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my fold contain these files: dpi.h I do vcs command like this : vcs -sverilog dpi.c -R The result is ok. But when use file list options like this: vcs -sverilog -f filelist -R $cat filelist dpi.h the result is wrong. can any body help me about this question, thanks.
Hi, I have cpp files whih i have compiled and got executable file using gcc 4.3.3. I m working on OVM environment where in file the import functions are done follwing way . import "DPI-C" function void engine_call_T(input string de_inp) import "DPI-C" function void engine_call_B(input string de_inp) Im getting following error, All of 98
While compiling the design in vcs by using the following command vcs -debug filename.v following error occured make:gcc:command not found make:***error 127 vcs version is 2009.12
HI,all! when I implement an arm soc system post-simulation with vcs,therer is an error happans,as follows: make:execvp:g++:Argument list too long make:***Error 127 Make exited with status 2 --- can anyone tell me reason of this error and the solution? Regards!!
the latest vcs version is vcs7.2,it can support RHEL3.0 very well.
OS:Redhat EL 3.0; vcs7.0.2 when i installed the vcs 7.0.2 according to install_readme and setup the environment. then i just copy the examples from vcs/examples to my local directory.then compile the design,but I got error like this: *** Using c compiler gcc instead of cc ... ***** Warning: Incremental Compile has not (...)