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Hi I used to drive the 3G usb modem from my application using AT commands over virtual com port Modern 3G usb modems are not listed as virtual comm ports , How can I drive them? Can I use my old applications with them? Regards Hossam
I am trying to use STM32Cube to generate a VCP usb device framework for the STM32F302CB micro. It works fine for a STM32F405 chip and a STM32F103 chip. But on the 302, it just wont enumerate properly? The only differences I can see are the 302 supports usb Device only, while the others have OTG support. Has anybody got the STM32F302 wor
Goggle for 16Fusb
Hello I want to make an application in Labview which can communicate with PIC18F45K22 using UART. Please help me how to make the Labview file. It should be bi-directional that is I have to control PORT of PIC using Labview and also display the ADC value on Labview.
Just interface the GSM/GPRS or GPS device to usb port of PC and in Proteus use comPIM. With this setup you can simulate GSM/GPRS, GPS, RFID projects.
I assume you are looking to connect to a virtual com port via usb if you look in the Toolbox there is a SerialPort component which enables one to open a com port and send/receive data
read_adc=x; putchar(x); Meaned this? x=read_adc();putchar(x); AVR ADC outputs 10-Bit data, so the code isn't particularly useful. And you want to write the data to usb rather than UART, where is the data sent by putchar()? If you send binary data over usb through virtual com port protocol, you usually want some kind
Hi all, I'm trying to implement virtual com port functionality in atxmega32a4u.I actually downloaded asf example code and i've modified that code with somw LUFA library,when i connect the usb cable between pc and xmega after flashing code ,device is not detecting.can anyone help on this problem its very important for me to (...)
Hi all, I'm working on xmega32a4u to develop VCP application using usb CDC when i insert the usb to host is detecting,But the problem is in Docklight when i'm opening com port it's not opening.could anyone please help me if any suitables that u met. Regards Maheshkar
hello, So, in your PC you must have a vrtual com port ,linked to your usb/bluetooh interface ? and you need also a service (program) to establish this link after you can use the created virual com port with your Basic Program.. Do you know BlueSoleil application ? (or another programme to get the virtual port !) an (...)
I have the same effect with FTDI usb TTL cables and Teraterm When the usb TTL cable is connected a virtual com port is created and Teraterm can connect to it as though it is a real hardware port such as com1:. When the usb TTL cable is disconnected the virtual (...)
VCP is virtual com port as u told. But this is com port virtually and implemented in usb. usb software written for working as com port. and ur end user like software or hyper terminal it gets com port. AS VCP is good bcoz now a days every pc have (...)
CDC is a protocol specification, virtual com port is a MS Windows interface to access different communication channels (e.g. usb, RS232 remote servers, Bluetooth devices with serial protocol) as if they where connected to a physical com port.
You must use Windows API (CreateFile and etc.) and forget about the addresses. In this case you can work with virtual serial ports for usb converters. More about this can be found bellow: +++
You can use a FT232 usb <-> UART bridge, FTDI already provides the needed (PC side) driver and wrappers for direct communication or virtual com The D2xx examples are located Silicon labs has similar chips
You can look at the usb to serial TTL converter cables from FTDI - there are a variety available with either flying leads, or 2.5mm pitch connectors, and either 3.3V or 5V logic versions. The drivers for these are readily available and it will oeprate as a virtual com port on your PC so you can use Hyperterm, PuTTY, or terminal emulator of (...)
You can't simulate without modem but you can see the commands the micro sends to modem even if there is no modem. If you want to see modem responses then connect modem to com port or usb port if you have one then use virtual Serial Port Emulator and create a Mapper device and Map your com port to Virtusl (...)
You said that the MCP3551 is installed as a usb-HID device, why then are you trying to use it as a virtual com port? If the PIC18F4550 is pre-programmed with a usb-CDC that implements a virtual serial port operation, then what you are try to do is possible. But this doesnt seem to be the case. The product (...)
CP2102 is used in usb to serial adapter. You have to use MAX232 to interface RS232 side to TTL side of uC. I don't know whether you can use the same programming software which works with com port to programm using usb port. usb ports are shown as com16, etc... (as virtual (...)
Microchip has lof of info for usb device. I was use CCS compiler for program to communicate PIC->PC via usb by virtual com-Port