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hello, look here is very good programer
It may not be worth the effort of building your own programmer, when you can purchase a pickit 2 clone programmer/debugger delivered in the $5 to $10: iCP01v2 usb Microchip ICSP pic
go to and get all the information about pickit2. that is free. and the best usb based pic MUC programer
You may choose a serial port programmer like a JDM programmer or usb based programmer like the GTP usb lite, Plus, June bug or the pickit 2lite. All will work fine for a 18F4550. Every programmer is discussed here in eda before. Just have a search. Cheers
Hi friends can winpic800 be used to program a pic using gtp usb lite programer on a windows7 system?If not how can we achieve the same please help me
First of all, thanks for the project and its sharing. Frankly speaking, when there was a end of serial port based programmers, there was great need of a compact usb programmer, GTP was the first which was available on the net whose design including the schematics and PCB layouts were too available but without the firmware which should have bought
you want serial parallel or usb?
you can get the firmware and all the step by step to make your gtp usb LITE here :
In usb to serial it maybe not work. In my experience it not work when I try to download program in to RD2. Why you try to use programmer with pararel port such as Propic2. Best Regard.