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Hi, Im not a uP soul, but did se these sites pls? LPH 7366 interfacing with PIC1
Hello all friend I'm want to build project garden timer on webpage but i can't to convert code.bas to hexfile please help me for convert to hex thank you very much preda
Hi, there Would you please made this topic to learn Programming with Proton Plus picbasic? on the other hand I am one of the users of this compiler then I want to learn from your experience. I don't have any idea for programming via {Basic Programming} then How to master this language serving Proton Plus Compiler? lets start with this c
Hi, there I am new to Proton Plus Compilers. it is a fantastic complier. I want to be one of the Proton users. I have the full version of Proton Plus Compiler. then I decide to write programs under it.
Hello, I'm trying to build a ICD2 clone ( but without CMS chips, please...) but there are so many to choose from ... I found : ( RS-232 easy to find components,...) ( USB) Is that USB version really a lot faster than the usb version ????
here's a link to a site that use a a 12c509 chip but can be easliy converted to suite what evere chip you want hope this helps wizpic
Maybe all you want to know is here.. BR
See this link It is developed on a PROTON Develoment board using a Graphic LCD
Hi all If you want to create font and symbol like in the attachment a stand along exe for pic basic available from link given below this will generate data tables for T6963 graphic lcd driver chip