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You must not make a right angle corner in your layout for the usb data lines, you must use a curved line. Also in the picture you showed the lines are made longer so that the propagation delay for all lines is the same, note no corners only curves. Sorry but this is rubbish, you don't need curves, 90 or 45 deg corne
Please I need help on a working usb pic programmer with pcb circuit it's really urgent
Please I need working usb pic programmer using pic18f2550 with pcb circuit urgent.
I have build an c# application which connects to an embedded mcu based hardware via uart communication . I have used mcp2200 i am connecting the system as follows : mcu tx-rx --->max232----->db9 female connector ----> dm9 m connector on module pcb---->max232 on module pcb ---->mcp2200 on module pcb-----> usb connector on (...)
Short answer - Yes, it would be almost impossible. If you open the monitor you will find a tiny pcb with a custom IC on it, you would have to replace it with one of your own while still maintaining the functionality of the original. Why do you want usb anyway? The Raspberry Pi has an analog video output and a HDMI output, neither are compatible w
- buying the pcb that already has 2 usb ports, 1 charging port, and 4 leds, and the battery separately and putting them together in my custom case I think it is the best choice for you , I had a power bank with damaged charger-discharger circuit , I fixed that with a Li-ion battery charger and two DC_DC converter with usb out pu
Thing is my gigabyte usb reciever(Dongle) that came whit keyboard stoped working, board from wireles gigabyte keyboard is working. How do you know that the keyboard part is working? Checked with a second receiver? Any indications that the keyboard controller is able to drive an usb or PS2 keyboard interface? Why should it at all?
Hi, I need a pcb electrical schema for 3 female 5Ah usb connectors (phone charging) and 1 female Jack 3.5 connector (for audio line in). I have no previous experience with electrical design or pcb manufacturing, can anyone help me out with some resources and/or advice? Thanks!
Hi, I need a pcb electrical schema for 3 usb female connectors and 1 female jack 3.5" connector, further details to be offered on demand. I have no previous experience with electrical design or pcb manufacturing, can anyone help me out with some starting tips and/or advices? Thanks!
Hi all, I found a new project on IndeGoGo: usb powered air-free solder paste dispenser, that you can be very handy for those who make SMT pcb prototypes. It has linear stepper motor inside and definitively will be faster and more precise than applying solder paste by hand. :lol: Check it out:
I haven't used this kind, but another one similar, the JDM. As far as I can see it seems prone to face the same problem related to the usb/RS232 cable that you are certainly using. There programmers had no issues on "onboard" serial ports which was abe to provide 12V. I would recommend you take a search on another circuit, but having a higher volta
I am trying to design a pcb with Spartan 6 FT(G)256 Package and it will be configured by EZ-usb FX2 CY7C68013A. The configuration mode will be Microprocessor-Driven SelectMAP Configuration, as shown in the attached image and what is described in the following document: My confusi
Hi, I want to design a pcb which will connect with a tablet (slave) either an Arduino pcb (host) and either with a PC (host). At the below image i took a senario where of a trouble shouting all devices will connect together (for instance because all relays are damge). My question is if and the three VDD of three devices (below picture) will connec
Hiii I want to connect my 5V ,1A servo motor to my pcb using usb port. I am using same cable which is already given by manufacturer of servo, i just want to replace it's header with type A usb connector. I am not using usb cable as its maximum current limit is 500mA. so can connect usb Connector as (...)
we are thinking of designing an embedded design which includes wireless technologies such as WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth. we are thinking to do new pcb board by integrating wireless modules in it. however, some ppl in the team believes that buying controller board (EBOX) and connect wireless modules in usb dongles and PIC Express cards will save cost an
The design is for usb Power Interface. If you have any pcb and pcbA projects,please feel free to contact us for RFQ 122559
Hi, I would like to check if I doing this well. I am designing a board which has a samS70 controller (100 pin LQFP version) that uses i2s, i2c, SPI and usb (but the connector is next to the SAM device). There is a wifi module next to the SAM as well (ATWiNC1500-MR210PB). I have done most of the routing on top and reached a 80mm x 80mm board.
usb2 is half duplex. usb3 is full duplex.
uhg! could you post more information? like the model and number of your sensor? can you/ do you want to modify the sensor circuit? can you take photos of the instrument pcb? if you don't want to touch the sensor, then, you need a usb Host to serial... I suggest you to check the Vinculum series
Hi everybody. Some time ago I started to design/develop an usb controlled CNC machine, intended mainly for pcb drilling. In this post I'm trying to show my work until now. The attachment contains a PDF file with the schematics of control board, based on PIC18F4550 from Microchip and also a ZIP file with gerbers of pcb for this controller (...)