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Hi, According to Dogan Ibrahim book (Advanced PIC projects),i'm tryning to experiment the usb HID project. I used easypic7 to interface PIC18F4550 TO PC using usb. The project run's ok in similation by using a GUI interface template EasyHid in vb6 and in VBexpress 2010, but in real hardware nothing changes in PORTB. NB: the jumper J12 in (...)
Hello frnds, I want to send sms via PC through nokia asha 311. I am doing this by using vb6. But i don't have any information regarding to NOKIA asha command list. It means how to send command for sending msgs and how to control my phone??? I am connecting my phone via usb cable. Pls help me.
I am usb to serial converter for serial communication with AVR microcontroller. The computer side program is in vb6. vb6 allows only fewer serial ports like com1, com2 etc. When I connect usb to serial converter, it connects to Port 11 on one laptop and com 20 on the other. Now the question is that from control panel or (...)
My project consist of a vb6 app, a serial to RS485 converter & a number of slave controllers with unique ID. The converter I am using is full duplex. 2 lines for sending & 2 for receiving. MAX232 & MAX488 are used in the converter. The program sends the slave ID with 9th bit set (i.e. Mark parity). The converter which has the same ID echoes the
hi everybody! i'm trying to sending a data from PIC and get and display it from PC using vb6. i have some knowledge about vb6 but i have little knowledge about PIC. Anyone can help me?
... i need the codes in vb 6.0 to solve my problem... Jan Axelson's HID Page has a vb6 example with source code for HID Class Device: The HID Page Some other vb6/HID examples: access HID
We can adopt a different approach, whose design complexity decreases, but requires addition of few external hardware components : Thatīs a bridge UART/usb. At this case, programming at PC side, is performed by standard Serial communications API routines. Even some professional products make use of that solution, like Modems. The usb communicatio
Search for usb method/ component in vb6.0 and then use "event-based-call". It may be possible if vb6.0 has usb method/ component.
Hi, You can build a small circuit and control it via PC's usb port using vb6. follow the link to find out the usb support chips from FTDI. FT245R - usb FIFO IC Visual Basic Examples Proj
I have done this 7 years back using vb6. I made a usb camera and connected it to the PC. My host Software was written in vb6. It was a straight forward implementation. -- Amr Ali
Hi everyone. My name is kumar. need ur help.. I wana build usb Thumb Drive Based key door lock So, the thumb drive will contain a secret password(or d serial number). It will unlock the door if the password is correct. so, basic idea, connect thumbdrive to PIC16F877A which will communicate to VB(to check password, lock/unlock). How t
Hi you can use either a serial port or FTDI usb ->serial .Look in the doc of vb6 how to open serial ports and parallel ports . Is really very simple!
hi....i'm newbie here.i got a problem relate to read and write data using vb6 through my hardware using usb connection. is it impossible to do that in vb6?? if it is so, what should i do to connect my hardware with vb6??
My computer is Pentium Core 2 Quad with 2.40Ghz. My computer doesn't have Serial Port, so I am using a usb to Serial Converter, I have designed an electronic circuit attach to the serial port, which is dumping values in it @2400,8,n,1 baud rate. I had seen the output on hyperterminal, the circuit is working fine.Now I want my VB program to act like
Hai, I want to find usb port speed.whether the port or system it's usb port speed have high speed or full speed.while plug the usbcable i want to check the speed of port. and how to communicate using endpoint 0.what are the information we can get using control endpoint 0. usb driver --> (...)
I want to write a code in vb6.0 using usb to serial cable using mscomm control in vb ,my code is working correctly without usb cable .i want to use usb cable through serial port cable connected to it.I am using usb Serial Adapter for it by i don't have DrIVER FOR IT WHICH IS asked when it's connected to pc. (...)
Hi, I don't have example regarding cyusb.sys but you should consider using winusb.sys. Take a look here : Regards, Franck.
hi., anyone knows what is the function and parameter of hid.dll , because i need that to communicate the OS and picusb like 18f2455 or 18f4550.. i used vb6 programming language... anyone can help me" ? ;-) Thanks
Hi, I am viswanath,i am working for Speck Systems Ltd,Hyderabad. I am facing problem when interfacing test instruments( NRT Power Meter,Agilent Spectrum Analyzer) with Prologix GPIB-usb converter using vb6.0. I did the same with Agilent PCI based Card,Agilent GPPIB-usb converter but not able to establish communication using Prologix (...)
Check the following site: the program is write in VC but it is the same procedure under VB, while you are using dll's. Also check :