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There are always installation guides available. Have you checked them? From where have you downloaded the binaries for vcs? If you have a SolvNet login, go in there and download the installation guide if you have not.
Hi, I'm trying to install Synopsys vcs (MX) on an Ubuntu 64 bit server (version 14.04). Once vcs is installed and bash variables (licence, PATH, vcs_HOME) has been set, when i try to compile a simple verilog test file i get: $ vcs test.v -full64 Warning- Unsupported Linux version (...)
So, is it true that vcs = vcs-MX + other stuff while vcs-MX is for simulation environment only?
Hello everybody, I'm doubt about wich files i need to use in installing vcs tool at openSuse12.2 32b. Do I need to install the common.tar and (linux.tar or suse32.tar)? I've installed the suse32.tar but now when I'm executing the vcs in command line the terminal gives this message: # (...)
The vcs and DC works good, But When I run Magellan, I got the Errors bellow! Please give me some help! ================================================================ ======================= M A G E L L A N install Test ============================ >> Setting MG_HOME to /tools/synopsys/magellan201209 Magellan
Hi, I don't have experience with vcs installation, but are you sure that the version that you are using is 64 bits compatible? Try to install ia32-libs. Maybe it helps.
when i install vcs_mx 200d in redhat ws4, error comes when it almost finishes. ERROR: Can not find vcs-mx installation script /opt/synopsys/vds2009/VMS/admin/ why,anyone knows?
Hi All I am new to vcs simulation. Can anyone help with some material /User guide/Manual for the same . Thanks in advance Vipul
VMM can be found in vcs install dir. there are two books about system verilog in Ebooks download section.
I think this you vcs error, malloc is c function for memory , so you should check you vcs install or ask synopsys .
I have downloaded vcs tool from Synopsis ftp for UNIX platform. Because I am not a senior of UNIX and Synopsis then I am not successfully install vcs tool. Is there anybody successfully install vcs for UNIX. Could you help me ? Please provide full instruction and full script for me (sorry because I (...)
Hello, We are trying to run vcs on a Fedora Core machine and get a bunch of errors which says undefined reference to `__ctype_b' Any ideas on what these might be and how we could go about resolving them ?
i'm using CentOS 4.0 now and so far no problem with synopsys DC, vcs (need to modify the wrapper a bit), Cadence NC-Sim, Cadence Buildgate. However Astro seems to have problem yet to figure out why.
but i faile with the vcs7.2 on the rhel as 3. It complained the "ctype_b" error. who can tell me how to install the vcs 7.2 on the thel as 3. this "undefined reference to ctype_b" error has already bin there since RH9. i heard that it is due to the glibc version. if u have a glibc-2.2.xx, (as in RH8, RH7.3), it works fin
install Visual Studio 6.0 and let the installation program set all path/lib/include for you. Add your vcs lib/include to the environment setting. done.
if can run my vcs ,i got this error messege initalizing Sentinel driver failed or could not find key please start sentinel driver for your system and/or install key machine identification =0*00000000000
i have no problem running vcs 7.0.1 on RH8 but when on RH9, Fedora1 and Mandrake 9.2, it couldn't run. apparently it is some lib issues. anyone has successfully run that on linux version greater than RH8 can share me a way to overcome it. thx
i always dump the simulation results in vcd format no matter ldv or vcs. then i make use of the utility "vfast" (located in /novas/debussy/bin) to translate the vcd file to fsdb file. this method is much faster than that dumpping in fsdb format directly.
Anyone who use Synopsys's PowerCompiler together with vcs to analyze power? We must install and configure PLI interface first. Two files are needed---- and libvpower.a, right! I am trying to do this under Linux environment but there's no libvpower.a file for Linux, that means only the file for HPux, Sun and Solaris OS. So how can I d