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Hello is their a free simulator so you can see the currents and voltages in a motor drive system. (eg like smps is simulated by their a similar simulator but which allows motor currents and voltages to be seen?) I am most interested in Mains Brushed AC motors driven for variable speed by a triac
how to design dc current source up to 100 Ampere with smps..?
I want to build a variable power supply which can provide upto 25V. There seem to be many possible options around, I dont know how to compare these in terms of efficiency I'd like some advice on this and other possible designs Thankyou
Hi, I have made one flyback smps with this specification. Vout=100v to 1300v (variable), Iout=40 mA , Vin=22v - 30v (DC-2 Battery) Controller IC=UC3842 , Transformer=EE50-42 , gap=1mm , Lp=14 uH , Ls=85 mH , Ip=14A, Np=9 Ns=600 , Bmax=100 mT Is it true? I see one site with below link that calculate all of one smps properties but it (...)
Hi, I have made one smps with this specification. Vout=100v to 1300v (variable), Iout=40 mA , Vin=22v - 30v (DC-2 Battery) Controller IC=UC3842 , Transformer=EE50-42 , gap=1mm , Lp=14 uH , Ls=85 mH , Ip=14A, Np=9 Ns=600 , Bmax=100 mT 1-I have a ripple on output voltage!! its about 50 volt at 1300 volt 2-I have a sin wave on drain of mos
Anybody have a schematic for an smps with variable output 0-450V (or something like that), 200mA max output. Preferably 230Vac input. I have built a nixie 200V smps with 12V input, but that only delivers about 20mA output. Any help is appreciated. Regards Nico
Hi Can I design one smps with dspic from microchip? I want to design one dc-dc with full bridge topology that have variable output voltage. is it possible? by regards.
Hi I want to make one smps with this specification: V(in)=24v DC I(in)=10A V(out)=0v to 2000v DC I(out,max)=30 mA Switching Topology=full bridge I suggest that it is possible with using L6203(full bridge driver) with AVR micro controller or Dspic . there is two key or keypad that connect to MCU and use to increase and decrease
please i am trying to make off-line smps with variable output voltage 0 to 24V It is 50 Watt max, Is it right, all i need do is make the lower divider resistor variable like a pot ?
Hi,I need to make a variable Power Supply that is very light and compact with moderate cost.I am currently using a 31V smps Output and a Linear Regulator at 2A. But Using a linear Power Supply is old and is very inefficient.I came across this variable smps circuit and was wondering if It really works.Although it is a Buck (...)
I want to make a switch mode power supply to convert -48 VDC to -30/+15/-15/+5 VDC. please help me to design the circuit with 555 timer. thank u anybody
very nice handy psu design for me i need this for a protable pc i have has no psu unit there so thanks.... also need variable voltage added say 9 - 19v as a range... i note a problem with pc's psu's like a car it stays hot for five to ten mins after shutdown where damage can occur a car runs the cooler for a while then stops so..
1. Can anybody please help me find a "Programmable AC to DC Swith Mode Power Supply" ? Basically, I've been looking for a variable AC-DC smps ( capable of supplying 3,5,9,12 volts DC etc. from AC supply in UK and atleast 2 amps maximum current output capacity). 2. Is there any micro-controller controlled AC-DC smps out there, with (...)
i did some this sort of project in my u can use WINDOW comparator, using OP-AMP as a decision between ur voltages, and adjustments using variable resistors.. then ur required switching can be done using andy contactor (relay) operating on +5 volt... for isolation between ur comparator and relay u can use opto-isolator (4N25 or 4N3
I need to design a smps module with this requirements: Vout : 1V - 60V Iout: 2A Voltage must be isolated - Viso =1 KV The supply voltage is not specified at this time. At the end i will use 5 smps - modules to get 5 independent adjustable voltage in a range fom 1V to 60V. generally for smps modules with (...)
i want to build variable switching power supply with: vout=0--50 volt Iout=0--10 amp any one can help me to build this circuit
needed 24v 10A variable switc mode power supply circuit schematic please!!!