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hello friends , i have to implement pic18f4550 to usb cdc basic demo . if any one have complete communication PC to pic and pic to PC using Proteus then step by step information give me. i am confused about endpoint and usb traffic . and also is that any problem if our micro 18f4550 is powered up using (...)
usb hub usb2514 - implementation doubt I'm using usb2514 to design a BUS powered system which has 3 devices to be connected at present . My doubt is regarding the SUSP_IND/LOCAL_PWR/NON_REM0 pin . My system is bus powered so the pin has to be LOW . The device on my port 1 is non removable so the pin (...)
usb is powered internally through 5v . u should refer to usb manual , add a switch in between usb port to on/off found usefull press helped me button
I have a usb-powered electronics that has to work even after disconnecting from usb. - Consumption is 100uA to 1 mA (for 100 ms) at 3V - Used batteries are ultraminiaturní LiPo 40mAh, 1 cell 3.7V Using switching converters for such a small current will probably ineffective, so I am thinking about using LDO. the question is - What LDO (...)
Hi, Did you install the FT232BL driver file in your PC? Since you have used the usb bus powered configuration, make sure that your circuit did not take too much current as mentioned in the datasheet.
I made my own, 2 weeks ago. usb bus powered, 8 channels, 12 MHz sampling, with uC running on "only" 24 MHz. There is possibility to extend it to 16 channels and increase the sampling rate by overclocking uC.
As a preliminary remark, most edaboards members will probably look at usb power questions from a PC user rather than an official usb standard viewpoint. Quite obviously tpetar is bringing in this practical view. Nobody is required to "read the spec" as long as he isn't developing compliant equipment. Personally I'm using a portable harddisk on
HI, I need to interface my xbee series 2 from digi to my main project which involves two way communication b/w two attiny2313s. The question is about power. I configured one xbee as configurator and other as router. First I powered the xbee from usb to ttl converter(which has a 3v3 power pin) and the tx of the tiny2313 is given to a potential divi
What I am trying to achieve is detect from MCU, whenever FTDI(FT232R) chip is connected to usb(not enumerated, just powered up from - When ONLY usb is connected, MCU will get hi
Hi, here is a smart, usb programmable, PIC18F2550 Beetle board. The board is Breadboard friendly, and contains usb Bootloader. It can be powered and programmed over usb using your laptop. All I-O lines are taken out for easy integration with your modules. currently we are developing a firmware and matching DLL file for easy (...)
Selecting 32 instead of 32A shoudnt affect the programming untill other factors are ok. If you are using usb asp, try using with ProgISP1.78v to program Verify you have a crystal connected to the Mega32 and the same is powered. Do not remove the "Slow clk" jumper on the programmer. (Speed programming will fail for some devices) Cheers
Hi, I have usb modem connected to my linux box. My linux machine is powered on all the time. sometimes usb modem is not working, i need to physically remove the modem and insert it to work properly. HOw to restart the usb powered devices, without removing it physically. Is it possible to switch off the (...)
Dear friends, please tell me how to properly connect mcp2200 to the hardware .should it be powered from 5V regulator or the usb cord supply. I have connected it to 5v regulator supply , but it just stops communicating after some time .....the port becomes undetectable , Do i hv to power it with usb , or what could be the issue...... (...)
It is a DAC usb based on PCM2702 and built in headphones amplifier on TPA6120. Sound: To create described here devices, first step should be testing and building a converter powered from usb. Then, add a power supply a
My circuit involves an AVR microcontroller and a MAX3421E usb host interface IC. This IC is exactly the same one as what is used on the "usb Host Shield" and "Android Accessories Development Kit" for Arduino. The circuit is powered at 3.3V, not 5V, keep that in mind. The 3.3V supply comes from a LDO regulator that is actually connected to my (...)
Hello guys, I am currently converting a couple of 28" bikes into ebikes. I don't have too much experience with electronics, but I have a bit of soldering experience and it's not going to be too complicated. The ebike will be powered by 2 5s 5Ah Zippy LiPo packs connected as 10s, with another two 5s packs connected at times as a range exten
I have faced the same problem. I connected a 1k resistor between vusb and D+. That solved the problem for me.
This desk mono radio receiver is stable and has good parameters. It is quite easy to build such a device using modern chips. The receiver is powered from 5V (from computer usb port). It has only two buttons for tu
hi an arduino platform developer recently i bought an aubtm-20 module and it has got 2 ports one serial and other usb i connected it both that is i powered it up with the usb and connected it via serial to other port.....and i am having realterm and after setting the baud rate to 9600 and all other requirements i a