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Hello I m new to this i have brought altera usb Blaster to program altera IC. i have one usb blaster altera and some altera ics part no EPM7160SLI84-10N when i select auto detect in Quartus II some IC detects but for some IC error comes like "Unable to scan device chain.Can't find Jtag u want to open the JTAG chain Debugger t
The device I'm working with is roughly the same as this device: Basically a cell phone charger that can be powered from either 120V MAINS or 12V from an automobile. The device will be sold in the U
Hi I'm looking for a pre-built x86 board with the following rough specs: x86 - i3 ish level of processing inc Floating point (32 bit is fine) low power (board powered via usb) ram up to 64MB flash or rom for application on boot up. 2x usb 1 for input other for output dedicated capable of running forth ideally or linux if I must (...)
Dear all, I have solved lots of my problems here and I am stuck again in one situation. I have a terminal pc with 2 usb port and I need to expand usb and need to convert rs232. One hub has 4 usb connector and other one has 5 ftdi232rl to convert usb to rs232. Terminal uses GL850G to expand usb on (...)
usb HOST or SLAVE or OTG?
I would prefer ProgISP software with usbasp programmer. Khazma acts as a malicious file for me. You may have a try with ProgISP. Cross check your connections from Programmer to the Device. Confirm the device is powered with usb or External. See that you are using "Slow clock" mode with the Jumper closed. Confirm the Crystal and reset circuit (...)
I tried it on more than one laptops that dont have usb issues This needs clarification. Does usb signal go into your problem device? Or is it powered by usb? Analog audio goes out the headphone jack. Does analog go into your problem device? ------------------- If you want to explore other possibilities, there is a p
Hi all, I found a new project on IndeGoGo: usb powered air-free solder paste dispenser, that you can be very handy for those who make SMT PCB prototypes. It has linear stepper motor inside and definitively will be faster and more precise than applying solder paste by hand. :lol: Check it out:
Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated - and if I have posted this in the wrong forum let me know. I have a basic setup of a laptop and a receipt printer powered by a 24v lead acid battery (2 x 12v cells in series) - crude sketch attached 126281. The printer is 24Vdc and so is powered directly from the batt
Hi, I have an idea here to power a PC fan cooling pad that runs on usb(5V). The power source is from an AC powered smartphone usb charger as shown here. My thinking is this will WORK if the data cables on the the pc fan cooling pad is
Hello. I'm sorry for the weird title for this post but it was the best I could do. Anyway I have begun a new project for a LCR meter and the first part of it all is power supply, I need a symmetrical power supply(Both positive and negative voltages) derived from one of two possible options: 1, A single battery of +3,7V. 2, Two batteries con
Does anyone know of any useful reference designs or papers for usb Type-C battery charging applications? I've never worked with a battery system charged from usb before, and so I'm a little unclear about the EMC requirements and what kind of filtering and circuit protection might be required. Also not aware of what sort of charge controllers are co
After a fruitless Google search, I'm turning to you for advice. I'm looking for a reference design or ideas on designing a 3-port usb hub that will run from the mains AC e.g. 90-240Vac. Thanks in advance.
Hi All, I have bought a 3v (2 X 1.5 v AA batteries) hand fan and also bought a usb phone charger, cut off the phone charger bit, and am trying to get the usb cable to power the hand fan without burning out the motor. Initially I just hooked the red/black cables to the corresponding points on the fan - I call that "Fan No.1" now. Fan No.2, I got
Hi I designed the usb device as slef powered without VBUS from usb Connector. 1) If My board is connected to usb Hub or PC usb Port, usb HUB or PC usb Port is damaged. It isn't operated again. : Board is using cicular connector(=12pin) in stead of the standard (...)
Hi group, Hope this is the right group? I have a Raspberry Pi running Wheezy with an external hard drive that is powered by an external power supply. It fails to reboot because the Pi turns off the hard drive while coming down and fails to turn it back on. I have researched this problem to no avail. So I was thing of two different approach
Hi, I have a PIC microcontroller connected to Beaglebone Black (similar to Raspberry Pi). The micro as well Beaglebone Black both have its own power supply. Is it necessary to connect the Vcc pin of usb socket to +5V? If we leave it unconnected and just use these three pins- Rx, Tx and GND, it should work correctly, right?
I am using Xilinx ISE. I have completed P&R and also generated '.bit' files. I created PROM file with impact.I am able to see the PROM associated with my bitsream file. I saved the file and closed impact. I also have my Platform-II usb cable connected to my borad with FPGA device in it, powered up. What I am not understanding is, if this is all on
usb spec requires devices to operate with Vbus of 4.4 V to 5.25 V. Beyond this range it's a matter of hope.
if i use usb - B type as a power supply for 8051 board .. it provides me only 3.03 v supply . How to amplify to 5v for smooth working of board.