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hi I want to know that how much is the maximum current that I can get from my computer with its usb port. (my question is regarding its Vcc wires, not signal wires). thanks in advance. NTFS
Most desktops have powered usb even when the computer is switched off. For notebooks, they are often the opposite case to conserve battery power.
Hi! May I know wat does the power ctrl do in the circuit? I dont really understand it even after I read thro that section in its datasheet. Can anyone helps me with this? The notes are as below: "usb Bus powered circuits need to be able to power down in usb suspend mode in order to meet the <= 500uA total suspend current requirement (...)
Hi you have MAX1811 usb-powered Li+ Charger. best regards Yodathegreat Hi (I am new to this forum, got the address from a good friend...) I need to add a usb 1.1 host port to an existing 3,3V microcontroller design. (plan to use ISP1161 from philips as usb controller, it interfaces nicely to 3,3V) My (...)
I need usb pic programmer .ı don t want to use power supply in this circuit .the circuit will take its power from usb please help me
camera uses battery power for the it self. just remove the batt pack and try connecting it to usb it will not get detected. i have tested it on a sony. hock
Max power drain of a usb powered device is 500 mA. If the device is not yet enumerated, the limit drops to 100mA.
I had the same problem - how to programm MP from laptop without serial port. I use evaluation bord for usb to RS232 bridge FT232BM (vendor FTDI) it is pretty small and work fine up to 1 megabaud speed it is line powered but give only "5V" RS232, so if you need +/-12V port - you'll need to add some level convereter (max232 etc) BTW this chip
89C5131 chip recieved from Atmel as free samples. Chip is powered from usb bus via LP2951-3.3. Reset pin connected via 0.1uF capacitor to GND. (reset switch is present) usb data lines conencted via 27 Ohm resistors D+ connected via 1.5kOhm to VREF (detach switch also present). 24.0MHz crystal with 20pF capacitors (...)
Hi, The DEM-PCM2900 is an evaluation board for Texas Instrumentsīs newly developed Bus-powered usb CODEC PCM2900 with S/PDIF interface. Who can share your schematic and PCB files. thanks!
Hi Analyzer, 1). u definitely r able to draw 200ma from usb port. the only exception is on the keyboard port of macintosh, as i know 2). vbus is noisy though, it's still usable & depending on how u filter, then make it clean. otherwise, how 2.0 bus powered device exist. / User banned for copy/pasting posts just to get points. /
Hi All, does anyone knows the limit of 500 mA that a function can draw from a self powered hub is a peak or average vaule ? Thanks this is covered in the spec: a buspowerd device should never sink more than 500 mA = 5 unitloads. To avoid peaks the device must implement inrush current limiting. usbma
I prefer TMS320C5510 DSP Starter Kit (DSK) (DSP8923U) , Embedded JTAG support via usb High-quality 24-bit stereo codec 256K words of Flash and 8 MB SDRAM Include Code Composer Studio for DSK It's powerful,too. Furthermore, it's cheap! (usd$ 399)