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Hi I have a Hantek 6022BL PC usb oscilloscope which I would like to use on linux. Hantek does not provide linux solutions but I found a wiki which refferes to openhantek. However, openhantek was last updated in 2011 which is a bit old. Are there other known wa
There are different options to interface the oscilloscope with Matlab. Most oscilloscopes have Ethernet or usb interfaces and provide drivers for PC connection. You can write Matlab code that connects to the oscilloscope and reads a recorded waveform. You can also write a measurement as binary or formatted text file to an (...)
Hi, I am thinking of buying a usb oscilloscope/FFT for the lab, but mubudget is limited. My work is mainly on HF How about this one? Hantek 6254BD (datasheet attached) Prices are 250-350Euros or so. You get FFT plys a 25MHz waveform generator. Please tell me if it's worth it or not. The problem I see is, the input is AC/DC but only 1M impedance.
Hello, because of space limitation, I want to buy a usb oscilloscope and spectrum analyzer. My main interest is at HF work, so 30MHz analogue bandwidth at least. a 100-200MHz would be better so as to be able to measure harmonics as well. Which ones would you suggest for: 100-200MHz analogue bandwidth. scope combined with spectrum analyzer (...)
Homemade resistive probes are always an option for cheap wide band measurements. But it could be that the DC load disturbs usb operation during initial speed negotiation, did you try AC coupling? Or the already marginal signal quality of your design is further worsened by connecting the probe load. It's unusual to need true impedance controlled
Mifare operate, with the ISO 14443 standard, at 13.56 MHz , other standard also operate at 13.56 MHz: ISO 15693 Legic FeliCa Regards! I bought Mifare 13,56 MHz usb reader writer from ebay but it doesn't read my RFID. I does work because it reads my bank card (with security error, warning) but I know it works - at least.
well, without seeing the board, or even some data about it, I think the 4v could be a very common drop from a 5V usb+protection diode supply... (that if the waveform is square), also if you are driving some low impedance circuit (led? drive?) you can expect some voltage drop. (disconnect everything except the oscilloscope form the pin and check aga
anyone can help me write a program like oscilloscope using usb reading from ATMEGA(ADC,700sample per second)?!
if you do a web search for build oscilloscope you will get plentry of links using microcontrollers to acquire signals via ADCs and sending data to a PC via usb for display
have a look at this project using a PIC18F2550 and a MCP6S91
There are a lot of usb devices out there that does this function (more for laptops than tablets). Just pay attention to the interface, operating system support, and drivers.
usb or PCI based data acquisition and display systems would cost you more than a benchtop oscilloscope. Try in your circle for any abandoned or old cathode ray tube based oscilloscopes from Industries which should serve your purpose. I assume you aren't looking for any high frequency applications.
Hello Ive just bought a tenma 72-8225 scope and when I connect the usb lead from the scope to my laptop, so that I can view the scope shots on the laptop, it wont communicate with my laptop and I think this is because its a windows 8 laptop. Is there any way round this? Tenma don't seen to have a least I cant download
I'm working on a project where i'm need to display the data through usb to Matlab. For example, to use an oscilloscope. Or data acquisition toolbox. For example, to connect the ADC data received and transmitted via usb as an analog channel in simulink I read the documentation, but did not understand whether there is any documentation for (...)
Hello, Do you know how to save waveforms to usb on the DPO4000B series scopes. it just keeps telling me "media not recognised", no matter which usb stick i put in there
Hi all, here. I want to design a usb based oscilloscope using PIC18F4550 @48MHz, What can be the maximum number of 10 bit samples that I can take per second. I have gone through many posts giving a calculation, but could not figure out. Can anybody help giving me simple answer that it can sample this many samples per second. I shall be grateful.
Hi, I am trying to control my oscilloscope from the PC using usb cable. THe oscilloscope is MSO2000 from Tektronix. I have no idea what to do after connecting the usb cable. Can anybody help me in the right direction? I plan to use the Lua language to write my scripts. Thanks
Several years ago, I posted a link to a PC Based oscilloscope project I was working on. was some interest, however, most of the requests were for a usb connected oscilloscope. Well, I finally got around to incorporating usb into the project
Hello all! I must resolder Picoscope2000 wires. Does anybody know whether a Picoscope2000 schematic diagram is available somewhere? Thanks a lot gusts
The probe specification is incomplete, because it misses exact values for accepted oscilloscope input capacitance range. This may be due to the fact that the probes are primarly offered as acessory for Pico usb scopes. Most likely it works with all industry standard oscilloscopes, in case of doubt you can compare with PicoScope impedance (...)
hi every1... For my project i use a DLL file with C# application. I read adc data from 18f4550 (mikroc) and send them to pc, print them in c# console window. Though the HID data throughput is defined maximum at 64kbpS, i can't receive even more than 50 samples per second to the console window. It makes me trouble. Is there a way to increas
I want to get a spectrum analyzer to learn and view charactarictics of various audio shaping circuits (so I'm staying in the DC - 20KHz region). My options are getting a 150$ - 200$ usb based scope that comes with a spectrum analysis software. There are various manufacturers here but the spec. is pretty much the same. The other options is to get an
Hi all. I have two design: 1/ RS232 to Rs485 converter I use Txd, Rxd from PC ==> max232 => opto => max3089. I use RTS(from PC) to control DE and /RE pin max3089 2/ usb to Rs485 convert. I use usb=>> FT232RL => opto => max3089. I use CBUS2(pin 13 of FT232RL) to control DE and /RE pin max3089. With 2 this design I can send/receive data to the
if you set the CAN mask to 0x00000000 do you receive anything? it is worth getting a CANBUS analyser so you view the traffic, e.g. CANusb - The Low cost CAN to usb converter
Hi All, I am usign an FTDI usb to RS232 converter between my board and my PC. The problem is that the communications keeps failing and I have to take out the usb cable and then put it back in to re-enumerate the device. I have been using a 2M Shielded usb Cable that has a ferrite core at both ends. Has anyone else come across this (...)
