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Hi, I have a problem with cst ascii export using vba script. I have used cst Eigenmode solver to simulate a periodic structure for 20 number of modes. A parameter phaseY is used in parameter sweep with 80 number of iterations. The results are OK but the problem arises with exporting the whole data set. I used both of the following (...)
Hi, everybody, i need all your help. I want to measure near-field of antenna, e.g. horn, like on the picture. 110917 And i need do it with a macro.110918 I used eField probe like here 110919 To measure all the aperture of horn, i need to use construction For...Next.
Hi Lads, I created a macor to generate an antenna with a port and all but it doesnt update automatically when i chage the parameters. Some parts repeat themselves and i replace them with functions. Unfortunately the macro runs once but when i update it doesnt recognise the functions anymore and gives and error like nothing is declared. For some
Hi every body i write a code of macro and i want to export the 1d results to .bmp and ASCII but 1.with .bmp files it export a file.bmp I want to export a S(2)(1) but no images inside 2.with ASCII it error :"no plot data available to export" Can you help me.tks a lot This is my code With Result1D("a2(1)1(1)") StoreViewInBmpFile ("E:\cst\macr
I think it is what you have in your history that matters. So if you save whatever that is in the history tree to your vba file you should get everything when you run the macro .
in the help you have some programm talking about gain and directivity in vba. in the help write "userdefined watch" and "Visual basic (vba) langage". I'm studying vba right now and I try to do something else, I have a macro which exist already. I can make this macro local or global. I want to run this (...)
Hi, the vba macro is for older versions of cst MWS. e.g. versions that has cst file as *.mod and not *.cst. I think some changes will have to be made to the vba file so it knows where where the probes information are stored in cst 2008 onwards. However, in same topic (...)
Hello, I need a macro which changes the parameters and updates the structure. To change the parameters I use "storeparameter" command But the structure does not get updated. Does anybody know what is the vba command for f7? Thanks Katto PS tried command UPDATE and is did not work.
Hi, Unfortunately, I can only relate (and not really help you) since i'm facing a similar problem. If you are using a parametric sweep, then you can add a watch called : "User defined" which requires programming a special code in vba macro. I have studied some cst examples and wrote a code by myself. If its a single calculation, I'd (...)
After using vba functions in cst, I found it cann't use the optimization function and can't modified in the history list.