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Try to search for isochronous transfer mode in USB ( and ). Probably firewire will be indeed a better choice.
Maybe this sites will help you a little bit: Most product I have seen have implemented USB and 1394 by a prolific chip. (USB and Firewire in 1 chip)
segment records divide the code in different segmends (each segment can hold 64k data) this is pretty much the same as x86 addressing scheme. It is a way to use Intel Hex on x86 machines. Keils C166 uses this format. Linear addressing means almost the same but I think there are no overlabs allowed. usbman
don't use flashmagic with Atmel. What is wrong with flip ? usbman
usbman do you speak dutch ? There was an article in elektor a few years ago about a uPC freq counter that used some kind of mixing two frequencies algorithm . One was the unknown , and the other a ref frequencie It was sayd to be correct down to half a period . But i only have the article it in dutch , somewhere . Let me know if y
i am looking for a datasheet for the OZ962. I did not found anything at The ic is PWM modulador used used for generating the LCD backlight HV. thanks usbman
Only if this device have special WinNT 4.0 USB drivers. Look information and links for WinNT 4.u USB
Google for USBCheck should do the thing. UsbCheck works only on W2000. On some W98DDKs there is a old version which also works on 98. You can also search the developer forum at there you will find also many links to USBCheck. usbman
I have some problems with the POF flag (poweronflag) on a Atmel T89c51RB2 CPU. It seems that sometimes this flag is not 1 after powerup When i am using a Philips P89c51RB2 CPU the POF is working as expected. Does anybody know of a bug regarding POF on Atmel CPUs ? usbman