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Hello everyone, I am new to edaboard. I am currently working on a personal project. I want to make a solar powered and rechargeable battery, Ipod usb charger. Ideally I would like to charge the an Ipod or any usb chargeable device with the use of a solar panel and rechargeable batteries being the voltage supplies. If anyone can help (...)
how had you interfaced to pc .. usb - rs232 .. or using max .. to the comport what voltage levels is your ATMEGA16 powered at
1. The programmer itself is powered from usb. That target device must be supplied from its own power supply during programming, since this programmer circuit cannot provide power to the target. 2. C1,2 - yes, either should be good. C4 - yes. C5 - Usually that would be 220nF (nanofarad) for Vusb, although the original PICKit 2 uses (...)
The communication module was based on system FT232RL fro FTDI Chip. RL version of the system did not require an additional EEPROM memory, so the converter can take less space. The module is powered directly from the usb port. The
70949 Hi guys I found this usb powered Ph meter on line. What I want, is to put a pic16f877 in it to replace the ADS7835E. I want the circuit to open a valve of 12v, when is below 7ph which is 0mv and close it when ph is at 7ph. So I dont know if the pic will fit in there or leave the ADS and just addd the pic to
Hi guys, I'm wanting to add plinth kitchen lights to my idea is to just use some 5mm white/bright LED's that i have: Forward voltage: 3.2 - 3.4V DC Forward Current: 20mA Luminous intensity: 12000 - 16000 mcd View Angle: 25 Degree Lens Color: Water Clear Life rating:
One of my studend has made a board to drive stepper motors. The problem is that, the PC could not communicate with the PIC18F4550 in self power mode. We use the PICDEM FS usb framework (HID custom demo modified software The student has made a small board with an another PIC18F4550 in bus powered mode and it works. [/QUOT
Presented Li-ion chargers are based on chip MAX1811, which controls the process of charging and needs only two external capacitors to its proper work. The chargers are powered directly from the usb port, additionally one of them
uDMX is a simple and small DMX driver for usb. The construction of uDMX is a copy from - uDMX - tiny bus powered usb-DMX interface . A huge advantage of this project is bufferi
Because it seems to me that when devices are powered via usb they draw only as much power as they need, as opposed to a wall unit which would just give a constant stream of 5V and 500mA. So I am worried that my keyboard might not need a full 5V or 500mA, and may get damaged by using a wall adapter. This is a common mi
Hi; I am interfacing SAMBA (GSM Device with usb interface and audio in/out) with PC. I want to receive audio from SAMBA. 1- I made the audio output of SAMBA as input to PC MIC. But when I receive audio it is noisy. 2- But when I listen audio output directly from head phone it is clean. 3- And even more when the MIC from PC is get broug
In a self powered deviced, VBUS must no be shorted to VDD. There should be at least diodes to isolate the local power supply from VBUS. The usb standard requests, that VBUS isn't driven from the device side, also D+ and D- must not be driven before VBUS is present. The said VBUS monitoring circuit is used to enable the usb interface.
I am trying to record audio from the usb powered GSM Modem's Audio Out Pin using my PC. I have used a 2.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack feeding Modem's Audio to the PC Mic interface. But I am hearing the EMI noise that usually generated when you bring your mobile in a call to an unsheilded speaker system. The system works well when I attach my mobile hand
Isolated DC/DC is a converter with a high frequency transformer. It has some applications, but usually not in usb powered devices, I think. Where do you see it?
Microchip makes a usb-UART converter MCP2200 that is thought to be a PIC18F14K50. If you look at the diagram for the demo board of this, you will see that the controller is powered directly from the usb 5VDC.
Possible countermeasures are full optical isolation on the local side of FT232 (provided, it's not a bus-powered application) and large toroid cores (with multiple turns) as common mode chokes for the usb cable. In some cases usb hubs are less sensitive to interferences than the original host adapter.
hi i want to power up pic18f4550 using a battery but also using usb port power supply, so i have made a schematic for it (attached) now my concept it that if 18f4550 is powered from battery and at the same time user connects the uC to usb port the diode will be reversed biased and will automatically cut battery supply and when (...)
I would presume that you are using a bootloader with you PIC. Microchip provides two type of bootloader MCPH and usb HID and their drivers. I haven't used the usb HID bootloader, but I have extensive experience with the MCPH one, if you are using the standard bootloader and drivers, then in order to make the PC recognize your PIC, you need the kee
Can you please try to explain which usb port type at which system you are talking about? Generally, you have host and device ports which have different roles regarding supply voltage. Also usb devices can be designed as bus-powered or self-powered.
I'm searching for a solution to connect a EEPROM (ATMEL) via I2C to usb adapter to my PC. I want to read, edit and write data inside EEPROM. The device which contains this EEPROM is not powered. Also, It's a small form-factor pluggable (SPF) transceiver used for generating optical signals in WDM signals (a costly device, of course!). This device ha