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I use my laptop in my car on a daily bases. It only has 1 usb port and I use about 5 usb devices. I bought a powered usb hub. It works ok without power if you only use one or two usb devices. However, when I use more devices, they don't operate correctly. And it doesn't have enough power to operate my (...)
I downloaded Potyo 2 from and realized it (pcb of 7-8-2006) but it don't works. When I connect usb cable to pc the ICD2 is powered (power LED is on) but it isn't recognized as usb device. Simply pc do nothing. I check power supply of 4550, MCLR voltage and oscillator out and it works. What can I do ?
Hello everyone. I'm trying to design an ipod charger for my brother. The problem is that I can't get the components I need here in my country (Argentina). I want to build something like this: I can't get ANY dc/dc converter from Maxim. I asked for samples
hi yahootew3000. The ICD2 (potyo 2) does not need an external source, but you can supply your target board with an external source (3.3v or 5V) and do not forget to uncheck the "Power target from ICD2" checkbox in MPLAB. The checkbox enable the ?usb powered? only for the target device and is implement for program 3.3v devices. The ICD2 always i
Hello, I usually have the FPGA and associated circuitery power consumption arround 20mA. Since i applied 5V to the 3.3V power inputs (by mistake) i can not program the FPGA using usb JTAG cable, and the power supply tells me that current consumption is 0mA. Did i damage the FPGA applying 5V to the 3.3V power inputs? Cheers
you can also make yourself a icd2 clone (the one with full usb support - pic18f4550 and 16f877) it is some more expensive, but it will program all the pics, and you can debug your program too... this usb jdm programmer will not program modern pics, and as it is still rs232 it will be very slow to program big pics with 16k or more flash in it...
hi all i am designing a micro controller circuit that is powered by usb. but some of the functionality need +5 to -5 volt range while usb provides only +5 volt, is there an easy way to convert the +5 to -5 volts as well?
Here's my version of universal board: all ports on separate 10-pin headers with pull-ups/pull-downs (jumper), integrated max232 and usb connector, DC plug with 7805 and 4 multiplexed SPI connectors and an ICSP (RJ12) plug. Board can be powered either from usb, DC plug or ICSP But, there are two design errors to fix: 1. DB9 connector was (...)
hi. I am building a battery charger that is powered by usb.can anyone help me? I have got the charger circuit and am supposed to interface with the philips lpc2148 do i do this?pls help me. I am uploading the diagram of the battery charger circuit as well as the muc.pls help me regards and thanks, sandhya
Colleagues, If I understand correctly, the usb is a differential bus with 0 to +5V levels. Microchip makes PIC18LF2550, which can run off 3.3V. Can PIC18LF2550 communicate on the usb, when it?s powered with 3.3V? Thanks, Nick
Can usb can drive 2 channel speakers? What are the voltage and current drive specification. I see, mp3 player are charged through usb drive. Best regards, Buts101
Hi All, First of all, i would like to say hi to all the engineering enthusiatic here, it's such a nice forum with so many active posting and a great helpful community I can see. I hav a small project in my mind and i hope u guys can give me some pointers. Here's a descriptions of the small project i wanna do. "usb powered AM/FM radio" -Sm
Hi all, I am trying to implement usb to RS232 converter using DLP2232M module which uses FT2232C(FTDI chip). My connections are for usb self-powered configuration ( pins 17,18,19 connected to external +5V, while pins 22,23,24,25 are grounded). I have downloaded Combined Driver Model CDM 2.00 from FTDI website, unzipped and (...)
refer to usb spec sheet and check this link You also need to consider esd protection method, switch & varister....
I m working on mass storage device enumeration process.I have configuerd the device in self powered. i m using AT89C5132 microcontroller. enumeration process completed successfully and device is detected by the system. For usb mass storage i m using Bulk Only Transfer(BOT) protocol. my device supports 2 end point of 64 max length. EP Bulk IN
I am working on atmel at89c5132 device . It is 3.3v operable. I am configured my device in self powered mode. Configured the device in bulk only transport class. The descriptor are /* DEVICE DESCRIPTOR */ #define usb_SPECIFICATION 0x0110 #define DEVICE_CLASS 0 #define DEVICE_SUB_CLASS 0 #define DEVICE_PROTOCOL 0 #define EP_CONTROL_LENG
Hi check this link herea a schematic. It don't include the VCC and GND. Note the connection changes according to your application speed and if it's self powered or not. Salam Hossam Alzomor
I am running Windows XP. I can attach my usb device (configured in the usb mass storage class), everything works fine, now device manager i get "usb Mass Storage device" with a yellow exclamation mark. If I double click it, i get in the device status, "This device cannot start. (Code 10)". I have configuerd the device in self (...)
After the completion of enumeration I recived this message. I am configuring the device in mass storage class. (self powered) "This device cannot start. (Code 10) Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device." What may be the problem. Regards Deepak.
this is my first programming CPLD. i will use Xilinx XC9572XL-10. it is mounted on the PCB. TDI TDO TMS TCK is okay. but where should i connect the "Vref" wire? what is Vref, is it target PCB's power ? if Vref is target PCB's power voltage, does it mean we must download the CPLD, when the PCB's power is ON? please help me.