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I'm trying to create a univibe tyoe of guitar effect. That will consist of a timebase i.c. that will vary the sound to create a tremelo effect and various other phasing sounds. (variable speed 1 to 30Hz) The trouble is I can't get it past the breadboard, although it works well enough I cannot avoid the sound of the I.C. switching, whether it be
Hi Guys, I am simulating the noise performance of an opamp. I would like to check if my setup is correct. The opamp is a two stage miller compensated opamp. The input is a DC + AC small signal. The WP1 variable is the number of PMOS input transistors and is related to the length of input transistor. For example WP1=48, means W1=48um, L1=1u, WP=4
I'm designing a PCB that has no earth ground but there are lots of connectors with shielding pins such as USB, Ethernet, and HDMI also their TVS diode to protect from ESD. This PCB has to pass the EMC tests, especially the immunity test, with success. I used a CMC filter in the input supply of the circuit, there are no Y capacities because there is
Hi All, I need to get a steady voltage of 24V but the Vin can change between 18V and 32V- What could I use?
Hello, I want to generate a parameterized register chain in Systemverilog. The goal is to have both the width and depth of the chain to be overridable compile time parameters. I aslo want the register chain to have an asynchronus reset - and the "default_value" to also be a parameter. Is the code below correct ? How should I define "defau
A port has a direction, kind, range, datatype, and a name. Everything except the name is optional. SystemVerilog has an elaborate set of implicit defaults for the first port, and subsequent ports. They are somewhat convoluted so SystemVerilog extensors remain 100% backward compatible with Verilog. If you
Hello Maybe someone has simple (the simpler the better) circuit for a low-frequency transistor amplifier with a class D cascade, or can explain how to creat it, I'm going to make it in Microcap? I can only find very complex circuits in internet.
Hi, I have an existing circuit for a specific purpose. I want to re-use this circuit by slightly modifying the external components. The purpose is shown below: 159565 The IR sensor I am using is this: And inside t
Hi, Well I think you are over-thinking it. Take a look at AN 4151 by fairchild The basic point about an LLC is that when you are switching at the upper resonant frequency , then the converter simply operates like an ideal transformer, and Vout/Vin = if the load is anything from 20% 10 100%, then Vout/Vin = Ns/N
Hi, I am working with the design of new ZYNQ based data acquisition system having ADC on the board. I may need to use an oscillator for ADC which will eventually have the output data clock of 437.5 MHz. I need to sample the data at both edges. The ADC data clock and the data are both connected to the ZYNQ I/O. The ZYNQ I/O which I am using
Hello everyone, Suppose we have a Fractional-N frequency synthesizer employing an MMD + 3rd order MASH loop. If we want to divide by the fractional value 100.XX ( where XX = fractional value ) , the MASH will instruct the MMD to divide by values between 97 - 104. My question is , which is the maximum delay for a new division value to be loaded fr
Hi, The damping on Cc is something I've never heard of, thanks. Really good to know that input and output pulsed current is not so bad. Had visions of cell/battery heating up and exploding. Asked partly as a crummy discrete-part voltage regulator model I use to fill a simulation gap works fine on a variable DC input or e.g. a 6V + 1V pk-2-
Hello, I have implemented the following scheme in LTSpice but I don't know what value to choose for R2 and Cinf in order to have theoretical gain Av=1500. The following constraints are imposed: Vcc=10v; VCM=1.5V; vg it's a sine wave with a frequency of 1Khz and R1=15kOhms. I need to simulate the circuit(transient, AC sweep), choosing an appropriate
A logic gate is an idealized or physical electronic device implementing a Boolean function, a logical operation performed on one or more binary inputs that produces a single binary reversible logic, Toffoli gates are used.
I want to put a delay in my code to wait for a random number of seconds before going forward. I'm new to C and coding in general so I tried to patch together two example functions I found (random and delay), but so far it's not working. This is what I have so far: // generate a random number between 1 and 5 int random() { int
Hello, I need to simulate the following circuit in LTSpice. I made the scheme but I don't know what value to choose for R2 and Cinf in order to have theoretical gain Av=1500. The following constraints are imposed: Vcc=10v; VCM=1.5V; vg it's a sine wave with a frequency of 1Khz and R1=15kOhms. I need to simulate the circuit(transient, AC sweep), cho
Hi Guys! I'm having some kind of difficulty understanding how the voltage VCE of a transformer coupled class A amp can theoretically swing from 0V to 2Vcc. In class I learned that it was due lenz's law. But I'm still having a hard time to picture it. Please help me. 159540
Hello All! In the attached EMG amp design the output stage allows for an offset and gain adjustment( for calibration) however there is an interaction between the two adjustments which ultimately prevents the desired output gain. The circuit design includes a preamp stage, 60hz notch filter, RMS to dc converter, and the final amplifier with gai
Hi All I am using 5V push pull solenoid for my project and drive this solenoid through transistor which is connected to Arduino. I want to give 5V power supply through rechargeable battery with USB charging also. Is there any solution available and anyone knows about this?
I'm extremely new to this so please bear with me. I'm trying to turn on an LED (4v max.) using one of the digital i/o pins, but the pin is only outputting about 1.5v. The pin is set as an output. I also have a 12v power supply connected to the board to power several 12v push buttons. I have no experience with electrical or C (I'm a mechanica