Hi ! i m doing usb oscilloscope as my FYP i m completed hardware circuit now tell me how to use A to D converter of PIC 18f4550 to convert analog signal to digital plz give me a sample code I begin to think that I am the only user of Google.
Hi, PIC18F2550 based oscilloscope Pc based oscilloscope PC Based oscilloscope Project Looking for a PC based usb 2.0 oscilloscope Project PC based oscilloscope All these above referred post either are unavailable pages or incomplete projects. Can any one suggest me reference for (...)
Hi all, If some one has the circuit diagram of DUAL CHANNEL usb oscilloscope published in ELECTRONICS FOR YOU 2006 DECEMBER issue please post it.Our college library has one copy of the particular issue but it is closed for some days.the circuit diagram that i am able to download from Efy website is a blurred one so please upload the circuit diagr
? PIC18F2550 usb Article E. Insam ---------- Post added at 22:36 ---------- Previous post was at 22:35 ----------
Hello guys! I need to build a MATLAB GUI that can read and display real-time data from my usb port. It will work like a virtual oscilloscope. I cant do that! Who can help me? If you have any files that can help, please email me tks in advance!
Hey there I want to control my PIC from PC and send feedback from PIC. I can easily control my PIC, however; the pic to PC part does not work. I have defined a function named usb_DATA on C18 on pic side : void usb_Data(void) { send_data = 1; if(!musbGenTxIsBusy() ) { usbGenWrite(send_data,2); } } and on
HI, If anyone has the computer software and firmware for pc based usb oscilloscope published in ELECTRONICS FOR YOU 2006 please upload,I have lost mine,please help me.
If you want to check signals using a computer, try a logic analyzer. Its almost like an oscilloscope, obviously can't detect higher frequencies, but it connects to usb and comes with software. Also, I am sure that if the optical reader you are using has a part number, you can find the data sheet. Best of luck
what port u r using? RS32 usb or LPT? need ur code for pic16.
can anyone share a schematic of a usb-based oscilloscope? thanks!
Thanks your reply . Another problem is I wish to build a usb pc based oscilloscope with time based control , the knob controls the time base . oscilloscope usually have trigger function , what make my head big is no reference code is found on internet about this triggrt function in visual c# , so any comments are welcome !!
hi i am working on project of interfacing PIC with PC thorugh usb .i am using MickroC for it but i have some problem regarding this the computer could not rececive any data from device and after a some time it will hang and i have to restart it any one can help me
Hi all, I'm designing a PIC32 based usb oscilloscope. I need a dual supply for the opamps as it simplifies input impedance and level shifting. I selected a unregulated +5V to +/-5V DC to DC converter (needs to be isolated so this limits my choices here) and then I was either going to use +/-3V LDOs in front of this to provide the supply for the
hello everybody, Now, i have a atmega168-20pu. I need to read a analogue signal and output a digital signal via rs232 or usb into a pc. Then, I should use labview to read the data and make calculation. Is there anybody tell me how to design the circuit and how to write the program? thank you
I want to build a pc usb based oscillscope with pic18f2550 act as HID device. adc part using ads831 and CDCE913 - Programmable 1-PLL VCXO Clock Synthesizer with 3.3-V LVCMOS Outputs act as variable clock input to ads831, for different time base usage . But as sampling process goes on pic18f2550 is sending signal data continously to pc , if I chan
Take an ADC, an FPGA & and put it on a PCB. The take an ?C, preffere one with usb like 18f4550 and you are set. BR, Manuel
Hi everybody I've used my PC's sound card as a very basic oscilloscope for a while now but since I switched to a laptop which only has a mic input (very high sensitivity and can't be relied upon because of internal filters) I decided that I need an usb oscilloscope. Plus I'd like to upgrade the bandwidth. I searched on the net for (...)
By far, the best thing to do is to get on and play with it. Analog Devices sells some already built up on test boards, battery operated, that you can play around with. They have software to program the chip thru a usb port. If you have an oscilloscope, you can do a lot.
Hello everyone. This is my first post in this forum. I am a student of 4th B Tech (ECE). I have planned to build a PC based usb oscilloscope using PIC 18f4550, to plot high frequency signals upto 10 MHz, in these vacations of mine. I am thinking of using external ADC made by TI for signal sampling,( TLC5540) which has sampling rate upto 40MSPS,s
Hi friends, I need to build an oscilloscope using visual basic 6 using the usb port. Can some one help me. Thank you
Hi, We have a bunch of those scopes at work. They do the job, but they're not great. If you were thinking of using the usb connection, forget about it. It's as useless as they come! For maybe an extra 10% you can get an Agilent or a Tektronic which offers the same functionality, but with improved user interface, better usb / PC connectivity,
Hai Here is the description of usb based oscilloscope using PIC 18F2550. The complete kit including PCB, Programmed microcontroller, schematics,other passive components and the project deccription is vailable from . Two-Channel PC Based oscilloscope using usb port of the PC that operates at up to 10 k
look for ? PIC18F2550 usb HID oscilloscope
Hi I need to obtain values from an oscilloscope using Matlab. I have connected the PC to oscilloscope using a GPIB usb interface. I want to record a trace that keeps changing all the time. Can someone help me with some tutorials about different functions in Matlab for recording trace from oscilloscope? Thanks
everyone!! Im planning to buy this oscilloscope from ebay. Does anyone have used this oscilloscope? any comment regarding this? thanks. :D