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What are the recommended decoupling cap values for these. The cmos 555 datasheet mentions that they can be smaller but does not actually give any suggested values. So how small is 'small'? And I have seen people using them for LM358 but my datasheet does not mention them.
you can make simple delayed timer by using CD4538 or 555 timer I.C, simple google it and you will find your require circuit Fragrance
why not sense hotspot temp and regulate fan speed automatically. A 3 minute timer is possible with Johnson COunter and Emitter Follower or FET buffer with OP Amp Feedback to reference voltage created by 1 minute clock and 3 stage control but only using extremely low leakage plastic Caps and big >20MOhm resistors. using CMOS Schmitt (...)
I have a simple repeater controller using a simple timer ic which is the LM 555..du7dlz
Design square wave oscillator using 555 timer operating at 8khz with 50% duty cycle. need sample design and computation/formula. :)
Hey, I have this circuit idea of which I'm somewhat confused about its logic on how I should on to implement it. I have a voltage sensing section that gives me a square wave of 12V DC. This is applied to a buffer stage which produces 2 12V DC Square Waves on parallel lines. One line goes to a mosfet A which is connected to a coil load and the sec
Hi frito23, Okay, I'm having difficulty seeing the details of the pin uses in the schematic, when I enlarge it gets blurry - sorry. If you haven't quite resolved this yet, if you don't mind could you maybe re-post the schematic larger/as a jpg, please, and I'll be happy to scratch my head for a while, not promising anything but I'll gladly give it
I want to build a circuit that scans my 4x4 keypad using a binary counter and a '138 to generate the row scan and then read the results with a '374 which is read by the processor. The counter is clocked with a 555 timer. The counter will have to reset after it reaches 3. The resistors are pull-down. What would I use as a counter? A '161? And (...)
You could use two time-delay relays. No soldering, but lots of money. Now might be a good time to learn to solder! I would look at using a 555 timer and a couple of transistors. They are cheap and plentiful. But if you REALLY don't want to solder, you could use a breadboard.
Hi, I'm using a 555 timer to set the output hi for a short period of time and then back low. The problem: if the trigger low signal its shorter that the output toggling time the circuit works fine. If the trigger is longer that the output time, the output will stay hi for the hole trigger time (the RC will recharge). It is any work (...)
Instead of a 10 mH coil, use a larger flat coil, like 50 turns of 0.5 mm dia.wire would on at least 6" diameter, in a tight strain. Detecting metals requires to affect the coil inductance by a larger metal mass. using a small coil might only detect a magnet if it affects coil iron core. Better metal detectors use larger coils, also the beat-frequ
This thread should be part of his original thread about an ESR meter using a 555. This circuit also has the capacitor being tested that is shorting the output of the 555 which will destroy the 555 if the 9V battery is good. The circuit does not measure the ESR of the capacitor, instead it measures the output resistance of (...)
So connect a 10 K resistor between the battery +terminal and the non earthed capacitor test output terminal. Warning you might find some 6V working capacitors that won't like 9V. So for these, put another 10K across the capacitor under test, this will reduce the 9V to 4.5V. There seems to be a fascination with ESR meters on this board, low va
I am puzzled by your question! Multisim is a schematic simulator and NOT a programming language. But you can introduce delays using RLC components or timer chips like 555 or 4538 cmos. These are not options but you have to actually connect up the components to implement your delay. Allen
- Use small footprint 555 IC's which are for low power application like CSS555S, TLC555, LMC555. - If using above IC's already, run 555 power at 2V or smaller supply which will reduce the power to few uA. For this dc-dc charge pump step down regulator can also be used as in here:
So I use one power supply that powers both the chip and lights. The power going into the chip is limited by a resistor leading into the zener diode. No. The chip does not eat all the power that is available. It uses a very small current. The resistor feeding the zener diode provides about 5mA to a 5mA zener diode and
Hi everyone, I've build a metal detector circuit using a 555 timer as explained in this link: al-detector-using-555-timer.html instead of using a speaker as the informer of detecting I am checking the frequency at the point were the speaker is shown in the diagram. The (...)
Hello sir i am designing some basic circuits like astable , bistable multivibrator etc etc etc using 555 timer IC with Vcc=12 volts But i ve to apply the output to drive a decorative lighting device (which is too operating on 12 volts) but i am unable to drive it directly , so please help me in designing an (...)
I am trying positive pulse triggered monostable using NE 555 timer IC. Trigger Pin - 2 triggeres at 1/3 Vcc, can this value be lowered to say 1/4 Vcc or even less. A link to related issues will also be helpful.
I have a square wave from the astable multvibrator coming out and I want to invert the waveform for the monostable. I want to invert the square wave using a transistor. I don't know how to invert using transistor. Could somebody tell how to use a transisor to invert a signal. Thanxxx