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Our language is embedded 'C'. We have global static unsigned int variable called vehicle_speed. A lower level function is called to fetch vehicle speed and assign to this variable. We are adding a new software module that also needs vehicle speed. In a new file, I can create (...)
How can I measure vehicle speed using its odometer sensor? I think its output pulse has a low frequency around 200Hz in 100Km/h speed. Do I have to count its pulses in a defined time or should I measure the pulse width ? In either ways what is the necessary calculations or formula?
iam doing project on automatic speed control of vehicle using ir sensor.for this now i want to show demo for dc motor.can anyone help me to find interfacing diagram and embedded c code for this project.
I can't help but I would urge caution when using ultrasonics between object moving at high speed in turbulent air. Even doppler shift could stop it working but I would imagine the sound pressure waves would be severely distorted by the air flow. Consider a vehicle travelling at say 100Kph against an air stream of 20Kph, the chances are the sound r
What is the purpose of speed and direction sensor in vehicle transmission systems ? & what it is going to control
Do you mean laser speed trap guns? Tracking devices?, do you mean "Tracker", a vehicle tracking system that uses a GPS receiver within the car to locate its position and then radios this back to the Police? Any speed indications would be calculated from the vehicles GPS position. Frank
Magnetics is not my strong point. Can anyone recommend a low cost coil that could be used as a vehicle speed sensor pickup that would be located adjacent to a rotating drive shaft (I will epoxy a couple of small magnets to the driveshaft). I'm visualizing a coil about 1" diameter with a hole in the center for a mounting
i am little bit late to the course,my question is how making the vehicle to get into almost desired speed equation is u=ke. e=r-y if on speed of vehicle is 30 reference speed is 70 km/hr. for the first time we get e=40 as feedback.and further this 40 is carried out in what way in order to get the (...)
hie guys, need your help to calculate speed taken by a moving vehicle and display it on passes through two pairs of IR sensors which are a fixed distance apart using timers in PIC 16F877A with a 20Mhz oscillator i am using micro c. it activates timer when it passes 1st sensor and deactivates timer when it passes 2nd sensor but how do i fi
You should use the processor for which you can get the best hardware (e.g. development board) and software support. I don't think that ultrasonic will give a suitable on-board vehicle speed measurement. I presume, everyone will see why when thinking about it a bit. First choice would be tachometer pulse counting, if available. GSM module with G
051205 speed Measuring Module is correct for measuring instantaneous speed of the vehicle ...............from where i can get its full explanation or discription about it to use in my robot?
The RFID used for Road toll collection is usually a UHF chip operating on around 980 Mhz and will be a passive tag but capable of read and write at very high speeds even more than 100Kmph speed of the vehicle.
Real time vehicle tracking using GPS and GPRS Modem. Over speed alert using GPS and GSM modem. Accident information system using GPS,GSM/GPRS.
Specifications: speed: 0,6 m/s weight: no more than 0,5kg with remote control and batteries dimensions: length 25cm, width 10cm, height 11,5cm driver ratio: 60:1 steering rat
Your solution doesn't seems to be practical. Why not install a metal detector on the ground? The typical sensor use to detect vehicle is call a loop sensor. It used magnetic field to detect the vehicle. When vehicle tend to beat red light...then tend to move fast at a speed of about 60kph or more....that is the re
It is a computer for a bicycle or motor. Functions and assumptions: displays speed, RTC time, accumulator voltage, total/day course, temperature on LCD 4x20 displays speed on three 7-segme
Hello Everyone I am currently studying the inductive loop detectors used in the traffic control department. I believe the data from the detectors is highly unreliable and noisy. A lot of research has been going on on the 'Fault detecting algorithm' and other means to improve the accuracy of an ILD(Inductive Loop Detector). My question is, Ho
is it on a real vehicle or on a toy car... if it is on a toycar then you can control the speed using PWM. and data red and green light can be sent through IR or RF to the vehicle......
Hai this is Hybrid vehicle drive Shift System/Monitor the folowing is the requirement 1.there will be two drives for the vehicle one electric and other diesel 2.Electric drive is used to start and When the speed reaches a particular value the drive must shift that is motor Should be off ..and Diesel Should be started by
How to read the speed of vehicle using GPS. and how do i measure it without mounting on vehicle Do you mean without mounting the gps on the vehicle??
