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Thing is my gigabyte usb reciever(Dongle) that came whit keyboard stoped working, board from wireles gigabyte keyboard is working. How do you know that the keyboard part is working? Checked with a second receiver? Any indications that the keyboard controller is able to drive an usb or PS2 keyboard interface? Why should it at all?
we are thinking of designing an embedded design which includes wireless technologies such as WiFi, 3G and Bluetooth. we are thinking to do new PCB board by integrating wireless modules in it. however, some ppl in the team believes that buying controller board (EBOX) and connect wireless modules in usb dongles and PIC Express (...)
Hi All, I am having a SIM900 module. I was trying to communicate it with and display the response in LCD. But somehow I was having some issues of getting LCD working all the time. In the mean time I connected the usb of the
Hello all, I have a need to build a circuit that would send incoming usb data wirelessly to a receiver. Is it possible to accomplish? If so, would a webcam work with it? Thanx
If you want to make a proprietary wireless connectivity between two device for example your own wireless mouse with your own usb dongle (with same or similar chip) then you can use this chip. It is not BLE device. No need of an external microcontroller because it is already having many peripherals, advanced 8051 core, DMA etc. But just a (...)
Hello! We would like to introduce our cool project! We have been worked on with micro controller developer board which has built-in followed features... wireless connectivity: 2G Quadband GPRS WLAN BT 4.1 Wired connectivity: Micro usb 2.0 GPIO pins on PCB JTAG on PCB Sensors: 3D Accelerometer A-GPS Location Temperature Hu
Hello, I want to design a wireless sensor board based on SAMR21. The board is going to be a standard half mini PCIe board and I want be able to connect this board to a pc through PCIe mini. The board is going to communicate with the PC with SAMR21s usb interface. The problem is I got a little bit confused with the connection of the usb. (...)
You would, at the very least, need a three-axis accelerometer, a small microprocessor, of course a power source, and usb or some other link (wireless?). If you swing your arm up, you'll get the same acceleration as if you jump up, and that's a pretty big difference in work performed. How will you deal with that?
Hello Friends, I have 3 questions and i listed it below 1) Which kind of communication is best to connect two micro-controllers? 2) If it is possible to connect two micro-controllers in different bits(For example 8 bit & 16 bit or 16 bit &32 bit like that) ? 3) I want to connect PIC32MX795F512L usb 2 STARTER KIT and PIC32MX360F512L S
I am looking for options to transmit simple commands wirelessly to my computer , I need to choose between RF xmiters/rcvrs and blue tooth. which one is easier to integerate? considering I want to build my own hardware and not use any commercial modules. my goal is to to send some commands to serial or usb ports of my pc where i already have a ut
I have designed one 2.4G wireless usb dongle. 101611 101612 101613 101614 I also recorded a demo video here: If anyone is interested in this project, please contact me at:
The question isn't very specific. "transmit its output to a software using wi-fi" sounds like the job of a basic wifi-to-usb hub which can be better purchased from the shelf.
A Wi-Fi link over that distance should be quite easy, as long as there is nothing large obstructing the path you would not need special antennas. The equipment you need is called a "wireless access point" plugged in at the network end (if there isn't one already) and a usb wireless 'dongle' on your own computer. All you need is a password (...)
Hi everyone, I want to use a Bluetooth 4.0 transceiver from Laird (BT800) which is normally made to create a usb dongle. But because space restrictions for my project I opted for this transceiver even if I don't want to use it for wha
I am working on zigbee home automation and i want know that is there any end device has addresses how tow or multi zigbee talk to each other directly how device know where it send to data ? and am not asking for Xbee plz adn am working on which it has SPI interface so how can i configure it it dosn,t have usb port
Hi guys, Im working on an embedded design in which power supply must be as small as possible. In order to allow compatibility with most usb devices intended to be used, I wish know what are its usual power consumption. Taking a look on the Web to find the answer, search result is saturated with wireless ones, that will not indeed be use
Hi all, I have this setup right now. An usb cable connect the usb host/master (the PC) and a usb slave (a sensor board 1056_0 Spatial 3/3/3 form Phidgets). I need to go from wired to wireless, but the sensor has to be wearable so the boards/devices on the slave side cannot be huge (I will add batteries etc), I have got (...)
Hi, i want to send a txt file from pc to arduino through wireless zigbee protocol (using xbee pro S2B to arduino and an usb xstick as coordinator to pc) and then arduino will store it in sd memory card. I use x-ctu for the xbees communication. Exists a straightforward way to do this? If code or pseudo-code is provided it will be a great ass
Hi !! I am now in the investigation phase for my project Our team works in signal processing based on altera FPGA for the time been we use a raw data that we get from a database. Now we want to get our real data by using Micaz platform we use the MPR2600 from crossbow as mote (1) and MIB520 usb programming interface to program the motes.
Hi Everyone, I need to design a wireless Game console which is going to have: 1. Stereo Audio output 2. 2x Analog Sticks + 12 to 16 Inputs for various Push Buttons 3. A Full Qwerty keypad 4. usb interface for firmware update (Optional) 5. Bluetooth Connectivity (Low energy preferred) Can someone please suggest single chip / Mo