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Hi guys, I'm a B.E(ECE) student passed out in 2012. And also i have finished a VLSI Design/verification course just now. But i could not find any openings in this field. I have also completed 3 projects during the training period. Which includes both Design and verification. Please suggest me some companies for (...)
hi I have completed my M.Tech in VLSI Design from C-DAC, Mohali. I have knowledge about verilog, system verilog, OVM UVM methodologies, AHB\AXI protocols. Is there any opening of VLSI Engineer. Before this i have 2 year exp. in industrial automation(PLC,SCADA). Plz reply what should i do now
Hi All, I have experience with block simulation in digital design. I wish to learn large system verification including hardware/software co-sim. Could someone give the completed example or book of it ? Thanks a lot. Brs, John
hi all, I completed coding FFT using verilog. I am verifying my output with matlab inbuilt fft operator. As my N (no' of samples are parametrized) for small values of N there no much difference but for N = 512,1024.. some values having difference of +/- 9. I plotted frequency waveforms for my FPGA output and matlab outupt the wave forms are givin
Hi friends, I have completed my B.E in Electrical & Electronics, 2011 passout. I have done course on VLSI design & verification recently. I am searching for job in VLSI domain. Please let me know if there are any openings in companies in this domain. My email-ID is Thank You..
I have started my career as VLSI Design Engineer and i am trying hard to learn certain things in synthesis and STA. I have created an I2C Slave with the intention that it should support std, fast and HS mode. I have completed coding it in Verilog HDL and have made sanity verification. Now on coming to synthesis part
I am vinoth , completed BE- ECE in the year of 2007. I am having 3+ years of experience in the field of FPGA/ASIC -RTL Design and verification. Strong knowledge in VHDL and digital electronics. I have been having 3.6 yrs of experience in FPGA (RTL design) field. I am looking for FPGA (RTL) design job. Is there any opening let me know
yes,you can't say verification is completed for design and you can say only that i have done verification of some percentage(%)... the percentages based on your verification strategies. like if you done branch coverage you can say how many branches have you exercised successfully, if you done toggle coverage you can say how (...)
I am vinoth , completed BE- ECE in the year of 2007. I am having 3+ years of experience in the field of FPGA/ASIC -RTL Design and verification. Actually i am looking for FPGA (VLSI) JOBS in outside country like Singapore,uk,usa.If you know any jobs related to above mentioned field kindly inform me mail
I am working on a DTMF tutorial on Cadence SOC Encounter 9.1. Since this is my first time i am unable to even decide what to do to remove my errors. Presently i have completed CTS and verified the design by connections and geometry. I got almost all of the error after the verification step. I am getting 20 connectivity/open violations and 1
Dear Experts , Iam into a designing of core IP and sucessfully completed it using verilog and functional verification is done using Modelsim se 6.0. My IP core has 5 main modules of which I synthesized 1 module using xilinx ISE 8.1i demo version and the gatecount was something around 122k[/col
With a master degree in VLSI design, I can not find a job in a year after I graduated. I do not have any employment experience. During the graduate study, I completed three project design including ASIC and FPGA design from HDL coding to physical verification in DSP, and one is the thesis project. I had six interviews about ASIC/FPGA designer or Ph
I was involved in ASIC design for four years. In our company, I completed two chips. I took part in system design, write RTL codes, FPGA verification, chip synthesis, pt and so on(The work of post layout is done by foundary). But these days,I am at a loss. I dont know which direction is better in the future. So are there any senior engineer