If your car has a J1850 bus or OBDII bus, you should be able to use micro with a UART or CAN to retrieve the speed information. For the J1850, there are transceiver that are available but are becoming obsolete so the alternative is to use discrete components Stern Technologies - OBDII Code Scanner . For t
Hi... Friends.. I need to sense speed of vehicle by using geomegnetic sensor.. For that i select yas529 Sensor IC.. I want to know the working configuration of this IC... how can i interface this ic with my application? Thanks in advance..
u need to do all? speed, vibrate and angle? if yes u can go on placing a sensor on vehicle tires.
It's a simple positioning system. It works thanks to sending concrete sms number with link to map, longitude, latitude and current speed. Inside device is cell phone (Siemens M35) that sending sms. At the time when we want to check w
I am designing a box that is supposed to calculate vehicle speed (from a hell effect sensor, 4 pulses per revolution) and RPM (from tach input). Both are square waves with max frequency of 300Hz or so (in reality much less). I am wondering what the best way to get the values is (for RPM and speed): to count the pulses or to measure the (...)
hi i proposed a measurement a vehicle velocity used ultrasonic by doppler effect(frequency shift) please help me.
Hi, i have got the solution .I just forgot to check the data enable bit .now its working but with some delay. I am doing a project to display the speed of the vehicle digitally. Can any one help me with the flow chart. Thanks.
Hi guys. I understand it is possible to derive engine speed (RPM) from the AC ripple present on the DC line of the vehicle (the source is the alternator ripple). I have searched high and low but cannot find a circuit to condition this signal (which I understand to be very low) before being able to take it on the uC IO. Any help greatly appreciated.
hi i want paper about " estimate speed vehicle using machin vision " thanks
you can use radar or laser to determine vehicle speed. your camera design should incorporate a flash unit. that would capture the plate. if you took it further, you could measure the albedo of the image. most plates are reflective. you could then use ocr principles to try and pull the numbers.
I would suggest that you calculate the required speed difference between the wheels (this is the number of encoder samples) and use PWM to drive each motor independently. This will allow the vehicle to move in circular or any other arbitrary paths. By running both motors at the same speed for different times the wheel with fewer steps will (...)
1. The cost of the battery. 2. As you increase the battery size you add weight so you do not get an increase in driving range proportional to the battery improvement. The only successful battery powered vehicles are for driving around golf courses. In these cases the weight of the vehicle is low and the speed is low. They would not (...)
You need to understand about VSS - vehicle speed Sensors (sometimes called Hall Effect Sensors). Basically they connect to the gear box and will give out a train of pulses when the wheels turn. You need to know the number of pulses for a given distance (say pulses/mile) and then calculate the speed. There is more to it but that's the (...)
hello Anybody can help me to make a speed radar for finding the speed of a running vehicle. makri
Hi, I have a project for a speedometer that can detect a vehicle speed between 0 - 999 kph. I have been doing some research but i seem to run into the same problem nomatter what I do. The Basic principle I'm using is the Doppler effect. This gives me a change of frequency in response and from there i should be able to determine the (...)
Hello! I'd like to now how should I process signal from radar transciever output I/Q that I'll get best result in speed meassurement of vehicle speed. Any info is velcome. Best regards!
hi guys i require to get a vehicle to a speed of 2.5 m/s in less then 10 seconds the vehicle is of mass more or less 2-4Kgs (without weight of motor) then what torque/power of motor should i choose??? the motor cannot have more than 24 volts supply pls show mathmatically ... ... i mean equation relating all quantities pls (...)
Hi, I have to design a vehical identification system.which can give length & hight of vehical of speed 20-30kmph on serial port.Distance between optotx & optorx is around 20 feet.Which sensor can I use. Thax in advance. TRAMP
Does anyone have datasheet on honda's speed sensor and its characteristic? What kind of signal does it put out. What is the best way to get a vehicle speed? How does the spedometer work? Maybe I can tap somewhere in theere.
How can I measure the speed of a moving vehicle (from within the vehicle) without putting sensors on the wheels, and not hooking into the car's computer system? All suggestions velcome... even the odd ones! ASIC
Try this link The stand-alone Automobile Cruise Control is a microwave radar-guided, 68HC908QT4-based cruise control system for all types of vehicles. Using the Doppler effect, the system detects stationary and moving objects 50 to 75 m ahead or behind the vehicle. --chewbecca