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The problem of ground loops in electric circuits with multiple protective earth connections doesn't only apply to usb interfaces. In so far, it's unlikely to find specific hints in the FT232 datasheet. Usual electrical installations in buildings have a central earth point and separate protective earth and neutral conductors (TN-C-S or TN-S earthing
I am looking to make a device that has a number of relays that I can control by micro controller. I was just looking for advice on what sort of relays I can get for cheap that can be controlled by a pic or atmel uController. They would only need to switch usb lines so no high powered relays req'd. Thanks in advance.
Hi, Just powered up my M3 board (LPC1343), running trough the demo code I can find the software interface(registers) for the modules(usb, uart,..) but in the official pdf only a brief description is available. Where is the full documentation? Or am i missing something?
The diodes are available in the market :) It is a usb powered. ---------- Post added at 10:24 ---------- Previous post was at 10:23 ---------- Why not you just build the full clone? :)
Hi, i got i circuit that is powered by usb and it got a PIC on it. There is a 12V battery to supply the circuit if the usb get disconected. The battery is regulated using a simple LM7805 (for now but it can be changed if necessary). My question is, what kind of circuit can i use to perform this switching, from the usb power (...)
for laptop a small attachment is available with inbuilt fan powered from usb port, there is no need of additional power supply, if you want to your own if you want it to carry better go for smps type and there is no need of 5A supply, maxim 1A will do for 3 fans( it takes 12V around .15A for one)
Micro4you Studio - ARM JTAG, ARM usb JTAG, ARM JTAG usb, ARM Debugger, ARM DSO, DSO Nano - (powered by CubeCart) is a good place with different varieties. -- Amr
Hi all, I am working on a scale system that is powered and communicated with PC using usb. The system I am using has MSP420F2013 from TI. I am kind of new with usb stuff, only used serial to usb converter before not building one. I am reading about FDTI usb chip but not sure which one is the right one and (...)
How about: Look for a printer that runs off usb power. (If you are using usb) Otherwise, you should be able to find a portable battery powered, recharable printer, then either, remove the battery and connect a dc power sup
Check the data sheet for your transceiver and the min voltage coming through the usb. For example, the transceiver might need a min voltage of 5V -5% and the usb might deliver min. 5V -10%. If you have such a combination, I would discourage you from doing it. Otherwise, add up the max. currents of the devices on your target board, e.g. MCU, tran
Hi all! I've got a problem measuring a DC current from a 15V 0~2A generator. I'm using an usb-powered PIC18F2553 and i should place a shunt resistor in series between the generator and measure the voltage drop across the shunt BUT i can't connect the ground of the pic to the shunt cause the usb and the generator shares the same ground. (...)
1) U can charge ur video player via car cigarette lighter slot. 2) U can use a 5 volt power supply 120/240v. 3) U can use ur laptop usb port. 4) U can use ur laptop battery, my laptop has 14v lithium ion battery slim & light weight + 7805
I have a XXClone IDE Source volumn hdd & not the Target hdd that I removed from the original W3080 EMachine & attached it to my other 633IDS EMachine (upgraded to HP bio's 1.1 Ghz intel Celeron cpu) using a powered usb transfer cable to try & copy all the docs & favorites from it. The reason I had to do this was the bootable Source volumn hdd woul
Hi, Really not into usb but one problem that is often reported on the Microchip site is that certain laptops have problems supplying enough power through the usb port. The usual solution is said to be using a separately powered usb hub to feed a good power line to the usb device.
You can power it from the usb.
The MAX485 output short circuit current can go up to 250mA which is too much to be driven from the usb supply (250mA = 2.5 unit loads) supposing it is a FUNCTION- low bus-powered. No problem if it is a FUNCTION- high bus-powered (can sink up to 5 unit loads). If outputs are never shorted it is enough. The FT232R datasheet shows such an (...)
The PS/2 Connector in not connector it is converter it has circuit inside powered by usb port. you can use 4x4 key pad for all purposes. how much keys do u have in mobile? about 16 and it performs all functions so you can use same keypad for any kind of input.
Your description sounds like a standard bus-powered circuit as expected, doesn't explain the problem of course. You didn't tell, in which phase of device connection/enumeration the power surgeis detected. It would be also interesting if it even happens in reset state or without an operational firmware, not enabling the usb interface at a
Hello. I find it very hard to determine from the datasheet what is the current that the usb's VBUS pin sources, in order to activate the whole CP2102, in a self-powered mode (meaning CP2102 operates its on 3.3V regulator), assuming that the regulator doesnt operate external circuits.
You also need the Host know that if you are a powered or non-powered device. Although this information is included in the device descriptor, it doesn't produce different host action to my opinion. Particularly it's not related to VBUS requirements. The said specification for VBUS, that the device must not drive out to this line is