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Hello Guys, Im working with usb mass storage device boot loader. In which i can able to program my application using pendrive. The code for bootloader is available and working fine. In this case i have to past .hex file of my application to pendrive and rename it as image.hex, but any one can use my application hex file and load into (...)
I purchased Arduino due board. The microcontroller is Atmel SAM3X8E With this board i want to create digital inputs logging system. I want to interface pen drive with this board. Data will store in pendrive in CSV Format. I dont know how to interface pendrive Please if anyone know i am begineer in usb . This microcontroller has (...)
You have to make an usb Host which is totaly impossible with 8051. I see two ways: 1. Use more suitable mcu, like ARM with usb Host 2. Use SD card and store data by using file system
Hi All, I am working on a usb host capable of 3.0 speed. When i connect a 3.0 pendrive, Linux in my board detects it as usb2.0 and not as usb3.0. Any pointers on what to check or how to debug? Thanks in Advance!
in our project, we are using 18f4620 controller.some information is saved in external eprom connected to this controller. i want to connect one pendrive (usb) to my board for collecting those data saved. (later, pendrive is connected to pc for display) for that i have to interface one usb female connector with my pic cont
Hi to all i want to know how the set top box usb works and their circuits when we connect it pendrive. How it communicates with pendrive in detail. Any related information please give me thanks
usb spec requires devices to operate with Vbus of 4.4 V to 5.25 V. Beyond this range it's a matter of hope.
I am trying to design a usb pen drive(512 MB) equipped with Bluetooth/WiFi so that even when the pen drive is connected to a computer, we can remotely change the information contained in it. Any ideas? The structure I have thought of is like this. Computer----------(usb port)-----------------(Bluetooth)---------)))))))))[remot
thanks for the info on write protection pin available in usb controllers. Then why no pendrive manufacturer give the wr protection switch in any of their models?( i mean an external switch , like a tab on older floppy discs) AFAIK i have not seen any pendrive with the switch.( very earlier pendrives , some 32MB have a (...)
It is an usbasp programmer closed in housing of old pendrive usb. Assumptions: buffered outputs going into state of high impedance after saving/reading is complete handling of input signal leve
Vinculum VNC1L with the VDFC frimware (like in the VF2F2 dev board) can handle to usb flash drives (not usb floppy or usb harddisk... only pendrives) with the VNC1L you will need an extra microcontroller (i.e. AVR) to manage the communication... or just use the VF2F2
have you tried with another usb pendrive?? how much current do you have at 5v for the vinculum??? i remember having this problem, but it was, or the pendrive doesn't have enought current so the 5V drops and it hangs, or the pendrive FAT is corrupted... maybe if you run a scandisk or checkdsk on the drive, or test (...)
unless you reprogram the pendrive firmware, which needs you to know which controller does it have, it's almost imposible... as it always will try to load as an usb mass storage device... (by the usb class and subclass) have you considered changing the format type (to something beside FAT or NTFS)? or have you considered some encryption (...)
Hello all.... Sorry if i'm in a wrong post. i want to ask about the viculum. want i want to do is to read some file in the usb pendrive. but what i want to do is, i want it to saperate into some folder. i manage to read/write file without the folder but when the file is in the folder and i want to write the file into the folder, it cannot be don
here is nice idea hope help you usb Data Logger - | Electronics: Microcontrollers Embedded Audio Digital Analogue Test Measurement to read the whole article for free click
Hi all, I am facing a problem of installing Fedora 15 into a Desktop PC without any OS installed which means no Windows installed. I tried to boot the Fedora 15 Live Desktop using usb device but i failed to boot and load the Fedora 15. When I boot it in my laptop with Win xp installed, it successfully booted and loaded in. May I know how to i
Dear frndz.... i want to design a small project to log a data from 10 temp. sensors into a pendrive . i am using pic pic32mx664f128h as i am using graphic lcd display. i am new to usb data logging in pendrive. please help me proceed this project. how to go about what all things are needed and if i can get a example code in c with pic (...)
Using FPGA? otherwise, You can use usb controllers with two usb port to do this.
check this Illustrated walk-through: Creating a bootable usb flash drive for Windows XP | TechRepublic How To install Windows XP, V
Hi I am trying to retrieve the CRC value. If I am not wrong, the CRC is present in every sector of my usb pendrive(read this for harddisks and assuming for usb flash). I couldnt find the location of the CRc.Can anyone tell me where to find it?also will the location of CRC varies with manufacturer? The thing I am trying to accomplish is (...)