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Hi, To Model your model with Kalman filter, You will need state transition matrix and variance of measurement and process noises. If you are looking only for comparison purpose, Kalman filter is already implemented in matlab package. Check this link:
Hi I need to obtain variance-covariance matrix by maximum likelihood. i obtained hessian matrix and now I need to calculate expected value of this matrix, but I have a lot of problem with calculating expected value. for example I do not understand why in document it is (...)
I need help in image deblurring. How to deblur the blurred image? How to calculate variance of two dimensional matrix..?
The first error is that you are using the same variance for H as the noise. so that your received sequence will be a total noise and it is obvious that the BER is 1/2. you should normalize H matrix to have variance equal to one so that it won't affect the SNR. H=sqrt(1/2)*(randn.....) Also you should change (...)