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Dear all, I am new in PIC programming, I have to make a project on usb interface between pic18f4550 and PC. recently I tried to build my main file, then I have an error on the usb_device.c file. Error 208 operand '==' not same type, if some one could help me please! Thank you in advance. some parts of my codes on (...)
Hi, According to Dogan Ibrahim book (Advanced PIC projects),i'm tryning to experiment the usb HID project. I used easypic7 to interface pic18f4550 TO PC using usb. The project run's ok in similation by using a GUI interface template EasyHid in VB6 and in VBexpress 2010, but in real (...)
Hello, I am trying to develop the usb interface with a pic18f4550 with the help of a EasyPIC6 Development Board. I am using MPLAB v8.56. After looking through the usb device example (HID Device Custom) on Microchip Libraries for Applications (MLA), I could build the hex file successfully for my project. Then, I used (...)
Hello, I am newbie in usb PIC programming. I am simple trying usb example given in MicroC usb library. I can easily "Build" this example. But whenever i try to "Start Debugger" it shows some application Error. I have also included descriptor file in my project.
hi frndzzz, i am trying to do some fast data communication project... serial UART of pic not fulfilling my requirement... so it possible i can send data from one controller to other controller using their usb port????? thx
Hello everyone, I'm trying to make a project that my vb application can send and read data via usb. Now, with Jayanth D's help, ^^ I can send data to MCU but cannot read the data. In this project, I'm using pic18f4550 - Mikro C - 2010. Please show me what wrong... Thank you very much. Here is my (...)
Hi, here i want to interface usb with PIC controller(pic18f4550). I want to control basic leds from the PC and i want display adc values in PC. Did any one tried this one, please help me. I have project submission next week. PIC 18F4550 usb IO (Input / Output) Board with Analog www.circuitvall
I need to make a project to display the data of 4 variables in a nice user-friendly interface with graphs and logging it into a file and i want to be able to use any laptop to connect to the pic18f4550 and receive the data, i've never used the usb of the pic18f4550 and it's a little confusing. My question is what is the best (...)
You have to use MCU like pic18f4550 or any other which supports usb. There are also AVR MCUs with usb. See You need to write a application in VC++, VB,, VC#... which can send data through usb on PC side. See book "Advanced PIC microcontroller projects in C" by Dogan Ibrahim. It has such an example. (...)
Hi, Yes, you should be able to use usb and SPI together as they do not share pins. You could also run SPI and rs232 if you used a Software Usart with some other free i/o pins, don't know if your C library will have one though ? - might find one ready made on the web.
18F4550 is a usb mcu so in your project you would be expected to implement usb protocol stack in the mcu(Freely available). So program the usb mcu either as serial to usb convertor or usb keyboard. Search the net it is quite a popular MCU you will get more help. Use C# or Preferably
Hello! In my project I have successfully sent data to PIC from PC app) and displayed it on LCD. I am having problem receiveing data from PIC and display it in my app. I am using mcHID.dll for usb communication. I want an example code to sent data from PIC using mikroC Pro and also want an example code on using hidReadEx() a
Hi I am providing a development board with a usb Peripheral Design example project implemented using pic18f4550. Here are the details 74104 Product brochure is available
HI My project objective is to simulate the statue of contact which are the input of the 18F4550 pic my input contact will from D0_pin to E2_pin so that i want to build a sequence of bits or a charactere like 100011001 and send it to the PC from the usb connector 1= contact close 0= contact open my problem here is haw can i establish my
Hi every 1....... For my project, im gonna implement a device that communicates with the PC via usb. My mc is pic18f4550. Device is a data logger. Main requirement is building a GUI for this device (using or C# etc) >> when i plug this device to pc first time, it should ask to install drivers.... >> when the
What you need to learn PIC18? PIC16 also can do many thing. I have done projects only use PIC16. I also can use PIC18 like pic18f4550 but I will use that only if I want to use usb module or PIC16 memory not enough.
Hi! im complete the a to d conversion the next step is how to route this binary data to usb .....plz someone helpme
hye,, try take a look at this site.. maybe it you can use the project they make as your reference.. Open Source Framework for usb Generic HID devices based on the PIC18F and Windows - WFFwiki
I'd be helpful if you'd give more details about your project: for example which usb class you'd like to use.... There are many firmwares for pic18f4550. Which one did you downloaded? Could you provide some schematics? Best regards Kabanga
Hi, I have been doing virtual pic18f4550 usb communication project using MPLAB and Proteus. I managed to connect virtual Pic board using Proteus VSM debugger in MPLAB (Win XP makes "usb connected" sound). I installed required drivers so I can see that pic18f4550 is connected. My questions would be: o If I (...)
