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Hi, 1) Can any one can emphasize on how quickly draw the layouts by referring the schematic. Only Eulers path is the better method ? 2) How to estimate Power bus width 3) How to self learn on skill scripting as its very useful for standard cell layouts(Good material)
If you can't get someone to give you this component, then I guess you'll have to read the documentation about creating a component in Orcad. It is a useful skill, and not that hard. --'Give a man an OrCad component, and he'll be able to design one circuit. Teach him how to create a component, and he'll (...)
Many careers will specialize and not need all of these. For example, I make zero use of any of the 5-6 programming lanuguages I was taught; I use HDL every few years, have never touched a microcontroller or had to do my own PCB layouts. and while MATLAB might have been useful once or twice, I found it easier to schmooze an expert (...)
I found it very useful :idea: Here are some very convenient layout utilities gathered in a Layout menu : - Chip Slice : after setting the heigth and thickness of each layer (you can save them), you can get a layout view with a cross section of your layout with your usual layer colors. - Gross Die : after setting the size of you
hi, thanks...........this is very useful for me........
Hi prasguy, I am not aware of Perl script to run in Allegro. Allegro has a powerful "skill" script capability. With skill users can run many useful commands in Allegro. There are tutorials on line and there is a Yahoo skill school user group also. In addition you can download some (...)
can anyone brief me abt the skill language?? wat exactly it is?? is it necessary for a physical design engineer to know?? how it is useful??
Hi, Help me out in Creating pcells!!..... How do i get parameters in my pcell using skill functions. When i compile a pcell (graphical) which generate a skill code, is that skill code and creating pcell using skill are same? Can anyone help me out in creating pcells using skill. How (...)
PDK = Process Design Kit. It is circuit design environment. Normally PDK is created by foundry, which included all design-releted information of one process such as: simulation model, Pcell(parameters cell : defined by design rule), DRC/LVS/RCX technology files. Schematic-driven-layout and auto-rounting is regarded as the most useful function o