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Don't have vcs docu at my disposal right now. Inside it search for the error with string : UCLI-003
What data format do you use for saved waveforms ? FSDB? vpd? +vcs+vcdpluson, #Compile-time Options A compile-time substitute for $vcdpluson option. The +vcs+vcdpluson switch enables dumping for the entire design. You would however need to use a debug switch (example -debug_pp) to dump the data. +
Hello All, How to dump specific pattern in vcs (dump format must be vpd or fsdb)? I am using stildpv for simulation. Can anyone help me to resolve this issue? -- Thanks & Regards, Maulin Sheth
Hi, I my design i am having a MDA reg . I am dumping whole design during my simulation( non gui mode) and after simulation i load .vpd in dve waveform viewer but it doesn't show me MDA dumped. It says None of the children of the object MDA is dumped. Can anyone help me in solving the issue. Thanks, Ashish
Hello, When I'm running a long simulation, I get a few vpd files of 2Gb. Is there any way to know what time interval each file has "recorded"? e.g. file_01.vpd 9000ns- 12500ns, file_02.vpd 12500ns- 22500ns etc. Thank you!
I have 2 vcd file, and 1 is for top level, and other is a sub block vcd file, how to merger 2 files into 1 vcd file. Thanks. If you use vcs, it has an utility named vpdmerge to do this (you can convert VCD to vpd using vcd2vpd). I believe Modelsim also has similar utility. Regards Ajeetha, CVC
Can anybody please explain me the difference between VCD file vpd file in detail. which one is better and which one is used where? Thanks in advance. vcs contains only the signal activity while vpd/SHM/WLF/FSDB - all binary formats from various vendors contain lot more debug information (such as drivers etc.). It i
when compiling a verilog design using vcs,first a simv file is generated..........then it is compiled to get the vcd/vpd file.........this file can then be used by virsim to see the waveform..........its better to see the vcs user's manual to get better details.....
Hi, I am trying to generate the VCD fille (VCDplus.vpd) for my simulation. I am using the following commands: vcs -debug simv -gui I am able to view the waveforms in DVE, however I notice that the VCDplus.vpd is not there. This file will be generated when I replace the -debug to -RI. May I know is there a way to use DVE and (...)
Thanks One can go thorugh vcs route: fsdb2vcd vcd2vpd But you will loose many features in DVE this way, why do you want to do this? If you have Debussy use that with FSDB, else create vpd from vcs itself. HTH Ajeetha, CVC
I employ $vcdpluson in testbench, then vcs creates a default file(verilog.vpd). how to rename a new filename in vcs, could i employ $dumpfile ("filename")?