For a project I need to send AT commands to Pic chip over usb and send these data to GSM modem which has serial port connection. And I also need to send responses back to PC. I dont know which headers, fuses that I have to use. I use 18F4550, telit ez10 Gps modem. ( GM 862 ) I looked CCS C ex_usb_serial.c example can I use cdc in my (...)
Hi, I'm planning to build the GTP Lite usb PIC programmer but unfortunately don't have PIC18F2550 on hand, what I've got is pic18f4550...too big for the project but never mind the size.. I read somewhere else that I can replace 2550 with 4550? My question is how to modify the pinout of 2550 to be compatible with 4550? I was (...)
i'm working on a small project with pic18f4550. i must acquire a sound signal, compress it ( by adpcm ) and then send the data via usb for further treatment... well actually i'm having a problem in sampling the signal. currently my audio input is from the headphones jack in my laptop... when i run a simple sound, i
Hi, First off, perhaps the 4550 usb chip is not the easiest one to start with. usb is not a beginners project and it needs C anyway. Perhaps look at something like the 4520 which is virtually the same but less the complications of usb. The chips contain 3 types of memory - the main one being the On Chip (Flash) (...)
At the moment, I have a working circuit of MX045 clock (20Mhz) connected to pic18f4550 which have communication to PC through usb connection with virtual COM port (MCHPFSusb - Installed on circuit). I am able to give and get commands from Hyper Terminal. For my project I need to connect DS18B20 Sensor to my PIC, as far as (...)
Hello, I'm working on the PICDEM usb based on the pic18f4550, I modify it according to the official microchip document! as for the source code, I referred to the "Microchip solution" and I'm using a demo project that supports the PICDEM FS usb (which is different from PICDEM usb) along with other types of (...)
Hi guys, Im involved in a project for cell balancing methods. I would like to use a pic18f4550 to send data to the PC via RS232(simpler) or usb for cell voltages and status. My problem begins at the PC side of things. Im familier with Borland C++ but not sure how to get data from the RS232 port- i know there are some addons; can any (...)
Can you use usb Device Controller?
Depends on firmware. In MCHPusb 2.5 they are inside usb_descriptors.c. Also .inf file (if any is needed) must be modified to match new VID/PID pair.
ok the question is:how do i program a type of microcontroller with an usb port?? like making led light up flash and such For an help me
Hi all I am using PICDEMFSusb example in MCHPusb - generic driver demo folder of MCHPFSusb framework v2.5a. I am using pic18f4550 for non-microchip board not fo PICDEMFSusb board. I want to use pic18f4550 as a data acquisition card. 1) After the ADC has performed conversion and (...)
hi! i want to read data from a usb thumb drive using pic18f4550. i am not talking about usb port in PC. i wish to connect usb directly to pic18f4550 D+ and D- pins. can any one help me for this project. and is this possible ??
Hai Here is the description of usb based oscilloscope using PIC 18F2550. The complete kit including PCB, Programmed microcontroller, schematics,other passive components and the project deccription is vailable from . Two-Channel PC Based Oscilloscope using usb port of the PC that operates at up to 10 k
I was using pic18f4550 and try to communicate with my cell phone(nokia 3220). I used a pl2303hx (usb to serial bridge controller) to communicate between the pinout of my cell phone and pin 23,24 (D+,D-) of the MC. But I get no response when I send AT command to the cell phone. I have used an LCD to show the feedback from the cell phone, but no resp
hi everybody... I'm a computer engineering student. and we are working now on our thesis. our thesis is entitled "Automated Vault for Safety Deposit Box". We need to connect our Automated Vault to the PC throught usb... I know how to parallel port interface... but our professors want us to us usb interfacing thanks in advance...
Hi! I have a DTMF decoder and obtained BCD values of the numbers dialed. I want to read this BCD values into the PC via usb port. How is it done? How to interface a usb port?
I think you cant communicate both wit an usb interface... sorry maybe by PSP (4550) or any serial (SPI,USART)???
Hi geri, I have small project using pic18f4550 here and I?m planning to program the pc application in Delphi. It will be very helpful if you share your example. Unfortunately I have not any experience with usb bulk transfer. Thanks and best regards, stroma
I am using ICD2 of Microchip and HTPIC18 - MPLAP7.3 (for 18F4550) My project is very simple, it is set PORTA = 0xAA; PORTB = 0x55; This is my code: #include #include __CONFIG(1,HSPLL & usbPLL & PLLDIV1 & CPUDIV1 & FCMDIS & IESODIS); // HSPLL = High Speed PLL // usbPLL = Select usb PLL (...)
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