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Hi all, I have wrote a small program for usart module at mplabx ide v2.35. I am using Realterm for communication software. Between my development board and usb port of pc there is a usb-serial converter. My problem is: when i send 0x82, i receive 0x22 most of the time. Interesting thing is that; whenever I control my data from the output (...)
could you use a usb memory stick and switch it between processors using a switch such as the ISL54200 usb 2.0 High/Full Speed Multiplexer
Is it possible to make a virtual COM port using pic16F73 via usb cable ? If there is any way to make a communication using just usb cable it will be great. Note: I know usb communication, Serial Communication well so don't ask any odd questions. What My plan is to know if it is possible to make a (...)
Hello all, I am working on a project with microcontrollers, but i am not very experienced at that area. My task is to transfer data from an 8-bit parallel bus via usb port into microcontroller and process that data through microcontroller (pic18F47J53 plug-in-module). I use pic18 to program it and write my codes in C (...)
hello friend! i have a problem in my projet. i want to make a usb communication with a microcontrolleur pic 18F4550 (18f2550) and host(PC). i make all the steps that i found in ours forums but not success. now i dont know if it's a version of my software (MikroC for pic V 5.6). i don't know what i have missing. can i have a help? please. (...)
Hello, I intend to use the pic 18F67J50 in my project with the CDC class libraries to interface the native usb to a PC using PC usb port. I have an I2C EEPROM connected to the uC. Is it possible to update the contents of the EEPROM from the PC and avoid using a usb I2C bridge like MCP2221? Kindly (...)
Yes you can but you need software on the pic to send the command and software on the PC to interpret it and perform the action you want. The pic cannot make the music play directly. You need a link between them too of course, either RS232 if your PC has a standard serial port or usb otherwise. It is really a software (...)
you should be able to use printf() with a pic18 if you connect a PC to the USART 1. if the PC has a RS232 COM port via a MAX232 2. with a suitable cable, e.g. usb/TTL you need to setup the USART with a baud rate etc to suit the terminal emulator on the PC
Dear Friends, I am using mcHID.dll from this link . And successfully communicate pic HID device with PC. Now I am interested to add multiple pic based HID Device with the PC and collect the data from those device to PC. Can any body give me some good idea about both VB2008 & pic Hid devices
Hello. Are you sure that your mobile phone has a RS232 peripheral? Most modern mobile phones have only usb connection. If it had, check the voltage levels for each one, maybe the phone uses less voltage than pic. I don't have time to check the program right now, but make sure it doesn't have a infinite loop somewhere, maybe near the "if" that c
Hello,Could someone here knows how to connect the 1206b and 1306b type of gsm modem has one has a DB9 pin while the other have a usb port.How to make a connection to pic UART in order for interface among them. Thank you.
Good morning Ladies & Gents, I have a slight issue that has been troubling me for a few days. I have a pic 16f877a which is part of my data logging system, this records data and sends it to a RPi. Currently the entire system is powered by a voltage regulator circuit, this has proven capable of supplying the pic and associated circuits with the
Hello. I'm learning to use the UART/USART on a pic microcontroller, to interface with a computer for the first time. Every time I want to re-program the pic, this is what I do: Disconnect COM port from breadboard. Connect pickit 3 usb programmer to the pic. Program (...)
hi frndzzz, i am trying to do some fast data communication project... serial UART of pic not fulfilling my requirement... so it possible i can send data from one controller to other controller using their usb port????? thx
Hi, You can send your pic data to the PC in a couple of ways. To a Serial port on the PC via a MAX232 chip as you rightly say. This is needed to convert the micros voltage up to the PC s serial levels. However probably the better way is to use on of the cheap Ebay usb to USART TTL adaptors ( not to be mistaken for the (...)
Hi guys, Currently my application of the pic is to become a converter of serial to usb. In other words, whatever I received on my serial side, I will transmit it out using usb port. I'm using baudrate of 9600. I know that we have to call usbDeviceTasks() every 1ms right? I put (...)
Hi guys, Just want to know, when using usb-CDC, we need to install the usb driver in pc right? Then how bout in android device? Can the usb-CDC driver be install in android device? Currently trying to interface my pic with an android device through the usb port. At the beginning I'm (...)
In my view you should first try CDC (comport communication) class of usb than HID.... Because HID class on pic can interact with HID class device like mouse , key board etc...... I am not sure you will able to do communication with that... Good luck
hello All, Kindly find below: i want to restart computer from usb port via pic 18f4550 program Best Regards, Mohamed Ragab You would need a PC side application that would respond to the 18F4550 data. It occurs in ping-pong style buffer refresh, the endpoints (take as arrays) gets updated at both the micro
I'd suggest things are getting a bit complex here. I'd put that complexity into software rather than all those ports. Make all the pics talk to each other so they can arbitrate the external communication between themselves. You can use rs232 between the pics and usb or rs232 or anything else to the PC using a single (...)