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rated for 750W xenon Specs ? Working voltage: 220v AC ? Maximum power: 750w ? Flash rate: variable 1~10 Hz (flashes per second) ? PCB Size: 65x187mm PLEASE NOTE: This product requires a high amperage socket and circuit breaker of 10A-16A to allow maximum power Lower (...)
Here's the description of an (up to) 125 Ms/s 6bit 4mW variable sampling rate SAR-ADC, implemented in a 1.8V 0.18?m CMOS process, which should come close to your requirements at 20 Ms/s.
If do you refeer to the rising and falling edge of a swiching device used in a switching power supply, the rising and falling edges are not equaly. The slope is adjusted on regulators when efficiency could bepartially lost in the favour of small EMI and noise generation. Linear Technology has a family of variable slope (...)