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Hello The attached schematic varies the reference voltage shown from 0V to 1v5. (In the actual circuit it will be the variable reference to the error amplifier of an smps..thus giving a soft start by slowly incrementing the reference node voltage). Do you have any ?less component count? ways of doing this? I need to keep the LT1634 in there
I have designed adjustable output voltage and curent smps having 500W output. I would like to share circuit schematic since there are many experienced people in smps and power electronics in this forum. Do you have any suggestion about this circuit ? or Do you see any critical fault ? This project may help to people who want to build a project some
I am planning to design smps that has variable output voltage and current. Its voltage will change 0-50V and current will change 0-10A. 120251 Vout comes from output voltage up to 50V. Iout comes from output current up to 10A. Iout will be Rshunt x 10A. Rshunt is 0.05R, so Iout will be 0.5V as voltage. Output pin of 1
The topology is LLC converter. It's variable voltage conversion factor relies on varying the switching frequency (or tuning the resonant circuit, which is obviously not possible with this circuit). It's effectively impossible that circuit works with 100 kHz fixed switching frequency.
Why don't yu try a Linear Adjustable Regulator just after this smps ?? You may design your smps ( for instance 85-270VAC )then you can connect a variable regulator then.. smpss work still rectified line voltage so DC.Flyback is a good choice..
Required external Pot to control Output Current & Voltage. The rating required for Pot are as follows, 1)Maximum Voltage at output = 80Vdc variable Rating required using Pot from (1V to 80V) 2)Maximum Current at Output = 2A variable Rating required using Pot upto 2A Which Control IC to be used for smps to have extrenal (...)
Hi i am supriya, i have a smps with 230 constant input to constant 12v dc output , frequency 50Hz, 2A. But i need variable ac input from 180 to 280 ac voltage to constant dc 12 v, i need a circuit can u plz suggest me.
Hi darkbloodshed, I'd suggest you to search in Internet for the book Power Supply Cookbook, from Marty Brown, it is an excellent book, here is explained all you need to know from a very basic perspective, with design examples included. Let me ask you, are you planning a variable power supply?
I need a simple DC-DC converter to obtain 12V voltage from a variable DC input voltage. Please don't offer me to use a smps topology, because this 12V DC itself will be powering a Buck converter IC. This 12V will be powering this Buck converter IC and a few opamps; I presume that the load current will be lower than 50mA. i.img
HI All I'm having a 600W 12V smps. I was wondering if its possible to have a variable output voltage using the same smps. Say I have my minimum output voltage requirement is 12V and it should Vary till 24V. I thought of Cascading a Boost Converter to the output of the smps. The Specs that I decided are as follows Vout (...)
sample one signal, then sample the other - no need to do both at the same time You NEED feedback else it is just a variable Duty Cycle device!
I want to build a variable voltage supply with LM317, which takes power from a PC smps, I want to utilize the short circuit protection in smps, but after regulation with LM317, the protection is not working, how can we implement that , after the regulation?
Hello Everyone, The attached circuit I find in a forum and it is working satisfactorily with Mains AC 100 to 150 Volt & 175 to 230Volts. But I noticed a problem that from the voltage range 151V to 175VAC this circuit stops working. Why? I do not know... Can someone explain me what happens among this voltage range I am using variable transform
If the feedback loop is TL431 based (TL431 is a 3-pin shunt regulator, aka variable zener) you can change the resistor values to get 30V on the 12V rail. Formula for TL431 voltage is 2.5*(1+ (HIGH_SIDE_RESISTOR/LOW_SIDE_RESISTOR)) values are in Ohms and 2.5 is the TL431 internal reference voltage. For example: 2.5*(1+(12000/1000)) = 32.5V Not
Hi all, I wish to build a variable lab style smps with output voltage from around 1V up to 100V and variable current from 0-10A. I have quite a lot of experience from doing electronics as a hobby for many years as well as studying the subject. I haven't tried anything like this before though. I am building this as part of a university proje
sir, I want to design a smps with variable O/P voltage eg. 4-30V with variable current eg. 0-3A. So sir I am confuse which topology is suitable for this application. please suggest me some solution. And if u have any reference then please forward me. You can do one of 2 things: 1) For variable output vol
Hello ALL, I am new here on this forum. I hope someone can help me design a Half-Bridge Converter. I want to design a Half-Bridge DC-DC converter with an input voltage varies from 350-400Vdc and output of 3-35Vdc@10A max. with adjustable output voltage. Thank you, ZeroKool the topology used for variable output is n
There is a 36V 5A smps which its PWM IC is TL494 and provides fixed 36V output voltage. is it possible to manipulate circuit in order to have variable 0 ~ 36V output voltage?
Hello, please could you help to stabilise my LLC smps simulation. Its in LTspice. I have made it have a minimum frequency by adding a current source I1 to the LTC6908. I then implemented variable frequency by adding a PNP transistor to the frequency changing parts of the LTC6908. It doesn?t seem possible to stabilise it, so I am hopi
hi all i want to design smps with variable output from 1V to 50V. i have seen on the net how to select the circuit element(inductor capacitor) for fixed output. BUT since i have to vary the duty cycle in order to have variable DC, i dont understand how to find the circuit element values.