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Hi all, In the circuit diagram shown, they have used TLC272. Can I replace it with any other OP-AMP, like TL082,72 etc ?? Similarly, what part can replace BAT85 ? Any general Schottky diode ? Thanks for the reply. Anoop.
variable output voltage between 0-65 V and output current between 0-2A A wide range of voltage and load. Do you wish it to be voltage regulated? Then it requires care as you design the control circuit. It needs to be versatile so it can handle the extreme limits of your spec. Perhaps you (...)
Hi, I am getting 100v to 200v variable voltage. output voltage will be 250v to 450V (2kw) depends on the input. Anyone please give me some idea for this booster. Thanks in Advance.
The current in the variable resistor in an LM317 circuit is only 10mA. How would you accurately control the current in a 20A or 50A Mosfet down so low? The resistance in an LM317 circuit is usually 2k or more but a Mosfet is usually much less than 0.1 ohm. Use a low current transistor instead of the variable resistor and watch the output (...)
Hi, I need to develop a circuit that oscilates at fixed 100MHz between points A and B Points A and B have atached a variable capacitor from 10pF to 500pF. Capacitor variable need to be proportional to DC out at fixed 100MHz between probe A and B. Capacitance meter at 100Mhz to DC out proportional. Check this picture circuit to better under
Your specification is incomplete and unclear. What is the required output voltage? Is a variable output range as well? Even an LDO linear regulator has a minimum dropout voltage, an input voltage of only 0.3 volts would like NOT be sufficient for voltage regulation except (...)
The schematics are different regarding the amplitude stabilization mechanism. Every oscillator needs a loop gain > 1 to start oscillations. If no amplitude control with variable gain (incandescent lamp PTC, FET as variable resistor) exists, clipping the oscillator output is the only available mechanism to stabilize the (...)
Hello, I have to conceive a dc/dc converter (buck), low power with a variable output voltage controled by analog signal in Bipolar or CMOS technology. Frequency: 1MHz, I: 500mA, the output varies between 1V to 3V. Can someone help with an appropriate topology, some links or good advices please. Kind regards, Gino
If you want to change the amplitude then you have to PWM the Vcc of the output stage. i.e. efficiently change the Vcc, a variable resistor would do it but would waste a lot of power. Frank
I am looking for variable power supply with output range 0 VDC to 24VDC with constant 250mA current. Input voltage 25VDC
Hello, We are designing a 3kw PFC stage (part of a battery charger) which must have its vout variable so that it can feed the downstream LLC converter with that voltage which allows the LLC stage to operate at its resonant frequency. This means we would like to be able to set the PFC output voltage all the way up to (...)
I am looking for variable current limit circuit, range from 1mA to 2A.
Hi, I think you can try: You export function ( from calculator) to outputs ( in ADE L). After you set vcontrol is variable then RUN.
check the voltage on the Vadjust pin. It should be 1.25V less than the output. There may be a problem with your variable resistor.
Hi I am studying HSPICE. I want to reuse the result as an input variable like controlled source(current controlled voltage source). For example, if assume the current I1 flows through resistance R1, I want to use the I1^2 in the current controlled voltage source. I think 'par' should be used. but I don't know the details. Please (...)
1. Measure the output voltage with no load. 2. Wire a variable resistor of 100 Ohms directly across the generator output. 3. Adjust the value until you read half the off-load voltage. 4. Switch off, disconnect and measure the resistance with an Ohm meter. The voltage will have dropped to (...)
hi. How i can plot the output voltage curve represented by a variable resistance in transient Analysis with hspice? and my other question is that , Why, when I measure the capacitance value of vccap , its value is not shown? like this: .op .tran 2ns 1ms .probe Gcap 7 8 VCCAP PWL(1) 1 2 -1v, 0p 1v, 1p vi1 1 2 sin( 0 1 1k) .
Hi! Any opinions on the pros and cons/virtues and defects of making a simple DC bench power supply using fixed resistors and a standard linear voltage regulator, with a MOSFET around the regulator to handle the current side of the output, to obtain set voltage outputs ranging from +5 to +15V? Also - Are general purpose (...)
when making a resistance vs voltage chart of variable resistors connected to different kinds of circuits. Measuring the resistance of the variable pots wiper position compared to the output voltage of the circuit has a different curve compared to the linear resistance of the pots wiper. The (...)
hi. This LTSpice sim shows the response of your proposed OPA. It will give the required result. E EDITED: Corrected sim! Use a variable voltage source onto the 165R to give a 4 thru 20mA current The only problem will be the TL062 output swing limit, use a rail to rail OPA eg: MCP6002