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Hi Working on a usb to Serial Converter FT232RL and a bit confused about the pins. I know that Not Connected(NC) pins are represented by a cross sign but this Pin12 has no such symbol unlike others. Also there isn't any Global signal that i can see Connected to it. See the Attached Schematics here:
I found this project but unfortunately it is in Japanese : usb-Blasterもどきの製作 131011 Fortunately someone explained briefly in English about it, but unfortunately the links to the pictures on how to configure PIC18F
I want to make device like 4 button will be there connected with controller with PC via usb port. Pressed button info will goto PC via usb and all button will locked until it get release code from PC via usb. Please help any one or guide me to make this. I need it very badly. Thanks in advance.
Hi, where can I purchase arm cortex (any one m0/m0+/m3..) development in Mumbai(or India)? which could be directly connected to usb something like stm32 discovery boards? Do distributor like arrow or av-net give individual boards or components to a individual? actually i am in a hurry so cannot go on farnell etc
anyone can help me write a program like oscilloscope using usb reading from ATMEGA(ADC,700sample per second)?!
I am working on usb with MLA from microchip. But it don't have C# code for PC. from where i can get the code bcoz i don't work that much on if if lower version of MLA have code please share it.
unless you are building 1000's of units I would go for a PIC24 device for example, we recently used a PIC24FJ64GB004 to interface to a Bytronic Control Systems Trainer using the usb HID protocol using Visual C++, C# or VB.N
Hi ! i have P4 PC having corrupted SATA HDD and bootable usb stick can i use this bootable usb pendrive for install xp on my PC and also want to know how to get repair corrupted SATA HDD or data back from HDD thanks !! :)
Hi guys I have a device using a PIC18F2550 and runs a usb/RS232 emulator. I can connect to the device AND control it perfectly fine with Putty or Hyperterminal. Now I'm trying to build a app that also connects to the device and sends it data. However, I've built multiple VB apps based on different Serial Com tutorials and they all reac
i need a exact working schematic of ft232rl with max232 ic, i am designing a PCB for usb to rs232 converter i get a lot of circuits in the net but i need the exact working one kindly help. thank you regards kalyan
Ok so I have a project from qsl net, a wobbultator by phsoft / Dr. Peter Halický, OM3CPH. This software uses a pc with a parallel port to control a Ad9850 dds, I want to run this on my laptop, when I do it comes up with a load of errors, it looks as though its trying to access a parallel port that isnt there (my laptop doesnt have a parallel).
easyusbHIDnetClass.dll simulation See links. Install the file by running setup.exe. It is a application for usb HID using easyusbHID.dll Download easyusbHIDnetClass.dll from or from the .rar file and put it in windows\system32 folder.
Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a project that my vb application can send and read data via usb. Now, with Jayanth D's help, ^^ I can send data to MCU but cannot read the data. In this project, I'm using PIC18F4550 - Mikro C - 2010. Please show me what wrong... Thank you very much. Here is my project: https://www.dro
use that usb driver which i uploded
a simple alternative for usb communications is Microchip MCP2210. It is a translator from SPi to usb and Microchip provides a driver you can use applications easily. It is the simpliest alternative I have found, and the micro is inexpensive.
your setup seems correct - see here : I suspect a stupid wiring mistake ? I did this with 33Kand 22K resistors and it worked fine for me. may be your usb-iphone cable is not the right one ? I have an early ipod 30gb cable tha
hi, all when i send 11001100 from matlab to my 8051 kit using usb to rs232 i receive 11100000 my is the error in my code or in max232 connections my code for recieving below: org 2000h mov tmod,#20h mov th1,#0fah mov scon,#50h setb tr1 here:jnb ri,here mov a,sbuf mov p1,a clr ri sjmp here end max232 connection in the following picture
Hello gupta, you could use AHid.dll to interface Matlab - AHid.dll implements an usb HID interface on Host side. Best regards Potter
better to buy a readymade usb to serial converter. it'll b cheap and compact.
You have to use MCU like PIC18F4550 or any other which supports usb. There are also AVR MCUs with usb. See You need to write a application in VC++, VB,, VC#... which can send data through usb on PC side. See book "Advanced PIC microcontroller projects in C" by Dogan Ibrahim. It has such an example. See this project (...)

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