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I'm using Cyrrup's vehicle Black Box as my vehicle tracking System which has an inbuild GSM tech build into it and also has some cool features like Alcohol detection etc., Can you please help me which OBD device and GSM Controller is used in this device?
Hi guys, I've a vehicle tracking modem which is going to connect in a vehicle has 12v/24vDC battery. I just need to connect a backup battery(12vDC) to modem for uninterrupt power supply i.e if 12vDC/24vDC battery goes off, want to switch over to backup battery. Also the backup battery should recharge with 12vdc/24vdc (...)
I have developed an on-line vehicle tracking system using SIM900. Everything works fine in local network, but while roaming, SIM900 always shows (AT+CREG:2) ,searching for a network. On a mobile phone the same sim card works fine on roaming. I also tried on the latest SIM800 module, that also fails. AT+CSQ gives 20-25. Please help me to solve the p
Hello,i am doing a research to find a suitable ic that can tell the speed of an object in motion say that of a vehicle or a running man. Links to such an ic would be wonderful. Thanks.
Hi there, I have a vehicle tracking device with SIM900, and in order to avoid heavy GPRS roaming costs, I want to modify the preferred network list in the modem. According to AT command manual, I have to use the at+cpol command, but the response is always ERROR. at+cpol=1,2,"22002" ERROR Could anyone help?
I am doing a vehicle tracking System. My GPS works baudrate 4800 bps. I am using PIC18F46K22 at 20 MHz. I am just testing the receiving of GPS data. If I use ring buffer then it doesn't work. If I use just an ordinary buffer then I don'r get all the data. I am testing by echoing the data back to UART and watching the echo on PC. My GPS data frequen
Hi all, In our vehicle tracking System device, once the device starts up, the device didn't able to capture its current position, i.e actually where it is standing and showing some other location. NB: The device connected in the ignition of the vehicle and the device's power cuts off after 30 minutes. The above said problem occurs (...)
Hello all, Can anyone suggest right product of GPS/GPRS/GSM combo module?? Similar to SIMCOM's SIM 908. Also any module is available to switch over one network to another network in case of network failure?? This would be highly useful for GPS/GPRS based vehicle tracking Systems?? Pl suggest.
Hi Thei, i have experience in PCBdesign using Orcad, and using Altium designer also, i designed the PCB for an electrical vehicle and design a GPS and GPRS tracking system, you need more information ?
Hello everyone I am Jaideep pursuing Btech final year. Currently i am doing my project titled "vehicle tracking and Accident Alert System" It works with an acceleration sensor MMA7660 and depending on values obtained from it, the tilt is measured and accident is detected Currently am facing projects in interfacing MMA7660
Hi Pawan kumar My name is Arun and am writing this message from UK. Actually am from Kerala and studying in UK problem is that i choose the project accident alert and vehicle tracking as my final year project.I have some issues in sending SMS. Rest of the code is working fine.The GPS is collecting data. LCD and the accelaromete
Hi there, I am doing my project in vehicle tracking, which uses gps and gsm. I am using pic16f877a(MPLab HItech C compiler). I have completed the codings for both gsm and gps seperately. I need to integrate these things to vehicle tracking. But the pic16f877a has one UART port. Hence suggest me whether i have to use (...)
Hello, I am doing a project on vehicle tracking system. Please do suggest me which one is best is it sim548c module or sim908. I am thinking of buying one of its evaluation board kit of very low cost one. can u please suggest me where to buy the best and cheapest one.
We are planning to do a project on tracking vehicle in tollgate using RFID transmitter and reciever.Can any one help me to get the circuit digram and coding required for the project....
Which is the best gps and gsm module to buy for this project.If a single board with both gps and gsm is preferrable. Plz help me out friends
Hello everyone, I am doing a project on gps and gsm based vehicle tracking system, where the location of the vehicle is got by gps and the position will be sent to the mobile through gsm. So which microcontroller is best to use for this project? plz help me out.....
Real time vehicle tracking using GPS and GPRS Modem. Over speed alert using GPS and GSM modem. Accident information system using GPS,GSM/GPRS.
friend i am doing a project on vehicle tracking system using gsm and gps ... i am doing in pic language .... finding difficult in writing program ... can u help me.... i am using ccs compiler
hi im also doing the vehicle tracking project how u did the project.. what is the basic idea of the project
Hi genius, my project is tracking vehicle position form remote .I planned to get lat,lang position from gps receiver and send through gprs.I'm gonna use sim300 gsm+gprs module.the problem is, at some places gprs connection is not constant. Due to tower problem.I'll not get position. so, is there any way apart from using gsm? Thanks

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