (I have made it working great) if friends like i will share usb adaptor for it
I made one a year ago The text is in swedish but the schematics is very simple... /Johan